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Journey to Pavitramenthe

Everything we consume, whether it’s food or soap or clothes or a radio, everything has a human labor component. And was that labor, was that human person who produced it were they respected or were they exploited? Mint is obviously our most famous scent it’s Dr. Bronner’s favorite soap, it’s our original soap and we want to produce our soaps in a way that every farmer and every worker involved is respected and being paid a fair price so that they can support their families and send their kids to school. There wouldn’t be a Dr. Bronner’s soap company today if it wasn’t for our peppermint soap and there wouldn’t be peppermint soap if it wasn’t for our partners in India making the organic peppermint oil that goes into it. About fifteen years ago, when we decided that we wanted to know where our ingredients come from to go direct for mint India was a natural option for us. It’s been a major producer of mint for a long time. When I smell the peppermint soap it brings me back to my childhood. Going to visit my grandfather who always seemed to have the smell of peppermint radiating from his pores. He started making peppermint soap in small batches at home I think he really wanted to make something that would be more than a soap but also a sensory experience. Mint’s a very evocative scent for me personally it just reminds me of my grandad, and his life. Mint has always been our bestseller it’s really what people identify with when they think of Dr. Bronner’s we sell a bottle of peppermint soap every ten seconds it accounts for one eighth of all natural soaps sold in America. “…that no amount of that hippie Dr. Bronner’s soap can wash off” My grandfather put his philosophy on the bottle of soap and what this generation is doing is taking that message off the bottle and applying it wherever we can. We’re in Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India Dr. Bronner’s has been sourcing mint oils in this area since 2003. Over the years that we’ve worked here we realized that one of the key challenges that farmers are facing is the deterioration in the quality of their soil. The result of industrial agriculture has been a global catastrophe of our agricultural landscape. The natural ecosystems are just destroyed carbon is oxidized up into the air so it’s a massive contributor of greenhouse gas both in the effect of how it’s ripping fertility out of our soils but also the chemicals themselves have massive energy footprints. So regenerative organic agriculture is about reversing all that disaster and it’s a strategy that mimics nature, farming in nature’s image and when you look at a natural ecosystem there’s no external chemical inputs no synthetic fertilizers, no pesticides it’s a totally self-regenerating system. The key practices that farmers are using to regenerate the soil and bring back the carbon that has been lost to the atmosphere, are simple. It’s the production and application of compost it’s the use of mulches that’s crop residues that are just left on the fields it’s the shift to conservation tillage practices that do not go as deep and are not as destructive it’s the use of cover crops, so soil does not go uncovered in between crops and it’s rotational crops that bring back nitrogen to the soil. Soil is a living ecosystem, it’s incredibly complex and healthy crops, and healthy food and amazing mint oil is a by-product of really healthy, living soil. Depleted mismanaged soil is like a clearcut forest. And when you properly manage soil, you bring that soil back to life it’s like reforestation. The importance of sourcing mint in an organic and regenerative fashion is that it supports such a huge land base and a huge number of farmers. We don’t really differentiate so much between regenerative organic and fair trade. To us, it’s all one! What we’re looking for in a fair trade partner is a similar set of ideals we’re looking for trust and integrity. The way we approach money is as energy to create a better world and we want to make sure our local partners have that same philosophy and Nihal and the team he has, they’re just the ideal partner for us. They’re excited by regenerative organic. Excited like we are, to be a steward of the land and just figuring out what are the best practices and techniques. What’s different under fair trade is the individual farmer will receive a ten percent organic premium over that market rate and, another ten percent which then goes into a community fund and that money can then be spent on various things whether it’s health, whether it’s clean water those things are decided on by the committee here. Fair trade for us provides an opportunity for our customers to use their dollars to make real differences in communities around the world. All of our ingredients have a story as far as where in the world they’re coming from and it’s really important to us to make sure that our raw materials we know who’s producing them we’re in a fair long-term relationship with them and the way they’re being grown is regenerative and respects the soil, rewards farmers makes sure that everyone’s winning. That’s our committment. We have the solution. We can stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution.


  1. J Morales Author

    I think I just fell in love with the brand more then I already was. I’ve always been aware of the message and motto of dr Bronner but seeing it action seeing the farmers getting the message and loving the process
    And the passion they put into the development of their crops makes me more positive that we as a whole country can fix the mentality of over processing for money and start caring for our land and those that live off of it. I will never stop supporting dr. Bronner’s brand❣️we need more brands you .

  2. Organic Adventures Author

    This is soo deep and awesome! Cheers to the good work! Welcome to africa and we will take you guys to these and many more adventures!

  3. toni syring Author

    no genetic fertilizers or pesticides ,that is so great to know,those 2 things can destroy our fragile eco systems,thank you Bronner Family you are a bright light to me that has stuck to their traditional ways and ethics

  4. jibblur Author

    How's the soil in Kentucky with all this tobacco we grow? How much chemicals do they use? Kentucky needs to reopen the hemp business for sure! It might happen. They did legalize hemp farming here. It's only starting to hit a few farms so far.

  5. Pepperina's World Author

    I had no idea that your mint is produced in India. And also I was shocked to hear your peppermint soap is sold every 10 seconds. No wonder when I want to purchase mine in store they’re always sold old of peppermint soap. It is such a refreshing scent. I love Dr. Bronner’s!!

  6. Lynn Lutz Author

    I have never seen such healthy, large mint plants! I've used Bronner's soaps for over 30 years and am so happy they are making a difference around the world with Fair Trade.

  7. Xegius Author

    "We can stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution." Imagine if the most influential leaders in today's world actually got this…

  8. rahul bajaj Author

    My Name is prateek bajaj .. i have same work… i m promoting farmers also… i can also help in such type of work…u can search my name on google also.. my contact number is 8439807519 india

  9. jayajav Author

    I didn’t know the peppermint soap was from India and I didn’t know India was known for it. I knew it was the best seller though it’s amazing! Hope I can win new products to try from this brand!

  10. Live442 Author

    I absolutely love Dr. Bronner soaps. The ideology they've been pushing I have a problem with. Where at first I was fully on board with it, I have now seen that it is a massive deception. I do not think Dr. Bronner is aware and is intentionally trying to deceive people, however the ALL-ONE message (which I almost tattoo'd on my body) is a point of view that can damn a soul. This idea that we must all band together as one humanity to save ourselves from the impending doom that our "planet" faces, is one of the most prevailing lies there is. It pushes new age, universal consciousness which is essentially a humanist world view that believes we are god. The idea that we are all one, one with the universe, one with everything, everything is… all-one. When in fact the reality is that God has created this world separate from himself, has told us the truth about our human condition which is undoubtedly sinfully destructive when we are not obeying the rules he has set aside for creation AKA the moral law. People in this realm of thought love the natural law, they love that nature has laws and being in accordance with them, but the moral laws.. not so much. For those of you out there seeking the truth, it is not in this earth worship. It is not in humanity. It is in the bible. It speaks of how this world is going to end, and who is really going to save it. Spoiler alert, humans don't save the earth, Jesus (God) does. Now people might immediately roll their eyes and say "why you gotta bring that up" but the fact is, I clicked on this video because Dr Bronner is still pushing the climate change narrative and that we have the answers to save our humanity. Beyond the surface of just soap, this is a political matter and more insidiously, a spiritual matter that is being pushed, and the reality of it is, the ideology of Dr Bronners is one that should be avoided. They claim to know the truth about this earth, yet still insist that we are on a spinning ball flying through outer space at millions of mph. If you want to know full truth research Biblical Cosmology and question question question.

  11. Elaine Taylor Author

    Heart warming. I am a recent convert to Dr Bronner's Sal Suds. Gone now are all those products that I thought I needed to keep a clean home. Sal Suds is all I need for floors and surfaces in any room, including the bathroom and shower. It's now in the machine doing the washing! Love the hand soaps and about to try the moisture lotion.

  12. Steve Tucker Author

    Good video – so much easier to digest than text writeups! There’s a tool I think’s pretty relevant: Full disclosure; I work for the company that made it, however I think it’s useful as it’ll let you broadcast directly from your website. So with your permission I’d like to share! Feel free to remove this comment if you feel it’s not appropriate 🙂

  13. Yadita Jimenez Author

    I had never heard about this product before, but with this video I'm more than convinced that is the best for me and my family. And I learned that It is never too late to make things right for us and for nature. All is better if everything goes natural, no pestizides no quimicals just with nature give us for the good of all..


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