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JAIN Monitoring and Control – Precision Irrigation By Jain

For more than 60 years Jain irrigation
has produced quality products for irrigation systems and growers around
the world. As the technology leader in irrigation irrigation, JAIN stands at the forefront
of innovation for the agricultural and landscape industry. What’s going on now with JAIN. JAIN continues to deliver quality products that growers and contractors can count on. this year are 100% virgin resin and JAIN monitoring and control system offer growers solutions. DOW fingerprint resins resist stress
cracking contain no post-consumer recycled resins and come with a 10 Year
Manufacturer Warranty JAIN tubing is tested for physical
structure flexibility stability at high pressures and crack resistance UV and
stabilization additives help protect against harmful UV rays and degradation along with vigorous UV testing, all tape
and emitter line is tested against route intrusion emitter distribution
uniformity and birth strength along with our virgin resin. JAIN now
leads the way in cloud-based remote monitoring systems. JAIN monitoring and control is a
complete activation system perfect for every grower.
With hardware designed to withstand the harshest environments and an easy to use
intuitive software platform or simply JAIN Logic it’s no surprise growers
throughout California are using JAIN Monitoring Systems. Hi my name is David
Lindsey I work for Agri-Valley Irrigation I’m the precision farm water management
specialist. I was introduced to the JAIN monitoring and control product line about 3 years ago the main benefit I see is the ability to remotely control valves and pumps combined with soil moisture data from the probes were able to make smart
irrigation decisions thus reducing labor costs not having to send a technician
into the field along with the remote monitoring the
well designed hardware allows for an easy installation what’s next for JAIN
JAIN continues to innovate with center-pivot technology coming soon from JAIN is the GeneSys Wi-Fi sprinkler wireless communication paired with flow
and radius control the GeneSys sprinkler offers precision irrigation at a
fraction of the wired version cost.

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