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Jal Neti – Nasal Cleaning, Helps to Remove Dirty, Infected Mucus from Nasal Cavity । Yoga with Amit

hello everyone today we are going to do
jala neti using a syringe because I understand not everybody have jala
neti pot at home so if you do not have do not worry we can use a big syringe for
it all you need to have is a cup of lukewarm water it should have tea
spoonful of salt in it so that it’s easier to practice so let’s go ahead and
start so now we have the full water of syringe so
what you need to be doing you first need to be checking which side of the nostril
is activated which means which side of the nostril is flowing so if I press
here and I breathe it’s easier than this side
so this one is easier that means I should be starting from this side and
what you need to do if I’m starting from this side you need to tilt the head
this way open your mouth so you will be breathing through your mouth place the
syringe gently inserting into the nostril that is activated and gently
begin to press the syringe so that the water begin to go through and after that you should be doing some
kind of kapalbhat so bring your hand like this and gently breathing out so as
you can see all of the mucus has come out and now we will repeat the same
from the other nostril this is jelaneti it’s very important
to be practicing you could don’t have the jalal netipot just use the syringe
you can use a two-three syringe for one nostril it’s very effective guys you must be doing this every morning as soon as you wake up clean up yourself
and do the jalaneti it will be keeping your nostrils clean sinus clean
also it will keep your eyesight to be more bright and it will also work for
your ear and larynx everything basically, all the facial area will be
shined so keep practicing it and keep me updated how it’s going thank you very
much for joining me at yoga with Amit and I hope to see you in the next video


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