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Lambeth Country Show 2019 Brockwell Park London Free Festival Event

LOCATION: Herne Hill, South East London. ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
welcome back to London today I in southeast London I’ve come to Herne Hill that’s Herne Hill station behind me just across the road is a park
Brockwell Park and each summer there’s an amazing event in the park called the Lambeth country show it’s kind of an unusual mix of farmyard art event a music festival
so I’am going to check out this year’s event and I’ll share that with you I normally come with
my mates and watch the music festival but it’s been a terrible few days
weather-wise and this year just gonna well today I’m just
gonna check out the art take a look at the farmyard and get some lunch and
maybe I’ll come back tomorrow with my mates if the weather’s better tomorrow as soon as
the rain clouds come back today I’m off but yeah let’s go check out what this years show’s got to offer here’s the park (Music) okay got through security it is a free event with a security your not allowed alcohol or glass in anymore it’s a huge event here’s a map of what’s going on the main stage is somewhere there behind me I’am gonna check out the farm first of all (Music) They’ve made a lot of changes to this event last year they put a perimeter fence around it and there are far more
security guards and security restrictions at the gates where you come
in your no longer allowed to bring your own alcohol in but they serve alcohol here in many
ways it’s become a much bigger and not a lot of people who have been coming for years will like me saying this but a better events there’s more stages here now you’ve got the main stage behind me and then another stage behind me there nowa Car Show there is still the farm here multiple markets loads of food and drink stalls here and it’s dead right now because like I say
the weather for the last few days has been terrible because everyone thought it
would rain and it would be a big muddy puddle but right now the sun shining and it’s looking like its gonna be a great afternoon however people make the event so hopefully more people turn up now the sun is shining and give the event some atmosphere (Music) the smell of barbecue is phenomenal lets get some chicken (music) okay chicken rice and peas gravy and
salad lets try this jerk chicken its pretty good rice and peas I prefer it a little bit spicier
it’s pretty good right I’m gonna enjoy this while watching the music (Music) there’s this big old house in the middle
of Brockwell Park which is open all year as a cafe today the grounds of the cafe
have been turned into an eco village there’s a flower show here and vegetable
sculptures and I think the queue for vegetable sculptures there’s more people queuing
to look at vegetables than there is watching the acts on the main stage
right now (Music) okay its been raining for days here in
London it was raining this morning pretty much as soon as I got here the
Sun came out and its been shining ever since however I think the the weather’s
put a lot of people off this year there’s not as many people here as there has
been in previous years but it’s still early yet I want to come back tomorrow
if the weather’s better and enjoy the music with some friends I’ve had a great time here today hope you enjoyed this quick trip to this year’s Lambeth country show
I’ll see you again soon Toodle!


  1. Patrick Gleeson Author

    Hello Barry good video emphasising the outdoor summer events taking place in London and fascinating the different types of exhibits on show and I see Sunday’s version will have pleasant weather thanks take care and cheerio

  2. evancortez2 Author

    Looks like a nice wholesome family friendly festival – This is certainly a different quality of people than the ones in your last video – You do get around mate! 🙂

  3. barrywa39 Author

    Excellent video Barry. Brought back memories of when you visited last year. You never fail to make my mouth water when you show us what you're eating 🙂


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