Ivan Aguirretalks about how Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture changed his life

My name is Ivan Aguirre, I’m from Sonora,
Mexico in the northwest part of the republic of Mexico. I was raised under an agrarian
farming ranching family for many many generations. Ranchers, ,farmers, miners, freighters. I
was educated up to 10th grade in Mexico, and then had the opportunity given by my parents
to become bilingual, bi cultural by going to the United States of America for further
schooling. I attended Texas State University where I graduated as an economist and a range
manager. That’s where I met Alan Savory back in the early 80’s. I’ve been ranching this
family enterprise, this family ranch since 1983, so a little over 30 years of leading
this enterprise. Being empowered, anyone or any community of people that are organized
as a whole. There’s prosperity thriving, healthy lives with a land resource base healthy that is producing
abundant water, healthy soils that act as a punch producing abundant plant vegetation
producing abundant wildlife, producing a lot more carrying capacity for domestic animals
and healthy produce or fruits. Becoming more resilient to the extreme weather patterns
that we are experiencing now. We are contributing by practicing these principles to mitigate
a global fever they are experiencing right now. Capturing more carbon and putting it
where it should be in the soils and releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere. Anyone can
get involved, even if you only have a square meter backyard where you have a little soil
on it. Or even if you have 10,000 acres where you’re managing range livestock. Nowadays,
with all this internet technology, eCommerce, eLearning, this knowledge is available to
anyone, almost to anyone that has a connection to the internet. Our mother organization,
the Savory Institute is providing a platform in order for anyone that has a connection
to it to become empowered with knowledge, with principles and practices to get them
going. In case for those rural communities, they are far away from these technologies.
There is people close by that can support them. Yes, definitely it was very very frustrating
in the first 10-15 years since we began adopting this innovative way to organize oneself. Either
a self person or your business. When we began in the mid 80’s, up to the middle 90’s close
to 2000, we were ridiculed. There was a lot more opposition from the established scientists,
academicians, bureaucrats, even the life sector leaders of that time. Nowadays, as new generations
are coming along demanding us to get on board the ecological sustainable healthy way of
life, it’s becoming easier. There’s a lot more demand for these schemes, for these alternatives
to use it to implement it as the alternative to regenerate our natural resources.

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  1. Sus Strofa Author

    Hi. How different is this technique from Andre Voisin's Rational Grazing? (I mean without mixing it with the Regeneration stuff from Yeomans/Doherty). Thanks


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