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KIDS! Just Say No to MILK!

Hi there! If you’re a kid… …this video is
for you! Although I suppose the adults can watch too- if you want to let them. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. So this is the first time that I’m making a video specifically
for you- and it’s something that I hope to do more of. Of course you’re welcome to watch
any of my videos, but I wanted to make one special just for you. So today we’re going to talk about milk.
Maybe you’re interested in not eating animals, or being what we call “vegan”
and your parents may not support you. Or, it could be that your parents or family
members want to stop eating animals and be vegan and you don’t quite understand why.
All of those things can be confusing and scary, and frustrating. You you might be feeling
angry or sad, or upset, and that’s okay. One thing I want to tell you is that just
because you’re a kid, or basically just because your’e younger than me- cause I’m
pretty old!- doesn’t mean I’m going to talk down to you. If you’re watching this
video, I’m sure you’re pretty smart. And if your parents are showing this video to you, that
means they know you’re smart. I believe that you deserve to know the truth just as
much as any adult. But I also want you to know that I’m not
going to show you anything scary, so don’t worry about that. Also, I will be talking a bit about
you as a baby with your mom but if you didn’t grow up with your mom, that’s okay. You
can still apply what we’re going to talk about, because you have family in your life
who love you and that’s what we’ll focus on. So what’s wrong with drinking milk? I’m
sure you’ve had adults tell you that it helps you grow big and strong. You probably
see all your friends drinking it and kids on TV and movies. You may have even had a
doctor tell you to drink your milk, so how can it be bad? Well, let’s first talk about why milk isn’t
really good for our bodies. When you were born, the first food you ever
eat was your mother’s milk. Your mom’s body made that milk just for you with everything
you needed to grow. You see, babies grow really fast and they need to be eating the best foods so
they can be healthy. Once you were big enough to eat other foods,
your mom’s body stopped making milk because it knew you didn’t need it anymore. Well cows, the animals that we get our milk from,
have bodies that work just like that. Mother cows carry their babies for 9 months just
like your mom did. And once they have their babies, their body creates milk for them,
just like your mom’s did. Now I probably don’t have to tell you, but
you were a lot smaller than a baby cow and didn’t really look the same. So it would
make sense that you needed different milk than a baby cow, right? I mean, drinking milk from a cow is like
trying to wear the pants of an elephant, if elephants wore pants… It’s just not a
good fit. And here’s the even weirder thing- we adults
often keep drinking milk from cows long after we stopped drinking our mom’s milk and long
after the baby cows stopped drinking their mom’s milk. It’s like we’re wearing
elephant pants every day, which is just about as silly of an idea. Now there’s another big reason vegans
don’t drink cows milk, and this one is really important. We’re going to talk about some
things are sad, but I’ll be here to help you through it. Remember how we said that your mom’s body made
milk for you and how a momma cow’s body does the same for her baby? Well, baby cows
will drink all of their mother’s milk right up. Just like they’re supposed to and just
like you did, and there wouldn’t be any left for people. But because so many people want to drink the
milk of mother cows, the dairy farmers have to take the baby cows away so that they can
give the mothers milk to people. Now I know your mother and family must love
you so very much and she probably tells you that a lot. Can you imagine how scared and
sad she would be if someone took you away from her? Can you imagine how scared you would
be if you were taken away from your mother and family? I know that’s not a nice thing to think
about, but remember, I told you I would tell you the truth no matter what, and that’s
what happens to the mommas and babies that we get our milk from. Now, after being taken from their mothers,
the baby cows are put into tiny little cages with no room to turn around, which is even
scarier because they don’t have their moms to protect them. The momma cows will cry for
days for their babies because they miss them so much, just like your mom would miss you. When they’re only a couple months old, the
baby cows are killed to made into a type of meat called veal. Just like hamburgers or “beef”
comes from the bodies of cows, veal comes from the bodies of baby cows. Now I don’t
have to tell you how sad that is. And all so that we can have milk that we don’t even
need. Now you may think that cows always make milk.
And don’t feel bad because a lot of adults think that too. But remember how we talked
about your mom’s body making milk for you and how it stopped making milk when you were
big enough and didn’t need it anymore? Well, when the baby cow is big enough, the momma
cow’s body also stops making milk. So the only way for us to get the milk we
drink from cows is for momma cows to have to have more and more babies, more than they would
if they could choose. And every baby is taken away. This is probably one of the saddest
things you can imagine. I’m sure your mother and family would never let anyone harm you
or take you. And the momma cows want to protect their babies just as much. Now you may wonder why no one has ever told you
this before. Or why we adults keep doing this to momma and baby cows. Well, sometimes I wish
I knew too. A lot of it has to do with money, which you will learn makes people do really
funny things. And I know that if you knew this before, you
wouldn’t ever want to drink cows milk, because I know you don’t want to hurt mother and
baby cows like that. Well, here’s the good news, there are all
kinds of milk you can drink that don’t hurt anyone. And I’ll tell you a secret- they
taste a whole lot better than cows milk. Though I’m sure the baby cows would disagree,
and they’re actually really good for your body! There’s even flavors like chocolate, vanilla,
and strawberry, and there are delicious yogurts and even cheese that all come from plants.
So you can be happy and healthy, and the baby cows, and their mommas can be too. I have links to these products and more information
for you if you want on my website, which I’ve linked up there and in the video description.
Feel free to ask for help from your family if you need help finding it. And you can contact
me anytime at the bottom of my website. I hope that this was helpful. And thank you
for listening even in the hard parts. I had a feeling that you were smart enough and cared
enough about animals to tough it out. Now you know why we don’t drink milk and my
hope is that you’ll choose not to too. Let me know what you thought of the video in the
I need your help to make sure that I’m doing the best job that I can do. So feel free to tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like. And if you have other things that you’d like me to cover, let me know! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs
up and share it around to help other kids learn the truth. If you’re new here, do
hit that big red subscribe button down there for more awesome vegan content every Monday,
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If you want to help support Bite Size Vegan, check out either of the support links in the
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in the icard sidebar. You can also check out some of my videos here for lots of tasty food that you can eat that’s vegan. I have entire recipe playlists that are based around Christmas or Thanksgiving, but you can eat that food any time of the year. Now go live vegan and I’ll see you soon. Now, no video would be complete without Ooby. This is Ooby and she is vegan too. So even Ooby can eat in a way that doesn’t hurt other animals. Now, I don’t have a kid myself but if anyone took Ooby away, I’d be really sad. So, that’s what I try to think about when I look at milk and other dairy products. Say ‘Bye Bye!’ Ooby. ‘Bye Bye!’ Subtitles by the community


  1. Nena Spassova Author

    I just watched your video. I want to be vegan but my mom doesn’t let me because I am recovering from anorexia and she tells me that I need calcium and to eat foods like cheese, milk, yoghurt to get better. I told her that the farmers took the cows’ babies and kill them but she told me that it’s not true.
    I really want to recover ASAP & to be able to be vegan

  2. Jaybird Eclipse Author

    I am not a vegan, but I definitely agree with your video!! that Is why I don`t like to drink store bought milk(plus Raw milk strait from the cow is a lot better). Our landlord raises beef cattle humanely, and also has 2 milk cows that we milk for him. they have their own large pasture in the front field, away from the beef cattle, who rotate in the back pastures, so they always have plenty of grass(he usues hay in the winter when there aren`t many plants). once a year, after the milk cows have had their calves and they are weaned, we send a bull in with them. We never separate the cows from their calves unit the calves are weaned and at least a year old. in 4 years of living here, there has been one case where a calf and his mother(part of the beef cattle herd) were separated, but It was only because the mother(first time mom) had rejected him, and even began to hurt him, and he was only 1 day old!! We also raise free range chickens(not for meat, only for pets and eggs, but we do not have any roosters), so I'm not against eggs either. Because I live on a farm and I know our animals are treated humanely, I`m not against milk, meat, or eggs. I do agree with this video and enjoyed it! 😀 I wish people would stop abusing animals just for food and entertainment though 🙁

  3. luanne dimaggio Author

    Why cats are in their 40s and 30s now and raising their own children I really wish I had no more in about how to feed my children the proper food and about milk and cheese especially I'm so sorry that I did not have this information good on you Emily

  4. Mabel Martian Author

    I'm replacing my drinking milk with coconut and my cereal milk with soy milk, just until this new lab made or Perfect day diary milk comes. I'm sorry vegan but cheese and butter would be very hard to remove from my diet when I hear all this about the dairy industry one thing in partially comes to mind

    Why? Why? and WHY did humans start drinking animal milk in the FIRST PLACE????? I was told some hypothesis. Maybe since a long time ago, there was no health care. It made many mothers suffer from giving birth and the mom's easily died after the baby was born. Milk was all the babies could consume as we know, but since the mother was dead, what were we going to do? So humans decided on giving the babies cows or goats milk to save them. I'm sorry if this is bizarre to vegans, but do think we should of just let the baby die and not get anything to consume?

  5. Sevey Author

    I think you have a gift for talking to kids. What an amazing series. Kids are so smart, we underestimate them so much. They will change the world for the better.

  6. Empowered Woman Life Author

    Watched this with our 5 year old son last night. We stiopped eating meat and and dairy nearly 3 years ago and he has just stopped recently. Only watched a couple of you video's but loving them already and really good for children. We will definitely be wathing much more of you vids. Keep up your amazing work to educate tomorrow's adults on what really matters most.

  7. junko libertines Author

    I used to eat meat and fish when I was a kid. I didn't used to like milk when I was a kid but I had to drink at the school. I figured out that my body and soul is vegan. be vegan xxx

  8. Angel girl Author

    No I wouldn’t let my child watch this it’s fine if YOU want to talk down about the good food and milk US MEAT EATERS get let little kids decide for themselves not start brain washing them at a young age

  9. Moist Chungo Author

    dairy has been a part of human food consumption and agriculture for over 8,000 years. the cows are kept in lactation cycles by birthing calves, and those are the ones they milk. the selective breeding is to ensure they produce large quantities of milk when they produce it, not so that they produce those large quantities year round. as for lactose intolerance, that is due to the lack of an enzyme which humans developed through evolution by eating cheese and dairy for hundreds of thousands of years, and the number of people who are lactose intolerant are actually dwindling. calves are separated to enable them to be coralled without trampling their young, and to ween them.

  10. Debbie Malenke Author

    I volunteer at a farmed animal sanctuary and we regularly have children on our public tours. I loved the way you delivered this tough information but kept true to the reality of emotional suffering in the dairy world. Please make more for beef, pork and eggs too!

  11. Denver Denver Author

    Pretty sure milk is delicious and when you weight all the good and bad it's just as good for you if not better for the environment and you..

  12. Project Name Account Author

    Ok I get the point of being vegan and not eating meat because it is cruel and bla bla bla. But would it not be ok to at least eat meat that comes from free ranged farms, or even to eat meat that people just go out and hunt like normal animals to show their dominance within the food chain?

  13. Tricia Garza Author

    How can I teach others to eat vegan? Do I need a certificate of any kind? I have a whole kitchen available to me right now

  14. Superstar Maui Author

    I have a question. I have been vegetarian since I was a kid. It happened after watching babie's mom get shot in the movie.
    I love animals.
    I have a dog I call my son. Sheridan will be 13 December 12, 2018.
    I was asked by a non vegetarian, why I think kidnapping a baby cow from his mommy to make veal is bad. And why it is any different than kidnapping a baby doggie from his mom, to make him my doggie son.
    I didn't have the answer. Since you have your doggie on video and you, like me, call yourself the doggie parent, I thought you might help me out with an answer.
    Thank you.☺
    Hope you have a beautiful day.🌈

  15. I do not have insoiration for a name Author

    From tommorow i Will try because of YouR vedeo!
    I will est once Per month meat cause mom WOUld NOT let Me ne total vegan.

  16. Jay Chosen Author

    Overall, it was a great message, kinda went from 0 – 100 when the calf went from being caged to being killed.. Maybe, throw a slight warning before that part.. Im an old man and it made me cringe.. And show just a wee more cleavage and neck and it would be a lovely day!

  17. Vegan Vocalist Author

    ;D I'm a big kid …does that count ?, love your channel , you really make me laugh out loud while imparting great positive info on Veganism, THANK YOU love and hugs from us in Cornwall, UK <3

  18. C.B. Uzoruo Author

    Every child that is watching this eat meat don’t listen to the woman in the video meat taste good so does eggs taste good and milk DRINK MILK EVERY DAY

  19. Jayyy Zeee Author

    Really well done! I hope the next generation will help to end the cycle of animal cruelty, while also improving their health and the environment.

  20. chen Author

    I just showed this video (and your others) to my 7 and 4 year old as they have a 'healthy eating week' at school and had to put meat and dairy on their food charts. I was disappointed at this and I realised that my children did not fully understand all of the reasons why we didn't eat animal products. You made them understand in such a great and fun way. They both loved your videos and now have an even better understanding of why we are vegan!! Thank you so much!! My son wants to make a video for you next time you make one about vegan children. He also wants to show your milk video to his class to help them understand!!! Thank you a billion times xxxzxxx

  21. Oh yeah yeah Cultist Author


  22. Sophie Katz Author

    My 4 year old vegan daughter VB wants to get in touch. She's recorded a response video that she wants me to send you. How can I send it to you? Thanks for these awesome videos. My daughter loves watching all of your ones for kids. There seem to be very few resources (other than books) available for vegan kids. 😍

  23. Kendra J. Author

    My daughter finds your imagery very helpful! Showing the babies taken away, showing the cages being put on them. It was awesome thanks again for sharing!

  24. Johnny Hanna Yammine Author

    Thank you for telling us the truth, this was a great video to watch together as a family. Aura and Bliss love animals and now will become vegan like their daddy.

  25. Alexandra Rodriguez Author

    Thanks Emily. I just showed this to my 11 year old niece. My niece Alexa is starting to understand about how dairy makes her allergies worse. She was very sad to find out the truth about dairy but it was necessary. Thank you again.

  26. Bernal Author

    You need to watch the video 10 reason why you should not drink milk , Drinking milk cause inflammation in the body , after 3 years of age No human should drink Milk and much less other animal Milk , green vegetables contain more calcium for ours bodies than milk it self.

  27. meredith townes Author

    Thank you so much for making these videos for kids.  I am vegan and have been having a very difficult time transitioning my kids.  I didn't want to scare them or upset them too much, and your videos seem perfect.  Looking forward to sharing with them this weekend!  If only all kids understood what they were really eating, veganism might be the norm.

  28. Lightning Author

    I need Help, I watched your video and It Broke my heart I was sobbing, and I wanted to stop drinking milk to save the cows, So I told my mom I wanted to be vegan and stop drinking milk, but my Mom did not let me she said Ur being crazy that’s what milk is for she told me, also she said That’s crazy and that Drinking cows milk is normal and that this video was stupid, and ur supposed to drink milk to be healthy and she also thought I was being crazy, and My Mom did Not Let me become vegan, she says Being vegan is unhealthy and you need meat eggs and Milk to grow and get strong, so She did not let me be vegan, I need Help What Should I do??? 🙁 😭😭😭

  29. Braden 'Incompetent Wizard' Sheehy Author

    I wish I could show this video to my younger sister, who is vegetarian but still eats milk products, but she’s really resistant to anything vegan related.


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