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Kings of Kabaddi E09: Rahul Chaudhari – Of Audis, agriculture and desi ghee | Pro Kabaddi 2019

Well, I have to get married at some point. It has to happen at some point. Oh and if there’s desi ghee to go with it, nothing like it Girls often text me late at night on Whatsapp and I just block them. I never imagined I would earn so much in my life. I never thought I would be able to afford to own and ride an Audi Q7. I have only seen people do that in Punjabi songs. *quotes a punjabi song* Where do you get desi ghee in hotels? Pure ghee from home is incomparable. You smell it and it makes your day! I used to do the training the Army required. But I would compete with those who would run there I used to participate in athletics there. I then had a phase when I was obsessed with cricket I saved money somehow and got myself a nice kit It costed me around 5000 rupees then. So cricket it was for a while On the side, as I was running on day, I saw that trials were happening for Kabaddi for the Sports Authority of India I gave it a shot for the sake of it So I finished my workout and said let’s go play kabaddi today I raided and defended well in that trial The madam there, who ultimately went on to marry my brother.. God knows when they fell in love, anyway…. Ultimately she became my sister in law She told me that I can become a very good player in this game She said I have the qualities to play this game and reap the benefits that come with it ..including employment and such. That’s when I knew that something like Nationals exist.. … and that Kabaddi also had dedicated coaches and a system Initially, I would be sent out to help the main team warm up So I had to run around and running running, I became a raider I started with the running hand touch I was a good runner My stamina was really good because I was a regular runner I had speed so I would quickly get a touch and move away Eventually this very thing got me chances as a raider And I was never afraid of anyone on the mat right from the start I didn’t care if a senior was standing there or… how beefed up or strong someone was.. I didn’t care I have two hands and legs, the opponent does too. Whatever comes after, we’ll handle it. To survive in the Kabaddi scene, it is imperative to play the Nationals How do you do that when you’re out sitting by the sidelines? Unless you stand out, who is going to know who you are? That show and style is necessary, more than we think it is That quality got me an opportunity. I was noticed and picked I played many National tournaments for Air India and was successful in All India tournaments We played and beat top teams like ONGC, Army, BPCL – we beat them several times We did lose to them too, but the fact that we could compete at this level gave us a lot of confidence I was anxious about leaving home I didn’t know how life would be I would practice all day and then come back in the evening and cry I used to miss my family a lot, it was my first time away from home I found out that life away from home is hard My first time away was quite long and I learnt the difficulties of that the hard way At one point, I thought enough is enough, I am just going to leave everything, go back home and get back to farming At home, I would argue at home, my dad would beat me and I’d feel it was better to just be away playing So for a while, I thought I was getting a little bored there But then a few months later, my seniors sat me down and explained that my future lies here They shared their experiences with me They would say, we are like your elder brothers, come and talk to us instead of crying by yourself One day, I had packed my bags and was ready to run away and go back home when a senior of mine stopped me Gave me a good dressing down and convinced me to stay A farmer and a soldier cannot rest If they rest, it comes down to doing nothing in their lives So when we get a break from the Army, we’d come back home and tend to our lands. A player is no different. Even during the off season, it is important for a player to stay fit It is also important for longevity and sustenance in the sport Farming is hard work We have sugarcane farms and it’s hard work from start to end Weeding the area around the plantation… ..requires a lot of strength in your shoulders Keep at it for a few hours and the exhaustion is real Bringing mud for the planting Figuring out your farm during the rains to prevent flooding Putting the soil in a trolley, bringing it there, setting the field I would fill from one side, my brother would from the other This is what I’d do when I went back home Sometimes we’d go running.. Sometimes we’d take the bulls out to plough the land. We’d keep doing something or the other I am glad ProKabaddi came up during my time as a player. I would feel bad if i missed an opportunity like this


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