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IVAN DONALSON Nos explica la energía del Resonador Cuántico Cley Hill

Moldavite is a tektite, that means, it is
a stone that can have an extraterrestrial origin because it was born from the
fusion of the energies of the earth and space, when a meteorite fell on the
land Moldavite has amazing capabilities and
properties especially to communicate with your higher self and
activate superior capabilities and produces a shield of psychic strength
which only allows positive energies to enter, full of light, It is a stone that helps people that do not have their origin on earth and
who have come to help others people and to the same planet in their
ascension to the higher dimensions The Quantic Resonator of Metayantra beside from containing Moldavite, it is
designed on the basis of the hexagon, basic geometry of the Flower of Life
in which all existence is sustained this causes you to have a strong connection
with Metatron Archangel allowing you an impressive shield of energy at the same time that connects you with
superior intelligences and your own internal guides.
Its hexagonal design is based on a agrogram a design of the Crop Circles This design shows us an active Merkabah field, that is, the body of light excellent geometric combination that
makes you resonate with your highest being allowing you better mental and
emotional health as well as all Metayantra devices, it has the
electromagnetic vortex or copper antenna which allows this vortex
of energy, this dimensional door between worlds thus allowing a better
positive energy filtration against negative energies


  1. Héctor Poblete Author

    Hola Iván 🙋🏻‍♂️ sería genial que hicieras un video hablando sobre las piedras y sus usos más allá de lo físico…

  2. Regina Gonzalez Author

    Hola Iván gracias por la información me gustaría saber más sobre esta piedra y donde y como la puedo conseguir ..un abrazo desde N.Y.

  3. s r Author

    Hola ivan donalson compre una orgonita. En metrayantra y me di cuenta ahora que me
    Parece que antes no estaba que la piedra que viene dentro no se que será esta en un lateral no se si eso influirá

  4. Grisell Gallardo Author

    Hola Iván, cada día encuentro increíblemente mejor tu canal, o tus canales. Pero donde está tu voz o tu presencia, es garantía de aprendizaje. Muchas gracias. Dónde puedo conseguir la piedra? Por fa


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