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Kubla Cubed 2019 | Site Plans – Cropping

Hello and welcome to another Kubla Cubed video tutorial. In this section I will show you the cropping tool of Kubla
Cubed. So, sometimes you want to remove parts of the site plan that are not
relevant to your project. This is most commonly used to remove title blocks
like these and this is particularly necessary if your project have been
split into several different site plans which have to be aligned against each
other, like in this case. So, the title blocks here, can overlap the other site plans and it makes the content difficult to understand. Now the solution to this
is to crop the site plans to remove the unwanted contents. So, you do this by
clicking on plans, then hiding one of the pages, then clicking on the other and
start editing. So, you click on crop and select the area you want, which is this
one…If you don’t choose correctly You click again. If you don’t choose
correctly, you can realign again. You can adjust like this. So, I click OK
and finish editing. Now I go back to plan again: I unhide Page 2, hide Page 1
and start editing Page 2. Again I click on crop, select the area I want, adjust again if needed, click OK and stop editing. Now I go again to plans unhide Page 1. So now our site plans are nicely cropped so that the title blocks
don’t interfere with the content we need to see.

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