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Kids Trip to the Farm with Halloween Pumpkin Patch

Hello hello…, how are you all ? Today we are at a pumpkin patch in Kent Washington Let’s see the pumpkin farm For those of you who want to buy Pumpkin Don’t forget to take the Wagon provided So that not tired carrying the pumpkin Wow … , look at that. People buying lots of pumpkins Those pumpkin is so big This Pumpkin season runs during the fall Which starts mid-September to mid-November So this pumpkin is a typical autumn food People here love to making pumpkins into various kinds of food Like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and many more How about you guys , you all like pumpkin ? Besides being processed into food , these pumpkin can be used for autumn decoration And also used for Halloween decorations , which is celebrated every October 31st People here love to spend their time in this pumpkin patch with family And can be a new experience for children They can get to know the plantations and their produces There are also many visitors who come here just for taking pictures So how is the pumpkin patch guys ? Super cool right ? After choosing the pumpkin, it’s time to weigh and pay This is the place, pumpkin weight station Here the pumpkin you have chosen is weighed and the price is determined it’s only costs 38 cents per pound Very good deal guys Besides pumpkin there are also products that they sell A variety of fresh vegetables are sold here with very low price Well … ,this is the very famous Washington apple Popcorn here is also famous It’s really delicious popcorn here , people don’t mind wait long line Here also provided a playground for kids Soon we will ride the Hay Ride But first subscribe so you can continue to follow our journey don’t forget to like and comment too Here comes the Hay Rides You will be invited to tour the vast pumpkin farm This is it the Pumpkin farm really wide These are various games provided for kids Here you can also see animal farm Cow Goat Here you are allowed to feed the Goat too This is Corn Pit Pit that contain all the seeds of corn A lot of fun kids playing Ooow…., so crowded This is Hay Slides It turns out there are still other farm animals This is Donkey Rooster The Donkey so funny This is Sheep It doesn’t feel like we’ve been around the farm all day Next time we go together again Thank you for watching and see you in the next video


  1. Kaitlyn Batchelor-Bowman Author

    OMG Look at all the pumpkins. Love the albino pumpkins, never seen them before. Great vid guys, ❤👍😎💖❤👍😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


    Like 👍 7🎃😻😍💛💜💚 enjoyed watching your video 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Totally Insane Art Author

    Kids Trip to the Farm with Halloween Pumpkin Patch is a super neat video. I am retired in the Philippines and it is nice to have these memories restored. Thank you very much for the video.

  4. BerkeleyMom CHOI Author

    Very interesting kids trip to the farm with Halloween pumpkin..
    Looks really fun for kids.
    Thanks for sharing, friend!
    Good work!!👍👍😄😄😍

  5. Tiny QD Author

    Hi there.. new friend here. Wow look at those pumpkins. We never have that size of pumpkins in our country.. like your video and you have our support too. Hope you can be our friends. Come visit us and we can share our fun together. See you around

  6. 4 Crying Out Loud! Author

    Like 22. Looks like a wonderful pumpkin place! Nice cabbage and corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob. Super lovely hay ride! Enjoy your new week.

  7. Vic Toys Review Author

    Kids Trip to the Farm with Halloween Pumpkin Patch is super upload my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤👍😎💖❤👍😎💖good job big like and full view 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  8. Nate & Kate Adventures Author

    That's a lot of pumpkins and there's so many interesting activities for kids. Great and fun day at the farm! ❤😆👍


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