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L’agriculture du génocide

It is the Brigade of the Tiger ! The agriculture of the genocide Since the dawn of the humanity, our good planet earth knew always how to feed us, well before the arrival of Monsanto, the world leader among others of the chemical agriculture which is largely responsible of many health problems… We are becoming aware and
it is rather surprising all the same, whom we are in a situation
of generalized chemical pollution. The chemical risk was not taken into account,
the society had not become aware of it. Pensábamos que había sido limitado
a ciertos puestos de trabajo, in a smokestack industry. When we spoke about the chemical risk
another 15-20 years ago, It was mines, steel industry, there, there were real problems of pollution. Moreover there was nothing. And somewhere, This agricultural world, these farmers realize that one their brainwashed, that there is only an intensive farming, that if he does not put fertilizer, is not 100 quintals in wheat, it is a poor type. At the same time they see that
all the neighbors disappear, Campaigns become depopulated,
thus it is also a tragedy. Lydia and Burgundian Claude,
established together the L.A.M.S. Analysis laboratory of the Microbiology of Grounds [Note] MBS during all the document Campaigns empty, we create real deserts In our municipality of 1500 hectares,
there are not than two farmers anymore. We so much explained them that their value it was because their cows
piss 10000 liters of milk a year, they are 100 quintals, always this sort of… The one who has a pee farthest, you see, the side of the municipal school, “I am more sturdy, I piss farther than you”, and make them understand
that it is not that farmer’s job… He has to feed with healthy animals
and healthy plants… Except it what is not any more what they make. They make and do not raise more
than sick plants and sick animals. It is not with that that we are going
to feed the population. We make no more culture in Europe, we manage of the vegetable pathology. We try to maintain living being plants which ask only to die,
so much they are sick. Nothing to do with the agriculture,
it is not that, the agriculture normally,
it is to cultivate healthy plants. We did not put a pesticide in 1950
on wheat in Europe. There was no fungal treatment which was applied. Now it is at least 3 or 4 otherwise the wheat is rotted
before arriving in the silo. There is an enormous difference, but you can see it not
because we like rocking products, We say ourselves :
“Look, the wheat is good “. Except that it gets smashed up… Because we put too much nitrogen, it falls, you had to see wheat which fall in fields,
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then we put hormones to shorten stalks, And thus wheat is lower than formerly, formerly they were 1,50 meters, now they are 60 centimeters,
because one shortcut with hormones. These hormones abort all the trees
which there is all around, that removes all the flora, because that generates dicotyledon, It is one sort of world completely strange. But people do not know it… Formerly fields were full of poppies, there were lots of other species, there was a biodiversity. A country as Holland has already
lost 75 % of all its flora. Holland has one of the poorest florae
of the planet. But it is intensified at the agricultural level
in an incredible way… We were not heard
and we left the INRA with Lydia, we set up our own business. When we showed that
grounds would die biologically, we asked us to keep silent about us, thus We left the institute
and we set up our own business. Because for us, our scientists’ duty, it was to alert the agricultural world, that the chosen way was not the maid, that it would not be long-lasting. The agriculture is long-lasting
only on grounds which are alive. The ground shelters 80 % of the alive biomass, thus if you kill, and we killed 90 % of all which is at the source of the life. Nevertheless germs feed our plants, make that they are healthy and nourishing for us. Our society is the most comfortable
of the history of the humanity, Nevertheless our spending of Social Security increases by 6 % a year. There are all the same questions has to settle… Are people so well fed that that, to be also sick?.. The problem it is the argumentation :
“People live more and more for a long time”. Of course people who at the moment one 80 years, did not know the chemical agriculture
before the age of 50 years, because it appeared in the 70s. Until 50 years we ate some cow’s milk
which had the taste of cow’s milk. That really had the taste of cow’s milk,
not as now. It is so recent in the history of the humanity, that we shall know the real results, and we worry because if you take
the population of children in Europe, 17 % are obese, thus we are entitled to ask questions
on this food quality… The ground it is the real sponge, if I manage it badly, it is compact,
it is squeezed, it closes… if I let the fauna work again it,
it is going to blow. This is why when you walk in forest,
you saw the highly-rated softness of the forest ground,
because in fact it is aerated by the fauna. While the ploughed ground and mistreated,
it is compacted, tightened on itself. Then when it is going to rain on a narrow ground,
the water is going not to be able to bring in, it is the erosion. We are going to accuse then the rain
of engendering the erosion and the floods, that to say that it is an agricultural system
which caused everything…
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Because the floods
which we have in moment for 20 years, nevertheless we cross
the driest years for 3000 years, And there have been never so many floods,
nevertheless we cross
the driest years for 3000 years, And there have been never so many floods, that is we invented
with the intensive farming the floods in dry period,
it is very strong ! And the ecologists wonder at which moment the humanity
will begin to collapse… We destroyed 90% of our biodiversity in Europe; That still goes for us thus the ecologists
wonder if it is in 95% which the system is going to release…
We do not know. The disaster of the Cretaceous is ridiculous
next to what takes place, But that dies, that dies,
that dies, and people wait, while waiting for to see
how’s that be going to crack. Most of the grounds stink, they smell nothing more, they died… We can pass one week with Lydia,
has to measure only dead grounds,
only dead grounds… We are in high spirits in heels. We developed methods which allow
to put back the standing grounds, to reinstall people in abandoned places, but the situation is very hard, because in front of the enormous destruction
which is made on the planet… It is very very disturbing,
it is sure we make not the weight. I finished my studies of zoology and biochemistry
and I returned in the food-processing industry. And there, in the food-processing industry,
I was horrified…. We learnt us to put some meat in the food of cows,
to make them carnivorous… We piled up the porks,
they were eatable the tail,
we got away from them… We pile up, they are eatable ears,
we get away to them ears… We pile up, they are eatable hams
thus we tear away teeth… They threw us movies taken of night,
when we saw porks devouring… I am say, the men became crazy… We hinder females,
otherwise they devour their youngs, because of a level of unbearable density. The chickens we get away to them the upper beak, otherwise they tear the skin… Engineers had created
the races of chickens without feathers, to reduce the consumption of nitrogen and potassium hydroxide, bigger with feathers, thus they made varieties of chickens
without feathers but the chickens were cold,
and that was more expensive
in heating that in nitrogen, thus finally they put back
feathers to the chickens. We saw tricks completely crazy… Square tomatoes to tidy up them better in box… They tried to make square eggs,
but they did not arrive there, because the egg is very annoying Because of its said hyperboloïde envelope of compensation, which takes a lot of space, Thus we would like
that the hens lay square eggs… But there they did not arrive there… I saw the frenzy in this agronomy, crazy people… And thus by going out just after my studies, I said myself, that does not go any more… And in this time, there was another formation in MBS, to restart on the basis, And arrived in the third year,
I was the only one… I had one year of private lessons, it is interesting all the same,
I had a professor only for me, And since the charter of MBS
was eliminated in 86, thus for 20 years, there are 150 agricultural engineers
who go out in France, Who do not know what it is like the MBS, Who do not know how work germs… nothing… It is all the same incredible ! And all the charters of MBS
were eliminated in the world. All the charters of agricultural MBS
were eliminated of such goes out that the agricultural engineers
do not even know that the ground is alive, and thus they make anything because instead of paying attention,
they cross-post pesticides and fertilizers. You put a bead of potassium hydroxide
on an earthworm, he died, the same thing on the back of a frog, her dies. They do not know it,
they are not interested in the alive aspect. With Lydia, we decided to leave,
we were not in agreement with them, best it is to leave and to try to show that the MBS
can have a role in the agriculture. To create our method
of biological activity of grounds, if we had been to see Rhône-Poulenc, by saying: “Here is we are going to show that your products kill the life of grounds, can you finance us ?”
The guy would have said :
“We are called, we meet up for a bite”. You have no chance to obtain funds to show that chemicals kill grounds. No scientist can have funds above,
thus none will work on it By what it will not have of bottom and as the state does not want to pay any more the researchers, They have to manage to fetch funds and thus it is finished, the research is sold. And from this moment all which gene the industry will never be studied on a scientific plan. And we realize that it is like that that the civilization is going to collapse… From the moment when
there is not possible research anymore, Which is against the big interests,
the system gets smashed up, it collapses, the basic research on the life of grounds
cannot be made… Then the problem of the life of the ground it is because we see it not, except for earthworms, some big animals as the moles, most are very small-sized,
thus without optics, you can not see them. It is true that when we look of compost like that one think not that it is full of animals because to the naked eye
apparently there is nothing. [Lydia] And all these small animals,
them also have an advantage, it is because in their scale,
of course it is microscopic, but they circulate in galleries, and these galleries have the advantage to aerate the ground, Because these small holes are going to allow
the oxygen to go into the ground. And that will be of use to germs and to roots, which grow only if it has some oxygen, thus in fact everybody is indispensable, each in the work to be made. Each is on the place and makes its work. [Claude] Females lay females
which lay females, there is no sexuality. As soon as we put back of compost,
of the life in grounds, And what we stop poisoning them with pesticides,
they quickly multiply. Thus finally the hope,
it is because the earth is generous, she agrees to relive
nevertheless what we make her undergo. Chemicals kill absolutely all this,
that massacres them. [Lydia] Some persons think that
that brings diseases that…. [Claude] They think that it is parasites, that it is not good, that it is necessarily dangerous, it is suspicious… The earth is feminine, that it is sure. And it is very very complicated to accept
that they can be also alive and fertile. Look, a small white acarid there,
he is beautiful, hup. It is a big mutineer,
he kills everything ! You know, to kill,
no need to be very intelligent. Give a machine-gun to a moron
and he kills everybody in the amphitheater. On the other hand, bring up a child, educate him, make him grow, make him live, that it is complicated. To kill it is within the reach
of any imbecile. [Lydia] And then it is free. It does not need there of fertilizing. There is no industry,
they work free of charge for you. The forest, the nature, they live alone. And that, you understand that it not have no money there to be done. If everybody listened to us, I think that certain multinationals would be bad…
And for that we are fought. [Claude] That, it is one thousand leg.
He has reacts as soon as the insect touched him. They are very sensitive. [Lydia] You see the porosity of the ground
it is their dropping. This is why when you walk in forest, you have the impression to walk on a mattress,
on a carpet, because there is all the dropping
of these animals which squeeze and which aerate enormously the ground. It can drink the biggest
thunderstorms without erosion, because when the rain falls
on this structure of dropping, the water goes into the ground
and fed groundwaters. While when the ground is ploughed, smoothed, the water does not return any more, that makes of the erosion, the floods, floods, and we accuse the rain, while it is because we killed grounds… It is the very rich world in cash
and that is still badly known. You see here a wood louse,
it is a shellfish, he has strong mandibles,
he eats pieces of wood, of the straw, he attacks very solid waste. Colamboles is the lacemakers of the ground,
they decompose the soft parts of leaves. It is beautiful, it is an at the same time
slow and fast ballet according to the species. [Lydia] In fact composts it,
it is for the ground, not for the plant. And that, it is very difficult to make accept, because the farmer, the wine grower, they put of fertilizers to have a efficiency, and sometimes people send compost in cork, Thus we have croquettes as for animals, and they ask us for the analysis of compost, then obviously, chemically,
they are at the top, level organic matters also,
but there is no tiny creature, because that was sterilized. And thus, we say to them that they use
a fertilizing, a fertilizer, and of the blow it is not of compost,
why ? But because inside there is a life, no germs,
nothing… no biological activity…
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In the 19th, we invent the tractor, we are going to work the ground more and more
profoundly and we are going to destroy it. As long as we scratch it, OK, but when we begin ploughing deep,
the erosion becomes catastrophic… The problem, it is because you come up against this founding myth of the plowing, and to attack a myth,
at the human being it is very complicated, with the competitions of plowing, they have all, on their fireplace,
the bronze statue of the guy which plowing. When I was in food-processing industry, there was a bronze statue, of a person of obscure repute, with noted below :
“Never the plowing is too deep”. And now, with Lydia, we fight, to change the mentality of the farmers, agree not to rape any more the ground. For them, all their virility expresses himself : “The more I have a big tractor, the more I kick down the ground, the more I rape it profoundly,
the more I am a guy! ” It is very long to change a mentality, and we destroy the planet for 500 000 years, and to make, to the people, understand that it’s time to respect it, It is even more complicated than to make them
understand that it is necessary to respect the women. When we see how we treat the women on the planet, we understand that it will have of the path
before they respect the earth. They are so much used to raping, they are not loan to have a respectful attitude. [Lydia] They have hardly just harvested, they already are returning the ground… Thus the ground is going to be outside, and it is going to be dried by the sun,
until the sowing. [Claude] There, the ploughshare of the plow returned
the completely brilliant and smoothed ground, Thus the air is not going to be any more able
to return inside. It is a technique is very violent for the ground it should not be smooth as some concrete, while it needs to be lumpy on the contrary. We see well the damages against the light,
the damages of the plow, which is too violent. The former said that the ground bled
when there was of the erosion. It bleeds, it so much ploughed deep,
that it was to look for the red deep lands. [Lydia] You smell the evil of the ground, it smells bad. It smells pork’s liquid manure. [Claude] You see the straw buried by the last year
which are not decomposed ? He buries so deep, that one year later, the straw does not decompose,
and that the ground smells an odor of decay… [Lydia] That makes clods of compacted ground,
which we call geometrical structures. The plowing makes that…
When we break it, that does not become lumpy, that comes in clod, that becomes mineral. I am going to go to set of the ground
in the forest, you go to see… We go to see the structure of an alive ground,
it is that balls ! It is some couscous as we say. And there there is a great deal of roots,
I am in forest. The ground is held not so much it is structured
by the life, some real couscous. That it is of the alive ground,
normally she has to be some couscous. She must always be rich alive,
now they make it some concrete… Instead of making some couscous… And the smell has nothing to do, Here we smell an extraordinary odor of mushrooms. While the ground over there,
once burnt person by the sun,
it does not have smell anymore. Needs to try to understand that the ground,
needs to respect it, It makes alone structures
which allow the roots to dive to feed, and the more the ground is alive, the less it needs fertilizer and products there, because the ground asks only to grow plants… Forests, they grow only, without fertilizer,
without any help since millions of years… The agronomy persuaded people
that without fertilizer, we were going all to starve. And it is a propaganda sort, a brainwashing, which without fertilizer nothing pushes, while forests grow without any fertilizer. The tree must be put back in the agricultural landscape where from we completely eliminated it. Beaucerons risks not to use some raméal split up wood, they have more wood…. [Voice-over] The wood split up raméal, or BRF Consist in spreading branches
freshly crushed on grounds, and allows to cultivate without plowing,
without fertilizer and without water. When you want to regenerate,
as here a very very poor ground, thus we put the wood split up raméal, which makes that there is a great deal of mushrooms, we smell this odor of mushroom and all this mycélium, it sticks elements, which are held between them. Mycéliums is going to feed the animals of the ground
and so to boost the life of the ground. That makes a mattress, And under the BRF, you take the ground with hands,
no need of shovel, the ground became some couscous. And the problem, it is because it costs nothing,
it is just necessary to put back hedges and trees. We planted this We planted this hedge
with Lydia 30 years ago, there was nothing here. Now we have a hedge which supplies us all the BRF for our vegetables… You are completely independent, more need
to buy miracle products in garden center, your hedge feed, you and all your ground. Every citizen can perfectly make his hedge,
without that costs him absolutely nothing. [Lydia] That it is a ploughed ground, the biological activity does not take off. [Claude] It will be obliged to buy of the chemical, he will be a future prey, a good prey
for the marchants of artificial fertilizers. [Lydia] In direct sowing, According to the curve..
[Claude] Other one takes its independence,
very badly seen, will be very badly noted that one… We install a setting and it is inside that we shall sow the following culture. Thus there, the ground is under cover
during all summer. Here is the setting during summer. [Lydia] That is going to maintain him the humidity
and to keep the fauna, and that is going to germinate in there. People do not believe that that can go out,
but that goes out! [Claude] And the straw prevent the weed from growing,
it is clean, no need of weed-killer. It is psychologically very hard for the farmer
to stop the plowing. Agree to put seeds in a ground which already has
of the vegetation, it is a psychological shock. It is me and nobody else
who kicks down my ground ! And if we leave the direct sowing,
there is something which is going to take place,
things which are going to escape me, the ground is going to become wild… Lose control, it is terrible that,
needs to have the control over everything, where from the fear of the nature,
where from it is necessary to put in national parks, surrounded well, guided well, no way
that it is the slightest particle there. Of wild ground on this planet.
The man has to control everything ! Look at the modern implantings of our vineyards,
they are not any more rooted… There was such a concrete,
There was such a concrete,
as the root made like that… She was not able to go into the ground,
and she left on the side. On a young vine that gives that. Here are the implantings of the modern vineyards… She cannot return any more into the ground,
then she stays above… Then in 20 years, we tear away And then we transplant,
without taking into account any wine. We take an other one, it is the similar, with the lack of breath of the ground,
she was not able to bring in,
thus it had to go out again and go back up. The said guy : “I have a beautiful soil”…
That is of no use vineyards go not inside… It is the big frenzy !!
Normally a vineyard she has to not hold, a vineyard should not hold on the table, It should come down… Well, no…
We make vineyards with the roots which go back up… It is quite new, that has just gone out… it is the madness, it is like that
that we kill a country… When the plants too do not have roots anymore. Not only people are with no roots,
but plants also are with no roots. Here is an example of “modern” said culture, the wheat is completely rotted by disease fungal, it is this decay which we are going to give to our children, a completely sick plant up to the bone,
up to the last leaves… It is completely rotted,
of mushrooms, fusariose, all that we want…. This wheat holds only thanks to chemicals,
moreover look at the ugliness of its ear, it is totally bloated, formerly we spoke about the fair color of wheat… We are far from it, they are quite grey,
they are ugly… They were shortened very short, formerly a wheat rose here… They put some nitrogen, that brings down the wheat,
thus they shorten it with hormones,
but of the blow it is rotten, and that not gene not people… That is going to leave to the silo,
and that will be pay the same price
as a healthy wheat, thus which interest to make of the voucher… [Lydia] Come to look at the ground,
looks at cracks, it is no more ground… [Claude] Look at this unfortunate ground
covered with seaweeds… Seaweeds and mosses grow on rocks,
thus on this ground which became one… It is completely cracked, it is a dead ground that… We make no more agriculture, we make
of the management of vegetable pathologies, It is not the same thing,
it is necessary to bring to the silo a sick plant !
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Thus it is necessary to deal at the right time… Thus you eat only plants and sick animals,
thus that makes sick people, And the medicine sells this medicine, and seen that
all the products come from the same boxes… Magnificent cycle that… It is magnificent that… How long still shall we leave these madmen destroy what makes what we are ?..


  1. mickye93 Author

    Excellente vidéo !
    Je rêve d'avoir une petite parcelle de terre dans un endroit que je connais en France, où il existe encore de toutes petites parcelles entoutées de haies, d'arbes.
    Il n'y a pas eu le remembrement ?
    C'est vraiment un endroit génial :)))

  2. Sierra0209 Author

    il y a pas 500 000 ans qu on detruit la terre , mais une trentaine depuis en faitr qu on a les grosses machiones agricoles , j ai connu les boeufs qui tiraient les charrues et les charettes , chez mon grand pere , je n ai que 57 ans ; donc 500 000 ans c est exageré
    les indiens d amérique respectaient la terre

  3. Sierra0209 Author

    quand les arbres ne peuvent plus avoir de racines , c est comme ça que les tempetes arrachent tout ,et devastent les forets , que les inondations devastent tout aussi puisque les racines font des reserves d eau

  4. Nathalie Kummer Author

    Passionnant et tellement vrai! Par contre je pense que nous avons aussi notre rôle à jouer en tant que consommateurs et que l'on ne peut pas seulement blâmer les paysans.

  5. DENEUVILLE Noël Author

    comme je suis heureux de cultiver mon sol en semis direct sous couvert végétal depuis une quinzaine d'années grâce en partie aux provocations de M.Bourguignon……et comme je suis malheureux de voir encore ce film et le peu d'évolution dans le cerveau des exploitants agricoles ……….paysannature

  6. Diane Peeters Author

    ….et on ne parle pas encore des CHEMTRAILS qui poisonnent nos ciels, notre terre, rendent malades des humaines !!!! grace a leurs contenus de métales graves: aluminium, barium, strontium !!!

  7. giconnectu Author

    Merci beaucoup, grâce à des gens pareils l'humain a encore des chances de ne pas disparaître, il n'y a pas plus destructeurs que cet humain, merci de partager votre savoir faire, et d'aider les agriculteurs à oublier les mauvaises manies enseignez à l'école de l'agriculture, qui est par défaut pro-monsanto et consort.

    Vous avez le soutiens inconditionnel de plus en plus de monde sur Terre, encore merci Lydia et Claude!

  8. Ingrid Blanc Author

    C'est exactement mon discours.

    Les aberrations sont bien profondément ancrées dans notre système. En licence d'écologie, on nous apprend que le sol est vivant (analyse microscopiques etc) et en parallèle, la moitié de nos enseignants sont des chercheurs en ogm pour "améliorer" génétiquement des plantes malades, car monoculture, sols morts et engrais !

  9. yeguachantal Author

    A partir de 22:55 des images qui font plaisir à voir 😉 avant cela tout n'est qu'un constat désolant mais combien véridique hélas ;-(( .Que va t'on laisser comme terre à nos enfants et petits enfants ???? ça fait mal de voir tout cela …ils faut agir ensemble maintenant avant que cela soit irrémédiable ….

  10. Alain Braulio Author

    Personne ici ne blâme les paysans, même là où les derniers spécimens de cette catégorie sociale se sont mués en "exploitants agricoles"… On a gavé la terre de ces merveilleuses inventions directement issues de la guerre, sous l'impulsion des industriels dont les intérêts convergent, entre molécules phytotoxiques et pharmacopée palliative.

  11. Alain Braulio Author

    Politique concertée ou faisceau de circonstances fortuites ; il est en tout cas impératif de sortir de ce piège, en expropriant les accapareurs de terres et de moyens de production, et en relocalisant partout le pouvoir.

  12. MrPsy0pus Author

    Ce qui est grave, actuellement, ce sont les ahuris qui la ramène de façon ridicule sans argumentation aucune sur des sujets aussi importants que sous-estimés.

    Renseignez-vous avant de l'ouvrir.

  13. kissekitadissa Author

    PFFF c est toi l' ahuri ,je suis agriculteur depuis 20 ans, tete de noeud, et je n'ai pas du tout une mentalité comme celle qui est décrite dans ce reportage.
    et toi ,c'est quoi ton argumentation ,saucisse ?

  14. MrPsy0pus Author

    Au temps pour, je croyais avoir à faire à un citadin quelconque aux idées étriquées en ce qui concerne la culture du sol.

    En ce qui me concerne, je suis fils d'agriculteur, et j'ai pu constater une évolution quant aux méthodes utilisées par mon père (en terme de laboure par exemple, délaissé au profit du semis direct etc.)

    Mais je constate malgré tout que l'utilisation récurrente de phytos en tout genre nuit à la terre, top compacte et trop peu drainante, le sujet reste complexe dans le fond.

  15. synalag Author

    Pour le gars qui a une chemise à carreaux rouges : Je me souviens, dans mon enfance (je suis née en 1956), jadis, les prunes et autres fruits étaient plein de vers, les choux de chenilles, etc …
    Némoins, je suis contre l'utilisation intensive des intrants. Mais il faut voir ceux qui sont nécessaire, et les autres ..

  16. synalag Author

    Pas d'accord avec toi, Chemise carreaux rouges : enfant, j'avais plein d'aphtes .. plus maintenant.
    Quant aux enfants obèses, je préfère les voir obèses que squelletiques !

  17. Ben Cuc Author

    Oh je viens de trouver grâce à Midomi

    C'est la chanson " Mir Stanke le (Harvest song from Thrace) – Bulgarian State Television Female Choir "

  18. xnewtime Author

    C’est un peu n’importe quoi ce que vous dites. Les enfants d’aujourd’hui aussi ont des aphtes et de taille beaucoup plus importantes que ce que nous avions nous, mômes. Et si nos enfants pouvaient manger à leur faim sans ingurgiter de la merde, vraiment ça ne serait pas plus mal.

  19. xnewtime Author

    Oui, mais sérieusement, qu’est ce qu’on a au gouvernement à part des repris de justice, des chipies incultes et agaçantes, des histrions narcissiques? Si les élus avaient une once de bon sens, si le parlement européen n’était pas un lobby capitaliste, je crois que j’aurais moins honte d’être humaine. Merci à Claudia et Claude Bourguignon pour leur travail.

  20. TheDeerepowersystem Author

    les écolos ne savent plus quoi trouver pour enterrer le monde agricole! il faut arrêter de se faire monter le poireaux par des abrutis ne sachant tout juste se servir d'une bêche!! je suis chauffeur agricole, et je ramasse des cultures biologique, les rendements sont vraiment bas, mais trop de con pensent que le bio pourrait nourrir le monde entier! arrêtez de rêver

  21. alex renollet Author

    Has been !! C'était vrai, il y a 30 ans voir + (vous êtes resté à l'époque de vos études dont vous citée certains exemples) !! Tous les firmes phyto ont des services agriculture durable, pour justement faire évoluer ces pratiques (impact des néonicotinoïdes, bandes végétalisées, couverts associés,retour aux bonnes pratiques agronomiques, écophyto 2018 etc, variétés adéquates). Vu le prix des phytos les agri préfèrent les limiter au maximum. Vous prenez les agriculteurs pour des débiles profonds?

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    Sur ce sujet, que font tous ces bons à rien de politiques, repris de justice, escrocs, menteurs, tricheurs, à part voler et détourner notre argent… !!!

  23. mauerhanymp michel Author

    la faute a monsanto qui inonde le marche de semences fragile , qui oblige les agriculteurs aux traitements chimiques que monsanto se fait plaisir a leurs vendre

  24. Hamaman Mansour Author

    avant  on ne connaissait
     qu'un personne qui avait un cancer ,, maintenant presque tout notre entourage part de se monde avec ça ,,, partir de sa belle mort c'est devenu presque irreel,,,, merci pour se doc  ,,, continuez 🙂

  25. Philippe Ressos Author

    Excellente video! Monsanto a crée une nouvelle forme de pollution beaucoup plus intelligente, la pollution génétique, c'est vraiment formidable car elle se reproduit toute seule et infecte les autres plantes qui font de même, sans notre aide, c'est merveilleux! Je mange les légumes de mon potager en attendant qu'il se fasse contaminer, une fois contaminé, je devrais leur payer des redevances puisque ce sont leurs gênes, enfin, bon, c'est normal, tout a fait logique sinon ils me traineront devant la justice comme ils l'ont déja fait avec plusieurs fermiers, c'est bien fait pour eux, ils pourraient au moins s'excuser…

  26. AGRI BIO Author

    On vend des produits malades issus de plans rendus malade avec le phytosanitaire   pour des gens qui du coup vont être malades et clients des trusts pharmaceutiques eux mm impliqués ds la production d'engrais .. cercle vraiment vicieux 😉 !  

  27. Sp00ky man Author

    " Cette vidéo contenait une piste audio protégée par des droits d'auteur. Le son de cette piste a été coupé suite à la réclamation d'un titulaire des droits d'auteur. " ….

  28. Alain Darchez Author

    la situation est dramatique – les politiciens laissent faire les supra-nationales qui manipulent tout le monde – arriverons-nous à les renverser AVANT QU'IL NE SOIT VRAIMENT TROP TARD ?

  29. kikisurface Author

    Pouvez vous ajouter le nom des piste audio dans la description.
    PS : Tu es peut etre un chauffeur agricole ca ne te donne le droit de dire ''trop de con pensent que le bio pourrait nourrir le monde entier! arrêtez de rêver''. De mon point de vue c'est toi qui ne semble pas très évolué.

  30. skopox Author

    "Nous ne faisons plus de culture en Europe, nous gérons de la pathologie végétale"
    J'ai rarement entendu un condensé aussi intelligent sur quelque sujet que ce soit.
    Tout le reste est à l'avenant, malheureusement !
    Cinq ans après, rien n'a changé.

  31. Romain Charpentier Author

    Bravo et grand respect à eux pour leur resistance et ce combat indispensable qu ils engagent pour faire prendre connaissance et conscience de cette horreur et faire revenenir le monde à la raison.

  32. jacqueline Rotten Author

    Merci à vous deux. J'ai souvent regardé de vos vidéos et les apprécie grandement. Votre travail est admirable ; Je pense que les gens malades finiront par comprendre et remettront les choses à l'endroit.
    Personnellement j'ai moins de 40 m² de potager mais je peux vous dire que je cultive tout en bio. Si le terre (raportée) était bien médiocre elle finit par changer de couleur et est plus vivante. Je n'utilise pas d'engrais de base mais du compost, du BRF et tout ce que je peux recycler. Le rendement est meilleur d'année en année. Il y a 35 ans mon sol absorbait difficilement les grosses pluies, maintenant plus aucun problèmes.

  33. Laurence Jobard Author

    Si l'on mesure la "dangerosité" (pour les lobbbies de la chimie et de l'agro-alimentaire) au nombre de trolls spolliant les commentaires… on peut affirmer que ces deux scientifiques dérangent vraiment beaucoup.

  34. albert mbonerane Author

    MERCI POUR TOUTES CES INFORMATIONS; Au Burundi, depuis le 19 avril 2018, nous sommes devant un phénomène dangereux avec un Ministère de l'Environnement, Agriculture et Elevage. Où allons-nous quand nous savons que l'agriculture est le premier dégradeur de l'environnement, avec beaucoup de pressions agricoles.


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