1. Sam Lavers

    Please turn Palestinians water back on & give them humanitarian relief, in the name of, GOD how can you jewish people, sleep at night.

  2. Na.Guru

    While Palestines shot thousands of rockets to Israel, built hundreds of illegal tunnels and cried to media what a poor victims they are, Israelis turned desert into prosperisive oase. I will never stop admire this nation and I' m glad that my country has such a good relationship with Israel. Greetings from Czech rep. 🙂

  3. 1994FARID

    i am looking for smart and kind people who could advice me books manuals which which would help a beginner to start a glass green house on 2. 5 acres i want to use solar energy and minimum of chemicals

  4. epiphany samy

    There wouldn't be any Israeli agriculture if Palestinian land wouldn`t be stolen. God help Palestine people. How Palestine Became Israel — http://ifamericaknew.org/history/ref-nakba.html

  5. Free Speech

    There is no profit…without USA funding , israel will go bankrupt. All these business are standing on funding sucking money. There is no technology here.

  6. darchapo

    The interesting agricultural techniques do not hide the fact that over 90% of the agricultural land inside Israel's legal borders is stolen native private property.

  7. Michael Edwards

    If you want to reduce you salt levels you can mix 40% organic matter into the soil and add oyster mushroom mycelium just after the cutting its also good to inercrop with beet roots there well known for repealing salt out of the soil.

  8. Mohamed El-Sedawy

    While we are busy building over the most fertile land, and busy killing each others our cousins are busy to turn the desert into a farm land I'm posting this to show my people the Arab that it is not the land it is the mankind well who determine how this land can be utilized, I have witnessed the land in south Iraq which is more fertile and definitely has more water is turned into desert because we were busy killing each other and think that oil will last forever, same can be said for almost every place in the middle east including my country Egypt, where we are facing severe food shortage due to government policies of keeping new lands off hand of the people.
    I would suggest to them to open these lands and contact the Israeli's to learn how to do it, nothing wrong with that if we can contract football coach we can definitely contract the Israelis to help us in this matter.

  9. Awakening Call

    when you came to this land you destroyed my village and you killed my grandparents because they refused to handle you their 250 hectares of land . and now i live as a refugee because of you people .

  10. CanadianErin

    I have to say that your channel is *FASCINATING*. Thank you so much for filming all these videos & posting them! And a BIG thank you for having them subtitled or in English! I'll be watching every single one, I'm a small-scale gardener in western Canada, so I can't grow a lot of what you do, I only have about 100 for-sure frost-free days in which to plant, grow & harvest! But I always love to learn more!
    Thumbs up and subbed 🙂

  11. Boqor radio

    how comes you are farming but you spraying the farms of your neighbors in Gaza ????? you drink wine and preach water!!!! let your words and action translate each other


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