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John Lush explains how GM crops can contribute to sustainable food production

For three generations, with my son Paul and
my grandson Nicholas, we’ve been farming – or are farming on this farm – growing some of
the best grain in the world for the South Australian population – or in fact for the
population around the world. We think thatover the years we have produced the cleanest,
greenest food we can possibly produce. But with climate change and other issues we think
we can do better with end products like this if we have a genetically improved crop that
we can farm into the future, take on climate change and produce even cleaner and greener
food by using less chemicals. We can do that with GM crops. If we can have genetically improved crops that can actually deal with drought and frost better than they do then
we will produce more food. More food equals cheaper food and so it will be good for Australia
if we can be competitive with the rest of the world, but also produce some of the cleanest,
greenest, cheapest food in the world for our Australian consumers.

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