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Is It Too Dry to Cut Soybeans?

okay it’s Monday it’s a new week
what are we gone 24 days without rain day 25 without rain and Counting okay
day 26 without measurable rain and oh it’s
gonna be a hot one today here it is October 2nd and it’s gonna be
in the mid 90s today that’s a pretty pretty darn hot for October in Maryland
okay day 27 without rain but hey
it is much cooler today than yesterday almost a hundred degrees yesterday today
I think in the low eighties so TGIF thank God it’s Friday day 28
without rain as you can probably see it is breezy so gonna be cooler today than
yesterday only in the 70s today but very breezy it’s going to cool off today
humidity is finally going to leave out of here so that’s a good things okay the
29 without rain oh boy it’s a little bit cooler this morning 53
degrees so shaving my head a couple days ago it wasn’t such a great idea need a
hat on okay you know the drill here we are day 30 without rain it’s
Sunday morning it is cloudy we do have a chance of rain though Monday Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday this week 30 to 40 percent chance so let’s see how that
goes well okay Monday morning October 7th
this is day 31 without measurable rain there was a chance of rain yesterday but
nope that didn’t happen there is a chance of rain today tomorrow and
Wednesday Sun did come up a few clouds in the sky but as I said chance rain
this afternoon so fingers crossed let’s hope for the best
okay Tuesday October 8 and we finally got rain. it woke me up about 12:30
this morning I had about a quarter of an inch of rain
so the 31 day streak without rain is over cloudy skies this morning oh it’s
quite breezy out here low 60s chance of rain today most of the
day but it doesn’t appear we’re going to get much we’re in between we’re in
between a coastal storm out in the Atlantic and it looks like maybe a line
of showers to our West and we’re just kind of in between them and they’re kind
of fighting each other on on which one’s gonna push the other one out so I don’t
think we’re gonna get a whole lot more rain if any today but we’ll see well all
these rainy days have been a bust all we’ve got was about a quarter inch of
rain yesterday morning nothing overnight it doesn’t look like we’re getting
anything today either oh well life will go on it looks like I have some soybeans
ready to cut here. They are not the first I planted but it looks like they’re going
to be the first ones I cut. I’m seeing pods with nothing in them there’s one of
them there here’s another one this one has only got one one in that
one too and that one three in that one so it is uh they look good these
soybeans are dried and standing about waist-high
but here’s here’s the interesting part here there are no pods the first 10 inches or
so on the bottom of the stalk and you can see that throughout nothing the first 8 to
10 inches so that is really going to hurt us
of course these empty pods one in that one it’s a only one in that one I’ve
already heard reports of some other guys in the area full season soybeans 10 to
20 bushels to the acre that’s not good because these look like when you ride by,
the windshield view, you would guess they were in the 50 to 60 bushel range maybe
better than that but no when we get out here in the field and really start
looking at them and inspecting them that’s not what they are I don’t think these are as bad as
10 or 20 bushels to the acre I think they’ll do better than that
but definitely not been busting soybeans here hey I’m putting new teeth well no not me
because I already got my new tooth a couple months ago but I am putting some
new teeth here on the header to get ready for soybeans and you know this
invention here it’s one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread in my
opinion or since the internet or the iPhone it’s this simple to replace these
a well takes a 7/16 inch wrench what is that a quarter-inch nut to unscrew take
off the old one put on the new one and screw the nuts back on wham bam thank
you ma’am and that’s all there is to it and just like that and it’s done in the
old days we had rivets that you had to first cut off of course you always did
this in the field that’s when these things went bad
you always did it in the field so you had a BFD I mean a BFH and the chisel
cutting the old rivets off then punching the old rivets through putting the new
one on then you have to get something up underneath of here to bang the old rivet
and get it back into place to hold it on and it probably took 11 minutes and 33
seconds to change each one of these and now it takes 11 seconds.
let me pay attention and put a new one on. now it takes about 11 seconds to
change these so much easier now the one thing you can’t do is really
tighten down they do have plastics in the in the nuts but if you put too much
pressure on it will ring it off then you’ll have to get the chisel out but
you don’t need a BFH just any old hammer will do to to bang the old bolt
out and let me show you just a simple bolt with the yeah
whatever you call those on there to hold it up into place bang it up through
there and there you’re down and ready to go so I do have a guard that is a little
bent out of shape here so I will replace it with a new one most of the time you
don’t even have to take the guards off the change these just turn the knife in the
right position this one because of the hold down clip on here I did have to
take this particular one off and I have to change the guard one that I just rung off it was loose so
I went to tighten it and I guess it is rusty because it’s loose it got some
rust around there so it did not tighten it rung off let’s see if this one nope rung off there’s another way to do this ah that’s what I should have used
this the first time okay I’ve run out of nuts so I I have
some in the combine which is down in the barn well that was a boring 23 minutes I’m
not sure how I’m going to edit this we’ll see okay then two nuts for that one I think we’re good. did I
mention how hot it dot today it is after 4 o’clock and it is still 98 degrees I
not quite sure if it hit a hundred but currently it’s 98 degrees according to
my phone feels like a 101 with the humidity October 2nd that is
hot but I have one of those big A fans so it
makes it feel like it’s only 89.3 degrees
yeah let’s dry out the armpits a little bit well okay I’m just about done with the
PM on the combine. the header and the truck they are already moved to the
field. we’ve got one more thing to do and that is to blow out the air filter. no I
guess two more things blow out the air air filter and then fuel it up.
no I haven’t been drinking yet yeah I probably could though it is after
12:00 it’s uh it’s cloudy today but at least it is much cooler than yesterday
but there is no rain in the forecast is just overcast with with clouds
well clouds is overcast so let me get the air filter blowed out and fuel it
up and I think I can cut soybeans. I do have a trailer coming down to load old
crop soybeans out of the bin. he is dumping lime for me I think they’re
dumping the last load today. they may they may have to bring
one more tomorrow. four loads is what they were dumping on the farm where I had
the corn. you saw me take the tractor and rake up there and clear an area for them
to dump lime so he’s going to dump that load of lime, come down here load
soybeans out of the bin. but they are last year’s soybeans. I got a lot of grief when the wheel fell
off the combine you know based on the comments that I wasn’t doing proper
maintenance not greasing it blah blah blah. look the wheels are the easiest
things to grease on this combine. it’s right there. I don’t have to get down on
my hands and knees I don’t have to get behind anything I don’t have to be a
monkey and crawl up on anything. those are the easiest things to grease on this
combine so if nothing else they get too much grease. i grease those every time i
use the combine whether it’s once a day once a week depending on how much
I’m using it they get grease and I always know when they have enough grease.
so I’m putting grease here on the outer side where the hub is so it’s
hitting the first bearing. that is the bearing that went bad on the other side and there you can see it coming out of
the seal. as soon as I see the first speck of grease coming out of the seal
on the backside I stop. so I have jacked this tire up just to check it to make
sure it is okay. there is no play in the tire the tire spins okay. as I said I
cannot shake the tire there is no play I hear nothing wrong no grinding or
anything as I spin this tire. this bearing did not go bad for lack of
grease. as I said it was the outside bearing that went bad so the grease has
to go through that outside bearing in order to come out the back side on the
seal. now what could have possibly happened is it had too much grease and
the pressure popped the cap off but I doubt that happened either. those caps
are quite difficult to get off. they’ve never been off since I’ve had this
machine so they don’t just pop off to allow the dirt to go inside. I think it
was just plain out failure on the bearing regardless of whether it had
enough grease or not which I know it did. it was just failure on the part of the
bear and the machine has over 4,000 engine hours on it so it’s not a young
machine. so it’s just something that happens. I don’t care okay yeah if you
pull it apart every year and inspect it but I doubt there is anybody that pulls
hubs off of their tires on the combine and checks wheel bearings every single
year. I doubt if you hire the Deere dealership or the Case IH dealership
those guys that do the the preventative maintenance they come out to your farm
in the winter and do the preventative maintenance on your machine and give you
a checklist of what’s going, on I doubt they pull caps off and check wheel
bearings. it’s just not part of regular inspection routine on a farm maybe in
other industries it is on a farm I don’t think that’s the case so I just wanted
to clear that up and present my side of the story.


  1. michael heinen Author

    Farmer MD,ask your trolls who told u that u don't know what your doing when assemble the new bearings and cups(trolls call races) maybe if u put the back seal in backwards would be ok,then when greasing and grease comes out the back seal u will know the whole chamber is full,in the right way u take a chance of destroying the seal,just an idea, I have assembled machines for PMC and that's the way they want there seals assembled,so when grease comes out the other side BINGO its full,NOW I KNOW SOME GUYS ARE GONNA TELL ME IM NUTS BUT I CAN TAKE IT,like your vids,especially the one with eagle in it,that was awesome


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