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Koleverii’s Platfield Farming

hello guys and welcome to another guide
video this time it’s to how to run platinum fields ya this particular
platinum field run is mainly to focus on getting mushroom to craft this life
skill potions which is important for raid health portion or battle medicine
and also to get one kind of bug to create these flares in which is used for
raid now you need to equip all the green tools here mainly these mainly these
three here gloves saw and pickaxe and you have the blue version of them in
your inventory here and what I always do is I pull the inventory and keep it like
that here so that doesn’t block my running then run in the plat field now
as for gear you might want to craft two piece of life skill gear but it’s not
important not mandatory here now if you if you are going to craft this thing you
will need this rabbit skin which you can either buy from the auction house or if
you run another alternate character a hunting profession hunting life skill
this hunting life skill this one hunting life skill then you can get ready skin
yourself if you’re not running any alternate character try to see if you
can buy this in the auction you need this in order to craft this is
axe get right let’s go into the Platinum fields now so stats you want is high
agility that they can move quickly in the Platinum field here so there are two
type of platinum fields as you can see here this is the one for mushroom bugs
and this is called the flame ore which is from mining which we use to craft
Molotov cocktail but right now I’m going to show you this mushroom and bugs only
but there’s this other platform is used to for fishing and for rabbit skin that
I said earlier but the one that we are going to is this one as
now you can run this solo or with friends if you run with friends is much
more fun however if you’re going in with friends make sure everyone is doing
different profession so that somebody is cutting tree
somebody is harvesting flower and somebody is doing the mining do not go
with the same profession then you’ll guys you guys will be competing for
resources then I at the start of every platinum fields I quickly type this
thing this is the Korean word for mushroom just to know where are the
mushrooms right so that’s this one here this one here this one here this one
here in this one here this is the level six here this is the one that I want is
the main one yeah usually I start from this right side and the first thing I
look for is a node like so this will give a node this called white flower so
let’s go ahead and harvest it hopefully it gives us a node while is the
harvesting I’ll quickly check that on ok did not give us a node let’s go
look for another white flower I saw another one over here and there’s
another one here hopefully this we get this gives us a node now notice that I
only have 15 minutes to run plan the fields right so I’ve got a node once you
get a note carry it back to the base press Q you to walk fast so now each of us
can only summit four nodes in the in platinum field yeah so and notice that
when I summit node here this thing will light up so when I drop it down for our
to drop it down boom lights up so what this gives is that it gives 15% movement
speed and 30% harvesting speed you want to do this right somebody
should drop then everyone will get the movement speed so you want to do that
that’s the first thing you want to do you take out a node and drop it there
now this skills that I’m using for platinum feels I’ve already posted are
there’s a Arterite right here I want mine which is why you also I equip the pickaxe
here right so we got another node let’s carry that back to the base as well so
we can summit as I said earlier maximum xxxx nodes here our maximum four nodes
here now here if there are monsters they might they might destroy the node that
you’re carrying so walk in an S formation here notice the way I move I
walk in an S formation so when they attack it won’t hit you Oh see I know
in the speed cooldown now comes comes off use it and drop that’s the second
node good Devil Hunter is one of the best characters to do platinum fields
because they are just so many movements skills and you can move so fast so even if
your main character you’re playing another class as a main character you
might want to create a devil hunter as an alternate character just for Platinum Fields farming for resource if we didn’t get any any this thing there’s another
Arterite right here I do not want to mine this out right I’m and look for some
other resource elsewhere okay the mushroom is here right this level 4
healing mushroom you want to pick this up right there there’s a level 4 trees to
far I’m not gonna cut it okay notice this here this is a level 5
tree right so it’s grey color so we can’t cut it now what we do is we equip
this tool blue tool and now I can cut it I will run over the life skill now I
guess so for this particular run what you want to do is a life skill points
right you put this amount of points I guess 30 points until you unlock the
stuffs you do not need these thing anymore you only need these stuffs so then you
can cut level 4 tree level for trees the one that will give us bugs and then
if you’re going mushroom put points these these these these this and then
for mastery you can go full mushroom master here so let’s move again through
the field what you’re looking for is level 4 trees the level 5 tree yeah
we can cut the level 5 tree now the reason you want to cut level 5 trees
it gives a lot of experience points so you wanna cut level 5 trees it does
not give bugs but it gives a lot of experience so while you’re leveling up
early in the game you might want to cut level 4(and 5) trees but it already in this
is another 4 tree but it no now see we will get bugs now yeah see are we
getting bugs no we’re getting cherry this one be used to craft food, more
cherries come on bugs gimme bugs man no bug this time and sometimes you get it sometimes you don’t
keep moving one of the mushrooms here this is level 4 tree we want to cut
it if you check what is the next resource that’s a level 6 flower we
don’t need that right so we got a resource here right I’m gonna carry this
resource did we get a bug just now ? I didn’t notice so here is an Arterite although I’m not a miner so do not disturb these things
yeah but even if you’re not a miner if you see Arterite like this mine it so
that your friends know in the map so there are some resources there that they
can collect if you are running with friends here if you are not running with
friends you’re running solo you can just ignore it just carry your resource so I think that’s a level 5 tree put this down before the
bugs attack me gonna cut this level 5 tree for experience remember cut level 5 tree for experience that is when you’re level 1 (beginning) right now I’m not getting any more experience because i’m already level 50 carry resources
there’s a level 4 tree there gonna switch back to the green tools so
that I don’t waste my blue tool remember to switch back to the green
tool when you’re cutting just level 4 tree so we got this thing are we getting
any bugs yes we got bugs 2 bugs ya nice that those are the bugs that we
want thought I saw a mushroom there in there there’s a level 5 mushroom there pickup the level 5 mushroom nice good and there’s another white flower here we
want to pick this up see if we get a resource no resource let’s pick this up and walk
so when you’re walking through a lot of monsters be careful walk in an S formation so I already submitted two nodes this is
will be the third node there’s a level 4 tree here careful not let them bite don’t
let them bite you this monster is a nuisance so that was not a good spot
okay I can put I wanna cut this level 4 tree the
level 4 tree for resource or bugs bugs are we getting any bugs? ooh
but we got a resource(node) cool so that completes our four nodes that we wanna
summit there’s a note there that we can pick up later and let’s go ahead and
submit this so we do not want to submit this this other node yet because I have
not picked up the level 6 mushroom that is that I showed earlier we don’t
need any more nodes so I’m gonna cut this tree while cutting it I’m gonna make
sure where is the mushroom it’s right here on this small island yeah
unfortunately far from here so we need to run through this stuff and through this area the tree the level 4 three here cut
this tree at my level now level 50 I do not bother to cut level 5 trees cuz
doesn’t give bugs but when you are leveling up you do want to cut level
5 trees so that you get a lot of experience another level 4 tree here I wanna cut for bugs got another level 4 tree here Ievel
5 flower level 5 flower 5 flower so the boat is not here
so there’s another resource which we don’t need anymore
so if you are a herbalist please do pick up this level 5 flowers as it gives you a lot
of experience as well while you’re leveling up once you are max level already
then you do not have to bother with it unless you are going to craft the Tier 2
life skill gear then you may need to pick up the level 5 flowers as well
right so the object this is the main thing why we are here to pick up the level
6 (not 5) mushroom also there let me drag it away you pick up the level 6 mushroom this is the main thing why we are pick up the (mushroom) nice there we go you got eight mushroom which is nice no more trees to harvest let’s go back to
base You can carry nodes up this
boat as well ya in fact I should okay so you get the idea you can carry the
note into the boat and then come take a boat ride to get near to the place can
carry up to two notes in the boat ya if you are fast I want to show the reset mechanics now so we have harvested all the mushroom that we wanted ya just
now so what happens is that when we send in this node the fourth node fouth node the
Platinum Field resets and does this animation just press ESC to skip all
this is the first reset we call it and then if you check for mushrooms again
notice that they have respawned you know and it’s it has re spawned so that is the
main mushroom that we want level 6 mushroom where’s the level 5 mushroom this one oh this is that this is the level 5 mushroom
this one we want this I’m gonna go this way got a move as
quickly as possible cuz time is running out
there’s only three minutes left here I could cut this tree but I don’t want to
this time I wanna go and grab the mushrooms music also has changed to
scary music now yeah where is the mushroom again ? green blue green love is good enough for
this level 4 mushroom Oh scary music we’re running short of time runnnn very appriate ya ? run dude run grab those mushrooms luckily were using
a Devil Hunter who can run fast yeah that’s the mushroom
throw this gun blue globe and harvest remember to change to blue gloves yeah boom done so I’ve completed my
objective I want to show you one technique on how to change …ahh no
resource let me carry this let me carry this I want to show you how to
load two nodes into the thing basically I finished my harvesting I want to show
you guys how you load two resource ya there’s another Arterite there notice the other thing here he picks up
the nodes fast ya now what do you do you want to carry two
resources are you going here put this put this on the deck there no don’t
submit it in yet I want to show you here something ya if
you just press G see this animation of picking up it’s slow right ? but if you
press G Q see he picks up fast so always press G Q arghh messed that up yeah like that G and then Q he picks it up fast right that boat is gonna leave I’m gonna let it go just so that I don’t
mess it up ah the boat is waiting for long time we have time we have time lets’s practice that again ya yeah running G Q that way and
then straight away starts walking so GQ to quickly pick it up there is the other boat wait for it yeah okay so we want to carry two nodes put one down
there quickly come and carry the other one and back into the boat so that’s how
you do it let me see if I can unload it as well yeah I can I can show you
unloading it as well we’re short on time short of time scary music so so wait here and when the boat stops
quickly drop this there and then pick up the other one and start walking
yeah so that’s how you unload the boat now the other thing I want you to show
you is this this arch here you see once you’ve completed the once you have submitted the first set this archway opens and you can actually walk through walk through
this place and come to the come to the base again to submit the second reset takes 8 nodes first reset takes four nodes, secondary reset take eight nodes once you have a reset the second time a boss will spawn right here
on the lower underground which if you go and kill the boss and get additional
resources at the back there having collected the resources now now I will
show you where to craft this thing ya so I’m in Yon continent but any
continent that you are at go and find the Crafters so for example over here this guy should
be you usually are next to each other yeah so what you need to buy is these
empty bottles let me buy let’s say ten of it and you need to buy empty bombs
let’s say ten of it so these are the two things you need I’ll buy this and
when you go to the crafter here click on this button and then he will show you
how many potions you can craft so I harvested 16 mushrooms I can craft five
potions so drag these and then click that boom there you go you have five potions this portion as well it six of it drag this over there boom now you have crafted the potion next one the flares this one so see the bugs bugs
and empty bombs is used to create the flare do that boom and done flares inventory now we’ve got potion and the flare cool the potion is equipped here then the flare is I equipped here right we throw this in raid to locate the raid Guardian now if you have a lot of this portion you can sell it in the
auction house I’ll show you how to sell it as well so you come to this
auction house second tab you click on this button and then you can place this
they will show you what is the last price it was sold at this second line
here but then you can put a price on your potion what’s the price you
want to sell it at and how many units you want to sell then you just press
this thing I’m gonna sell one of these things and so then will be listed there get it? so this is how you make gold in there game you might wanna have
alternate characters running around Platinum Fields to collect resources
another important thing is that you can only run platinum field three times a day
because you need this thing called the Sillian’s Command to run Platinum Fields and you get only 3 of it per day gonna quickly cover this this thing as well so that you know how it works and all let me go back to that table there here so
we use this same Sillian’s Command to run the Tower of Shadow, run Cube and run
Platinum Fields so on your main character you may wanna save this Sillian’s Command to run Tower of Shadow and Cube and stuff like that that’s why you need to have
some alternate characters which is dedicated for Plat field farming
to get you all the resources I think that’s it guys so my advice is you need
have one more character so this main character I know this my
alternate character runs cutting tree and harvesting mushroom you may want to
have another character that’s cutting tree and then do mining as you need
these need mining to craft some these bombs bombs that you will use in hours
now raids yeah so that’s it guys I think the video is pretty long if you have any
questions feel free to drop on my channel and ask have fun farming
in platinum fields and getting rich! See you in the game guys


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