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JBY-React: Dimash Kudaibergen Kan hij ook OPERA zingen?

Hallo everybody welcome by JBY-react with me Pauline and Jeff. What are we going to do today?
Yes Some of my favorite artist and also one with so many followers and subscribers on our channel. Dimash Kudaibergen.
Nice my first video of him. This will be you’re baptism of fire to say it like that.
I think you have seen him before in another video. Yes I have seen him before.
Yeah, but this time he will do opera. Yes I don’t like opera yet.
I knew this was coming.
It’s not my taste of music, everybody is different. I am very curious. We actually know a lot about Dimash
We where started by the worlds best of Dimash. From there we get a lot of reacties from you guys.
From his Dears thats how Dimash calls his fans. Allright.
We have Lady Gaga who calls her sample and Dimash calls his fans dears. That’s so sweet.
Yeah and the dears look after him well. And they are strong for all online.
You guys are strong. I think it’s a fantastic singer. And when i saw he’s doing opera i tough i’m very curieus about that, because i never have seen him doing Opera before. Always other songs ofcourse that i don’t know yet, but maybe that was also opera i can’t wait to see what he’s is doing. I’m very curieus now.
Let’s see. Well take off then.
Yeah you make me so excited.
Fine there we go.
Action. Opera two.
I like the sound. Such a beautiful voice.
Yeah really beautiful voice. This is so pretty. Wow.
Dimash surprised me again and again.
Onbelievable. Do you get hot too?
Yes. It’s a different opera then I had in my mind, but no less beautiful. Well I really like this.
I just said i don’t like opera, if this continues I will take my words back. Where does it get it from. He is singing every time higher. (whispered) this is insane. This is not getting higher right ?! This is not normal..
I take my words back.
If this is opera..
We gonna guy tickets.
I love it. Yeah this is insane.
The glasses behind us are all broken now.
This was onbelievable I’d like this so much. I really taking my words back.
It was beautiful. Not normal.
So cool and so high, but even as low as a man. He looks like a combination between man and woman.
He can sing very low and very high. I don’t know anybody who can sing like this. I know he’s fantastic, i know that, but this is a step higher.
He was sitting here and now it is through the ceiling. I don’t onderstand where it comes from, but I had goosebumps.
Do you had goosebumps?
Yes my hair was over. Jeff never had goosebumps. Now its gone.
But it was fantastic Where does he get it from his body. Well I have to say I don’t think this is opera all the time.
Yes how you doing right know I only know that as opera, but I like this opera from Dimash I really like the song and the music.
Maybe that is to attract Young people, because when opera is this I am going to opera. I thought this was really cool. He is also playing with the public i really like that en on that moment i was thinking was are you going to do?
And then he did the swipe and he was doing that a few times. And a couple laughs of look I’m not ready yet I can do more. No and then i Think no you can not doing that higher en he’s doing it.
And then he takes a stop.
Insane don’t know if you heard it? Incredible so good.
Yeah really amazing.
I do understand why he viewed so good online. And his fans are so strong.
I’l get it
Good job guys. But we are very excited if you like it?
Are you guys think this was amazing too?
I think that’s a Yes. Or were you just so surprised like me?
Maybe there were more people who where thinking they don’t like opera, but this was amazing ! I’ve opera is like this we are going !! Please leave a comment to let us know what you’re thinking.
And maybe you have a new concert from Dimash this one was a little bit older. Don’t Forget to like and subscribe and don’t Forget to switch of the Bell so you know every Wednesday there’s a new video online. And maybe it’s you’re video. You can also send a message on our socials page like instagram, twitter, facebook en email.
They are all standing on your screen right now. We like to see you again .
Bye bye.


  1. Hans de Ruiter Author

    Love your reaction. Dimash can do a lot of genres. He is a master of his vocal abilities.You should do an analysis of his recent work: Know the official music video or Passione. You will be blown away. I started a new website with songs and reaction videos from Dimash:
    Greetings from Amsterdam.

  2. Dutch Oven Author

    Opera singen? Makkelijk.. check out Diva Dance (van 5th Element film) en Ogni Pietra. Dimash helft klassiekе vocaal opleiding gedaan..

  3. Snjezana Rugani Author

    I don't understand Dutch, but I love your facial expressions 😉👍👏 Thank you for a great reaction! Please, react to Dimash singing song "Ogni Pietra" (Olympico) in Italian
    Greetings from Croatia

  4. Kristina lorenc Author

    Tsunami Dimasch😍😍😍
    Bitte noch mehr Reaktionen auf Dimasch…mein Favorit ist Daididay Bastau 2017 und neue Video Know 2019
    Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪

  5. maggie tang Author

    So great back with Dimash ! Pls react to his latest concert in Arnau singing in Italian full Opera – Ogni Pietra ! This was totally Epic ! Groetjes

  6. tanya korcin Author

    DATE OF BIRTH: Born 24 May 1994;
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Aktobe, Kazakhstan;
    GENRES: Pop, Classical Crossover, Folk, World;
    OCCUPATION(S): Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist;
    INSTRUMENTS: Dombra, piano, drums, guitar, xylophone, cello, vocals (all);
    YEARS ACTIVE: 2010 – present;
    VOICE RANGE: Six octaves plus 1 note;
    NOTES: C2 to D8, spanning from the baritone to soprano and whistle registers.
    A Dimash "Dear" and fan for life.
    FU LIN -PRESIDENT OF THE CHINESE POP MUSICIANS’ ASSOCIATION stated this about Dimash “He has reached the level of superhuman techniques.—-he doesn’t just have technique, He knows how to interpret songs”

  7. Anita Vorstenbosch Author

    Bedankt voor jullie geweldige reactie! Dimash is uniek! Als je een opera lied van hem wil horen, kan je deze link nemen "Ogni Pietra" (Italiaans):
    Kijk ook naar dit optreden van hem. Jullie zullen zeer verrast zijn: "Know" (Russisch):
    Ik ben een "Dear" al vanaf december 2017. Ik zou het mooi vinden als jullie meer optredens van hem willen laten zien. Bedankt voor jullie support!

  8. Niamiay Nia Author

    Bravoooooooooooo👏👏👏👏👏👏pour cette superbe réaction sur DIMASH the BEST ✌️✌️💖💖💖👍👍😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏Love from PARIS 💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

  9. Anne Farmer Author

    A Like for your reaction from your neighbour form Germany, your just making faces like me, when I heard him the first time. Not to meangion the second, third, fours fives…………every time I hear Dimash. He is like one of the other commentors said, a vocal tsunami. A very Special You Tube sweet, is "Dimash goes accappella",try it, you'd be thrilled.😃

  10. Annemay Seyfried Author

    ↔↔↔Hij is ongeloofelijk!! ↔↔↔
    He lookslike a small,young KPop star
    but is a lean 191 cm tall, then 22, now
    25 yr old, 6 octave, classically
    trained since 5, singer, songwriter,
    composer, arranging, rapper, multi-
    instrumentalist (10), poet, fashion
    model, children's advocate, Kazakh-
    stan Youth Embassador & just
    ranked by TCCandler's annual list
    "#6 on World's 100 Most Handsome
    Men" 😊
    ▶He's fierce/dramatic (opera train-
    ing) on-stage, but quiet/serious off-
    stage, with a quiet fun side (Tae-
    kwondo, soccer, etc)..His huge glo-
    bla concerts include him playing
    diff. instruments, like a drum solo!!
    Amazing cinematic Official Music

  11. 0theos Author

    Thank you guys for another reaction on Dimash, for real opera you should watch his performance for the European Olympics here is a link from his newest concert: And here is his newest performance called Passione: Both Italian and both ofcourse brilliant. Dimash isn't strictly binded by any genre but he describes his music as neo classic so everytime you hear a total new side of him!! Best singer in the universe!!

  12. Adriana Reginato Author

    EXCELENTE, EXCELENTE, BRAVO, BRAVO, ÚNICO, ÚNICO!!!!!!!!! DESDE ARGENTINA 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙💙💙🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  13. John Tjon Author

    Toffe reactie. Dimash is nog niet echt bekend bij het grote publiek. Dat komt o.a doordat hij nog niet doorgebroken is in Amerika. Hij geeft op 10 december dit jaar een concert in New York. Dat wordt zijn grote doorbraak in Amerika denk ik. Volgend jaar kent iedereen hem. Hij is nu al de beste zanger van deze generatie en hij is nog maar 25 jaar. Moet je nagaan als ie 30 jaar is. Dan zit hij op zo hoog niveau dat ze hem zal erkennen als de grootste zanger aller tijden. Hij is gewoon te goed. Buitenaards. De Messi van de muziek!!
    Hij is niet alleen een exceptionele zanger maar ook een groot entertainer! En ook een goede persoonlijkheid. Dat maakt hem geliefd bij zijn fans. Hij heeft zowel jonge als oude fans.Oh ja volgend jaar in maart geeft ie 3 concerten in Duistland: Dusseldorf, Stuttgart en Hamburg .Dan is Europa ook in de ban van deze levende legende!!

  14. giovanni gio Author

    Dit is geen opera maar popera. Popera is natuurlijk een mix van pop en opera. Als je wat meer Dimash doet kom je er achter dat hij in dit nummer helemaal niet laag, lang of hoog zong. 😁🎶 Dimash doet ook andere muziek genres zoals: pop, opera, rock, rap, folk en world. Ook kan hij in 12 verschillende talen zingen en speelt hij minimaal 8 verschillende muziek instrumenten. Verder kan hij dansen en is een songwriter. Hij is ook goed in vechtsport en doet aan zwemmen. Ook kan hij voor een zanger een aardig balletje trappen.

  15. Haemish Kane Author

    Thanks for your very spirited reactions like everyone else, we are swept away by the magic of Dimash's amazing vocals. Next, wait till you here him sing ROCK a cover version of Freddie Mercury ( Queen ) THE SHOW MUST GO ON. simply mind blowing. Continue to enjoy your journey with this new rising star by reacting to some incredible performances. Carry On Screaming!
    Have a great day, ☆♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫ DKIFC – The United Kingdom

  16. Damen Kusainova Author

    Поотстали как то от жизни. Димаш уже столько сделал а они только проснулись.

  17. Зауре Суюнова Author

    Это не настоящая реакция. Они уже слышали песню. А реакцию уже имитируют.

  18. Dennis Scheerman Author

    Voor de " echte " opera zou je Ogni Pietra moeten doen ( fan Cam )!! Voor achtergrond info van de Singer 2017 kan je alles vinden op het kanaal van Gloria Wu. Mijn favo is Late Autumn. Get your tissues ready. Niemand kan Dimash evenaren. Hij heeft 20 jaar klassieke scholing gehad. Gaku festival, unforgettable day zelfs een D8 !!

  19. Šárka Selvekerová Author

    Thank you very much for subtitles👍. You can check another Dimash's opera staff, I'm sure you will love it. It's Ogni Pietra from his Arnau concert. Choose fan cam version, it's amazing.

  20. michael bradley Author

    FYI this is not him singing opera, that's just the title of the song. If you want to hear his opera singing style listen to Ogni Pietra from Dimash's official channel.

  21. Marina Dewil Author

    Eigenlijk hebben jullie nog niets gezien,kijk eens naar "Adagio" en Ogni Pietra Olympico . Jullie mond valt dan zeker open😉👌👌
    Groetjes van een dear uit België👏👏😉 Dimash is 1,91 m groot😂en ja hij kan nog hoger als dit👏👍👍

  22. Barbara Saracini Author

    That's the name of the song, but it's not real "opera" obviously. I'm sure others have told you some real opera, like Ogni Pietra. Anyway, keep up the Dimash reactions and I'll continue to watch and see you blown away each time. His voice is unmatched by ANYONE!!

  23. erick hidayat Author

    He was in his early venture to become known. Each of us have Dimash song which is so dear to us you'll be surprised how far Dimash has progressed since that performance. Liebe Grüße aus Indonesië

  24. ☺smylyface☺ Author

    This is Dimash singing real opera:
    I wasn't an opera fan until I heard Dimash sing. This song was written specifically for his unique vocal range by a very famous Russian composer, Igor Krutoy. The song "Ogni Pietra" is in Italian. 💕

  25. Divine Saint Author

    If you like Dimash Kudaibergen then you MIGHT like Chenyu Hua / Hua Chenyu.

    Please react to Chenyu Hua / Hua Chenyu's original song, he composed it- [ENG SUB] <<Qi Tian / Equal To Heaven>> (singer 2018)- won the best song of the season (voted by the 500 member audience/judges), its a epic and a powerful song.

    he is known as 1 of the most inspiring unique and diverse artist and performer out there. Many Kpop and Dimash fans also fell in love with him and his style of art, as time goes by they are captured by his talent, skill, and uniqueness in his style, they grew to love him aswell.

    he has a wide dynamic range, he can:

    -sing/write/compose rap: he can rap in different pace, different style, different ranges, different rhythms, and different melodic tune with different feel, different vibe and different atmosphere.

    -sing/write/compose rock

    -sing/write/compose hip-hop

    -sing/write/compose pop

    -sing/write/compose metal

    -sing/write/compose reggae

    -sing/write/compose jazz

    -sing/write/compose opera (european baroque polyphonic & traditional chinese peking)

    -sing/write/compose different forms of ballads

    -create alternative type songs and music that are unique and special

    -create musical theater like dramatic performances

    -play instruments

    -rewrite/recompose/re-arrange songs or music from 1 style or genre into a different style or genre in just 24 hours and performs right after

    -combine different styles and genres into just 1 song

    Sometimes he didn't eat for 2 days so he can work on his song and sing clean. he literally puts his body on the line for his work.

    He holds his MARs concert annually, this year it will be in November. He is so loved that his concerts tickets sold out with in and between just 3 seconds and 5 minutes from 20,000 seats to 90,000 seats (last year)- Chenyu Hua's / Hua Chenyu's concert tickets (90,000) at the Birds Nest in Beijing on last September sold out in 1minute.56seconds, 120,000 people were online at the same time hunting his tickets, the system nearly crashed. So Chenyu had an emergency conference call with his people involved to add a second night concert. Chenyu felt bad so many fans couldn't get tickets, that happened before aswell! Thats how good he is! 1st night ticket sold out in 1 minute 56 seconds, 2nd nights sold out in 2 minutes 58 seconds, total 180,000 sold out within 5 minutes.

    For his this years' MARs concert at least 50,000+ seats were on sale, 656,000 people is racing and hunting for his concert tickets at the same timing and the tickets officially sold out in 3 SECONDS. It had total 810,000 register after the tickets sold out. UNREAL! He also sold out the 2nd night in 2 SECONDS, so he sold out a total of 100,000+ tickets in 5 seconds! IMPOSSIBLE!

    He is a multi-persona, multi-style, multi-talent and multi-skilled artist (multi-dimensional artist), he can mix and blend different styles of tone or music into 1 song and performance and make it sound amazing. His voice is like water, he can adapt it to sync well with any tune.

    He is so inspiring that other people from other countries had their passion of playing music, writing, or composing reignited after witnessing him, he literally cured depression from some foreigners and make them martians. He doesn't know how respected, loved, and known he is outside of China because youtube is banned in China. Whats impressive about him is that he doesn't even enter any foreign shows or hold any big concert in other countries or doesn't sing in english all the much and yet still getting all this love and respect from the outside. I mean he does everything domestically and still getting support from abroad but too bad that he doesn't know how known he is outside of China because he can't access youtube. There are 33+ million martians out there now!

    He is now the top performer in China, even some westerners view him as a music prodigy and artistically overdeveloped!

    Dimash (Singer 2017) and Chenyu (Singer 2018) both got 2nd places in the singer shows BUT they were best and the most loved.

    Chenyu is so different, unique, and special that he does not care about making money through making lots of music videos or selling lots of CDs nope, he'd rather get close and connect with his martians (Chenyu's fans) in concerts and music shows and make LESS because he is not greedy or selfish and truly loves his martians.

    Chenyu does not just sing just to impress you he sings to express and delivers to you a story, a message, emotions, thoughts and conversations and take you on a journey like no other. He delivers to you ART! He is not just your typical trendy money making mainstream singer, he is a true artist!

    Some singers touches your heart but Chenyu connects with your mind and soul.

    Some singers takes you on a journey to another world, but Chenyu takes you on a journey to HIS PERSONAL unique musical DIMENSION.

    Some singers sings just to impress but Chenyu performs to show his REAL TRUE GENUINE self which involves his p.o.v, thoughts, ideas snd feelings.

    Some singers has the voice that will blow you away but Chenyu has that ETHEREAL style and performer's presence & aura that will mesmerizes you and make you feel like he is personally connecting to you!

    Chenyu is the last style bender and the Bruce Lee of music!

  26. марат акбасов Author

    песня откровенное поКасть какая , не очем , ДИМАШ , КАК ВСЕГДА ХРАНИ АЛЛАХ

  27. Chuimei Lam Author

    Dit isgeen opera maar liedje heet opera2 van de zanger Vitas.
    Welkom in de wereld van echte Muziek!! Dimash is de beste vocalist van deze tijd en wereld!!

  28. Rosangela Ruza Author

    Dimash é incrível!! Inigualável!! Apaixonante!!
    Continue apreciando Dimash em The Love of tired swans; Mademoiselle Hyde; Akkuym; Daybreak em BASTAU; Karagym; Jasmine Singer 2019; Ogni Pietra concerto de Arnau; Daybreak em BASTAU; Love is Like a dream; Meaning of Eternity ; Ocean; New Wave 2019 – Passione; Know; Where love lives; Only you, entre outras apresentações!!

  29. FretsOnFire Author

    Dimash REALLY can sing REAL Opera!!
    Ogni Pietra (Olympico):
    Passione ~ New Wave 2019 –

  30. Cassandra Butler Author

    Love you guys reaction of Dimash. We all love this song when he sing in this Competition. Unfortunately, we will never heard again un the future. After Competition, Vitas put a legal action against Dimash for singing this song, then later they decided to lift the ban. It's too late for their actions, Dimash will never want to sing this song again. What an idiots and dumb of theirs actions.

  31. Harper Chinn Author

    For pure Dimash Opera:
    “Olympico” by Dimash @ New Wave 2019 (my absolute favorite version and is different in atmosphere and performance style then the other performances of this song)
    “Passione” by Dimash @ New Wave 2019

  32. bijou Author

    Don't know where in NL you are, but Dimash will be in Düsseldorf as a guest at Igor Krutoy's concert on Nov. 30th. I'm German and am just really surprised by how much I actually understood of what you were saying 😲


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