1. Denise Mcintosh

    I think for some picking coordinating colors is the big challenge. The fabric companies really do a nice job with collections. Ty so much. I like videos like these that show the process of picking your fabrics. I love pulling a fabric and building the colors. I just enjoy that process so much.

  2. Sandra Camp

    I saw a quilt that featured diamond log cabin blocks laid out on point that was beautiful. However I can not find a pattern for it anywhere. I'm still searching though.

  3. Susan Krajeski

    Wow… I wouldn't have put them together, but after seeing them all together in the quilt…OMG love it. This line of fabrics is gorgeous. Would love to see this line using a different pattern. Thank you…

  4. Kathie Fortner

    I would like to see a video about quality fabrics in strip packages versus strip packages to be careful about. Is Moda always your first choice?

  5. Mischell Smith

    I love seeing the water that you pick out fabric for a quilt and design it. I think you should make more of these tutorials. 🙂

  6. Dori Addiss

    Nice to see 2 different strip kits in one quilt top.  Give us (the video watchers) a different perspective on a manufacturer's coordinating line of fabrics and how they can be mixed and matched.  Also, I enjoyed seeing and hearing your thought process of putting together strip kits.  Very useful information!  Thanks Matt!

  7. Kathy Eubanks

    These kits are the bomb! Beautifully cut, they go together quickly and easily, and all the fabric choices are made for you. Get you a bunch!

  8. Val Fowler

    Love the video, Matt. I am a fan of batik fabrics, but blown away by how beautiful these fabrics look when made up in this design.

  9. Terri Jo Zink

    You guys have wisdom! You're the first quilt shop that I have looked at online that teaches as you do, and is so transparently in the process. If I could go on a vacation anywhere I wanted, I'd want to come to Grants Pass, Oregon and spend two weeks as a little mouse in the corner just inhaling the scent of the fabrics, listening to the hum of Dana's old machine as it races along like a race horse, and last but not least, just listen, watch, and learn everything quilting. Thank You so much for your generosity of heart. I know that you are going to be serving people all over the world with your heart, knowledge, expertise, and wisdom.

    God Bless You Richly! Terri in Princeton, Minnesota

    One added thought: "Wisdom is knowing what to do with one's knowledge," it doesn't mean just getting more and more knowlege. That's why I say, you are wise. You put your knowledge to work for you and that's why you stand apart, that's what makes wisdom!


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