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Joe Gaylord Aquaculture Farmers Forum Presentation 2012

I’m not really used to doing all this so we just get started About three or four years ago. I got laid off at work and About a year into it we figured out we had to have something to come up some more money So we did some research one thing another’s we decided we had to add fish to it I’m made several trips come to Jeff City got a hold of Chuck hicks and russ gerlach over there which has been our aces for quite a while and all of this We did a lot of research and our biggest problem was financing. We got over paperwork together and went to the bank and They was not there’s no history of it in our area and I like to make this one little story year before We run pretty with all John deere equipment We want to do an upgrade on a tractor I made a phone call And I got approved for 45,000 over loan over the phone to make de bago by a tractor the next day We put this all together and I need 26 to get this all together and they had they went to the board members it took two weeks get approved for it and That was bottom line. There is no history any We’ve been going at this. We finally got started We’re short on time, so I’m just going to talk and if anybody has anything to ask just go. We got started in may of 2010 this is what we started off with we had one pond that was going to use four and a half acres Right up against the bank. It’s 12 and a half foot deep so That’s where we got started We got more, but that’s where we ended up. We stretched two cables Clara crossed it. We didn’t have a clue I was going to do that, and there was feed truck set in there, so It’s time went on we started building our cages therefore by four by eight Coated chicken wire we got a PVC sewer pipe long top [bear] for flute rings and we put a feed ring inside of it and All this time we’re pretty dumb we’ve all grown up on farms thought fish was no big [deal] But we found out we didn’t know a thing So we put in we put in a 14 cages our first year Okay, there is a I think it’s june the sixth we bought 10,000 hybrid bluegills to put into them The two aerators we bought from Kansas City They’re like thirteen fourteen hundred dollars each our biggest cost to getting started We had to run primary electricity almost quarter mile, so I went five thousand dollars right off the topic We didn’t know if we was going to make a penny That was our first experience. We give 52 cents the first year plus freight on him 52 cents Apiece Yeah, yeah but we found out on our second and third year ninety percent of fish are hatched in Southern Missouri and In Arkansas we did a little more [researched] [a] few phone calls when we restock. It was twenty-six cents We found out not everybody’s out there to help us out. You know So anyway it gets better that was one first There’s a picture of chuck hicks and rescuer lock they’ve been our aces prints at Day one This is like in july after we got started and they come over and just see how things was going They’ve been over they brought some of their students over to see what we’re doing went to a prawn harvest in Can you remember where we went for that I? Don’t mean it was down Southern Missouri. Everybody kept talking about the prawns we ought to get into the prawns We didn’t know what the heck of prawn was but that’s every time he turned around they said that’s what we ought to do there’s big money in them So we went to our first harvest in September They was all right. They was kind of small They’re basically they’re known as freshwater shrimp mary looked up some stuff this year on the computer, and they call them lobster It’s now the sort of nicknames October went over to Jeff City down to Culver farm and they had their harvest of them And we was a lot [more] impressed with them. These are [some] of the students that’s helps them down there [at] [the] farm russ and Chuck has got a Wonderful relationship with these kids. I [think] they all just grow up together These guys here they raise come out at nine per pound So they’re they’re significant. You can actually see So then we’re sitting here thinking well now we wouldn’t mind trying this but then we’re back to the same deal how [we] going to get the bank to go along with this story you know pran something they never even heard of So the best thing we did I think we brought home about 50 pounds we passed them out mostly that night We got around in about week or so later we invited to boy the bank to come down and have lunch with us Mary fixed lunch, I don’t introduced this is Mary. I’m going she’s my assistant Assailant and co hard-on doubt all these projects so she’s the one that does it when I’m not there Anyway, we brought the bank down and she had these all fixed up and nice of dinner and everything When we got done the bank president had never been dark place. We got we do a local banks We do basically with one loan officer He’d been down for farm visits and everything but the present he’d come down he brought three other loan officers with her They hung around afternoon we went down to ponds and toward it They got ready to leave president walked up to me and shook my hand. He says well, you tell danny what you need? So that pretty well God is seeing by fixing him dinner. We went to Ava bizarre, we got thing we could raise some trout in the winter months when our water cooled off, so we went down to 0 Right on the notes. Oh Marvin the David Emerson losing track here They raise trout farm navy. It’s a beautiful place. This is their office house, you’ll notice right here This is a spring that comes up back over here and actually runs underneath through this is an office out here And this is a spring runs right underneath their house it is. It’s beautiful We spent the day down there with them had lunch of course that’s some of their incubation So we decided we is going to try it. We come home and we build a pen In our pond that we had and once again. We didn’t know what tech was doing So we just started in we built 8-foot Panels 20 foot long our PVC. Pipe and coated them drove some pipe in the pond We did have put some Construction fence epics we found out they jump we put our fence in at water level. This is stupid now They can jump out so we had to go back [and] put some more on top of it But anyway That was in November. We bought. I don’t know three or four hundred Prompt the front the trout brought him in and we raised [him] up through the winter We started to do our harvest in March we started to advertising This is real our first harvest. We’ve got to do and was going to just have a fish day out of our house We had three calls the what does it rotary club lions and Chamber of Commerce all wonders come in meet with him on their meeting days put on the program So we did that thought that was pretty neat, but we was not prepared. We just had some pictures The gift of Gab I guess But was trying to get him out. So we finally got the scene around him we had a [four] [foot] a Dip saying I guess you want to call it? There’s some amir They come out pretty good Trout to eat in our neighborhood. It did not work. We got up ended up. There’s some of them air [Chinese] food market in Kansas city ended up taking the biggest end of them later on But there wasn’t quite big enough for him was there issue with him but we had a Real beautiful crowd and beautiful day. There’s some of the best pictures right there the girls that they like to play with him So there’s rest There we started building our own prawn pond in April, and there’s married in one of her buddy. She’s out inspecting it one night We decided to go ahead and start doing it The pond itself cost us little over 6,000 to dig it. It’s a half acre pond We put this control structure in there, and I got it a [shibe] drainage its water control structure. It’s twelve or fourteen hundred I believe up there, but the neat thing about it is there’s gates in it and We can raise and lower water level by just open it up and we pull gates out there 6 8 inch Gates at a time so we can do quite a little bit of different stuff with [it] so we buried it in and It’s quite a few [asked] we had to buy a pump we have Most all of our water comes out of our big pond and right now We have to move it around because we don’t have a well So this is what our prompt on looked like we got We did you apply for the grant we got it and it was to try to raise? Bluegill and prawns in the same water because the Bluegill will eat the prawn there is no doubt about it but we’re going to try to do that to make more use out of a water or Electricity and everything else to actually make more money off a half acre pond In theory at work, but in reality. It sucked when They brought our fish in they put in some little guys that got in there, and they got alvar cages so there when a big chunk of our prong and our Bluegill worst overall learning The labor because there’s only in here from june to [October] the labor putting the bluegill in here and taking them out Just ain’t hardly worth the trouble Just leaving a prawn in there is actually a better deal we found out it helps on the money But the labor comes into play there, and I don’t I don’t really think it’s [going] to pan out That’s more of the pictures of him there with their we got two aerators in there running. That’s my son Eric He’s a feeding one morning. I know if you can see This is some of the prawn feed right there going out. We feed the fish and a prawn both at the same [time] Mike say in theory, it was a beautiful idea but We also put some largemouth bass in in that year, and that’s a picture of their meeting That was some of the bigger Bluegill which we’d bought from the year before and that’s the size of them in one year’s time This was some moment come in. We bought them three and four inch ones There’s some of the baths that we had bought this july put them in This here are some pictures of some channel cats. We had Got some white ones and stuff in there We’re actually harvesting them right now. We got some We’ve got them sold some of the regular channel Katta waiting 14 15 pounds. We’ve got them sold the albinos They don’t want so we’re just going to put them in the freezer We had our prawn harvest on about October 15th Ok this is september. Yeah, this is a sample. We took in September last year Yeah, this is October 15th of the last year we had our first prong harvest That’s some of them there That’s what they come out looking like there’s about 14 per pound I think and that would come up with but our poundage was not good because of our bluegills attack them We just took an old feed bunk And that’s what we made our catch our pipe it come out on [if] you remember from the slide the forwards on the valve It comes out in the ground and we took an old feed bunk and [redid] two legs and put some Expanded metal in there And it works pretty good the water comes out and goes out to expanded metal then blows the prawn out on the plastic bunk yet and Since we’ve got cattle and stuff. We have that stuff letting the scrap pile. So that’s what we used These tanks we got to pair them we come [over] here to high Point, Missouri a gentleman is going out of business We bought his supply About quite a bit of stuff first time around [wind-up] use the most all of it We had to relay for life people come out and they served lunch that day Miriam Gotten the picture cleaning That that day went on until dark cleaning. Fish. We finally got target married hired a pilot To come and take pictures that then it was a surprise to me And I didn’t have no sense to know what I could [prepare] this guy was doing up here He he didn’t have much of a life. He was just flying around But this is a picture of a farm the hay pile and everything out there you can see the aerators in this one on the big pond to go and we still got cages a Bluegill intent, and that is the half acre prawn point. It’s just almost dry at that point in December we went down to Frankfort, Kentucky Enjoying the prawn association, and this is some of the pictures from that We spent three days down there, I believe This is Laura to and Susan I’m terrible with names today Jim Ted well, he’s A President of the Aquaculture association in Kentucky State University, we had met another guy down there Craig, I’m strim. He is the one that raises about all the prawns that ever even come up in this area He’s out of Florida. They got to be hatched in salt water then they gradually transform into freshwater And that’s how he can actually bring him up here He is working with these guys immensely and this year He’s doing an all male species. They’ve went in and did some work on the females did a chromosome change? So they don’t isis was like at eighty percent. He says no, it’s a hundred percent males that They’re going to produce, and I don’t know how or why or whatever and for most part? I I don’t care that’s his problem They’re going to cost a little more but they’ll grow better plus you get rid of the deal with the sex of Fighting and [this] set and the other and we’re hoping that’s going to work a little better This is some of the pictures from a Kentucky state They do a big deal on paddlefish in January we had to get some bluegill up. We noticed all along all summer We had some damage to our cages We drained our big pond about five or six years ago and put new water line and new overflow for the cattle in there Apparently, we didn’t get them all drained, but this is the guys that we come out with And they kept coming up in our scenes when it was so cold and most of them is like nine Or ten pounders, and they did did us enough damage, so they they went to the house, too? But the biggest problem with him there wasn’t fit to eat sings they are channel cat we’re feeding the bluegill and everything else down there the blue gill get a Forty-two percent protein ration with High fat content On Channel cat that didn’t work because there’s just thirty two percent with Low-fat These the guys just all turned to butter balls Mary tried cooking them and I Think a dog’s ended up with him finally she could not get the fat out of them, so we learned we couldn’t do that This is a picture here of one of our first, bluegill cages that we’d put in Yeah, this is January of You 12 in 10 jun of 10 this is some of the first ones here we sold these These are actually going to kids fishing tournament is where they headed? There’s a hundred and twenty four cubic feet there that one cage harvested sixteen hundred dollars Gross Okay that to me because we raise cattle that to me is two kids at a good market, and that’s in our area 7 day takers ground not a hundred feet cubic feet him. Yes Gross I Don’t know. I’m we’re guessing over a thousand. We do not We’re not real good bookkeepers at this point. We got so much going on We don’t do but that’s still over 100 100 cubic feet versus six or seven acres That’s not bad plus One of the beauties of this and what I like stress their belts it takes a little to no machinery for us to work We got a four-wheeler a boat in three or four or five gallon buckets That’s ninety percent of what we got invested other than pawns You know an electricity we don’t we got tractors and Baylor’s and all that, but it don’t We don’t need none of that for this and that’s that’s the beauty what could be done on such different levels Somebody had two or three acres or hundred acres you want some just for yourself or some to sell You know you can just do whatever you want to with this The electricity like say is the biggest deal they got to be They got to be populated at this density to make any money And if that density you’re going to have to have the aeration unless you just wanting to do some for your house You know and stuff like that We did have some Channel cat we’d kept in these we’d bought some earlier We had a fish fry here a couple weeks ago They’d been in about a year and a half in one of these cages and they’re suspended with four or five foot of water under him and Then was the best Catfish I’d ever had there wasn’t strong. They was clean you know that a commercial food. They wasn’t on the bottom you Couldn’t beat them you know they was good as anything. You’d get in her restaurant Now this is part of our setup back to her are loaded Bluegill here in February we went to Nebraska city. We got asked to put this on went to the laird Lodge a pair. It was beautiful We did about the same thing We started redoing our prawn ponds we learned this in our meeting They said to put this substrate up, and they can say whatever he wants all this is plastic construction fence it depends What degree you got what what you call it? You know we went to home Depot and bought it some steel post and Basically what this does when the prawns go to mold team they? Lose our shells, so they need some place to go because everything is cannibalistic the they’ll eat each other they whatever is there They can get up on this fence and get [away], and it actually likes Doubles or triples your square feet of your pawn we went into Putting we put eight thousand in here, but that pond actually turned It’s a half acre pond actually turned into Darnetta one acre pond by putting his fencing Because that give us more room for them to go Anyway, that’s what we did We put it in the bottom. We did two ponds this year. We did a little one. We’re experimenting with one We have no aeration in it a quarter acre pond with no variation This is still our half acre pond with all of our money in it So that was a days project we hired Demolay boys they come out and they helped us do I Think I hit something I Don’t I did something here locked? Anyway, the Demon label is there a deal from the Is it Mason’s [they’re] young young kids group of the Masons and they are real good they come out? We need some help catch a fish and stuff for a lot of fun or good kids We have a lot of fun water fights and the whole deal But they they’re good bunch of kids to help and so they help us quite a little bit when we need [it] So anyway that was it in june. We went down we picked up our prawn this year. I bought levin thousand They weigh these guys up in grams We took this newly down there and all on and on I come home with eight pounds. There’s got to be a way You can’t put these in a cooler you know, but you got to have it for the aeration We got them divided up And we just took another old feed bunk and made a shoot. We just backed up to the ponds and we got two sides We put eight thousand in the big pond. There’s a picture of a mare Which Mary had to she had a camera extended out? But they’re just basically transparent the only thing you can see is this little dot in their eyes If you pick them up, that’s about all you can see Like say there was eleven thousand and they weighed eight pounds when we put them in This is our little pond. We did in September. Which is another old feed bunk That’s where they’re coming out there We had a lot better turn out [that] this is one here. We we got this one at home in the picture Well fact part of his claws were cut off their don’t even show them That’s a that’s a female there the other one was a male with the big blue Yeah, this is a male here but these guys come out this year right around the 12 foot per pound and Rust comes up from the school and we let him do the way we don’t We don’t let you know he comes and helps us, but we want his figures so Here’s some of the demolay boys They help the day of the harvest just whatever they actually got to go down and pick them up out of the mud leftovers this is a Any fissure he’s our state representative. He come up spent most of the day with this This is some of what we do Because we have to sell our stuff life not processed that we get in all the state regulations and stuff So what we do we sell them live? We got a three compartment sink. There’s like four or five the guys here we weigh them up you pay for them if you want them clean wonderful there’s a tip jar there and will clean them or you can come over and clean them but long as are yours and you either ask us to clean them or you clean them it’s Everything’s fine, but we cannot charge You know or we cannot clean them then sell them? long as you buy them live and pay for it works that suits went to health Department and I Don’t know who all we got that from so we went to Kansas City It’s a used restaurant Camille, and we bought these sinks and some stainless steel tables We started another pond since we got done. It’s another half acre pond. We’re going to going to stay with it is working this year alone We’ve sold in between 12 and 14 thousand dollars with a bluegill and we ain’t even halfway through our first crop there just Everything we did is at least a two year cycle When we started it We got kind of storage to how it’s going to be a year little over Well that got some trouble the bank and [every] [place] else. It didn’t work Two years and to it. We can see it is working. We ain’t touched our bass yet We’ve got an order for them in December and January to go to Illinois’s for part of them. What we’re turning loose We’ve had bass all wept out. No the blue gills been in altoona, Iowa Been down Springfield we’ve had a deal in bass at Bartle hall from ranger boat they come and got some for display up here So it is working. She’s taking some time. We are building another pond Getting it started So we was hoping to get to put in this year, but it probably ain’t going to work We had to shut down we had to go back to the field. We’re still That’s what we’re supposed to been here today But with cutting silage that was a picture last Sunday what I was mowing corn last Sunday, and this is what it was It’s volunteer corn so that’s where we as at yesterday instead of up here. We still chopping silage This is in one of Mary’s projects here. She raises boxers on the side also That that’s when her leaders last year And that they fit in real good too with everything else we do So it’s beef boxers and Bluegill just come and see us. That’s basically what we did. Yes Fighting me, what’s your marketing on the bluegill? I mean are you selling all of the live-aboard you’re selling the future most of them So far as went to the feds kids fishing tournaments We’re working with Risk Gerlach. He’s helping us broke him out of Jeff City, so far We cannot sell well if you wanted to buy us food. Yes, you know we can’t but so far They have they went to kids fishing tournaments because they ain’t nothing any fun nerd catching a big blue gill on a little Rod and Reel No, oh no that I? Love them, but I know what we get out of them so we don’t eat rare many of them so but that’s pretty well what we do the fan bed be interestin coming over sometime when We’re pretty proud of what we’re [doing] because it is working Straight South Kansas City on 71 we’re about all 50 Miles South Kent City just right, too So that’s pretty well our story you

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