1. lilarangelinaaimou

    I thought I knew every song of this incredible Jason Mraz… I was wrong, I've just discovered this one… And it is just… Can't find the words. I love it. It makes me feel so many things. My feelings are a beautiful mess. Thank you Jason ♥

  2. stealthandpoison

    If there's one song that has helped me throughtout hard times it''s this one.. each time I sing it I feel like talking to myself, as if I'm not alone at all..

  3. Melissa Malila

    Im listening to this song to make me feel better.. 😢😭😩😨😭😢 my problem is so big.. and i feel like theres nothing i can do to solve it… i dont want to go to hell but this problem of mine wants me to go there so badly.. .

  4. Klutzy Me

    3:26 is it "all the details in the fabric" or "are the details in the fabric"?
    I always assumed it was the latter….it sure sounds like it.


    listened and sang this when i was younger, and now just coming back to this after years… means so much more now that i know what it's like to struggle.

  6. Blue BukkitDev

    This song is not a song of encouragement. It's not saying "Help is on the way, stay strong, I'm doing everything". It's saying "People tell you to do these things but they don't give a rip. They repeat what they think they should say, all the time just saying 'take care of it yourself'".

  7. Uzma Wahit

    I used to listen to this song when I was little just because it sounds great. 7 years later every single word in it makes sense to me. The words are something that I really need to hear to keep me moving when the shit hits me hard.


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