1. Judy Nurkkala

    I just discovered your site. What a gold mine! I can't wait to get started making some of them on my new machine. Until then, I just enjoy watching you put the quilts together while I'm doing other handwork.

  2. kathryn brakefield

    Thank you, Donna. Your techniques are calmly explained and precise. You take the fear away of making a quilt. Now I feel I can do this! Love to watch all your videos. Your camera man and editor do a great job, too. 🙂

  3. beth taylor

    I love this, but very time i do them i seem to cut my points off, or sew them off, an my blocks do not look good now do i stop doing that 😀

  4. Rosemary Hannah

    I have probably watched all of your tutorials at some point – some of them more than once. I like lots of things about them but what I like best is that you show us quick ways of making blocks without compromising traditional blocks. I just wish we had shops like yours here in the UK. Our shops are so small in comparison so we don't have the range of fabrics to choose from. We can buy online of course but it's not the same as seeing and handling the fabrics. Our best opportunity is at the quilt festivals around the country, the best and biggest being the Festival of Quilts at the NEC near Birmingham. It would be good to see you there one year. 😊

  5. Dianne Roberts

    How I wish I could do it as well as you ….Can I ask a Question How long have you been doing this I am going to be trying my first one
    Needed something to eep my mind busy Lost my daughter to cancer and I ave to find something to do and have always wanted to make one. Any ideas on which one to start on. Thank you oh yea I am 76 do you think that is to old ??????

  6. Tina Costner

    I watched a video of yours about a easy binding. I can’t find that now but I wanted to Thank you for that. I have so many things ready for binding but I’m really bad at that. I just tried your method and I love it 😊

  7. karina Thompson

    just sent for some of your patterns and i hope i will be able to do it i jove your tutorals and watch them over and over thankyou for all the hard work you and your husband put into into the cutting and sewing keep it up God Bless

  8. Joan FitzSimons

    I am new to your web-site and I just love it. Thank you for your precise instructions and great photograph. Who ever your camera person is please thank them for such great camera footage. Easy to follow. Love this site.

  9. Barbara OConnor

    Donna, you are amazing. Even while you're sewing at the machine, you are a treasure trove of quilting information. Thanks so much.

  10. Marilou Nagy

    I agree with other comments. Your voice and videos are always clear and precise. You present great learning information. Thanks.

  11. Janace White

    I love all your videos…you're amazing! You are one brave woman-getting your left pointer finger almost under the presser foot, though. Have you ever sewed your finger into a seam? My grandma did when I was 4, it scared me so bad! I've been making baby quilts for the 2 new great grandbabies who are almost ready to emerge…LOL I leave my DNA on every quilt it seems.

  12. Eileen Secrest

    I love your tutorials! I must say that I am surprised you only finger press, and not iron, even when sewing one row of squares to another. I find that pressing, while it takes a bit of time, is critical to making the rows match up. I keep my iron right beside my sewing station, to make it easier, and I do chain stitch and after each chain, I press. I believe it makes a big difference.

  13. Texas grandma

    I do enjoy your tutorials; however, is it possible to just buy the pattern and not the kit? Sometimes, I have a different fabric in mind, but like the pattern.

  14. Janice Ball

    I love your video s I am waiting for the ruler to make summer breeze I have watch it about a dozen times my friend and I tried to get one block together listening to you say how easy it was .
    We just couldn’t get it to work after trying all day we found it was the ruler not us .thank you for your lovely lessons💕💕💕

  15. Chrissie 1950

    I love your videos Donna keep them coming please ,I wish I could send for your beautiful fabrics but I live in uk ,it would be quite expensive unfortunately

  16. Alice Stasio

    just watched your sister's choice tut.  so pretty.  the fabric choice was beautiful.  have made one of your Christmas table runners and it was beautiful.  came together quickly.  never bought a kit before but the choice of fabric in the Christmas kit was pretty, so I tried it!  so glad I did, love it.  thank you Donna.

  17. Virginia Good

    Thank you for the wonderful videos. I love them and have learned so much. Please keep making more. Could you make a video using the big center panels, using the extra pieces included and then how to fit in extra blocks from matching fabric?

  18. Nannette Harris

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorials! I've subscribed and will be catching up on older tutorials and watching each new video.

    I just received the Sister's Choice Table Runner in Autumn. I am impressed with the way the kit was cut and presented. Just like the tutorial. I can't wait to get it started. Then I saw the pillows tutorial and added it into my saved Plan To Do files….

    New to quilting and so happy I have found Jordan Fabrics. Excellent instruction!

  19. gigglygirl

    Keep up the tutorials! I am now working on another variation of this quilt….not doing well because they tried to shortcut the way cut and piece. Blocks not looking good.So I am going to try your method!!


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