1. Sagur Rahman

    sir have any chance I will go from kuwait my country Bangladesh I love fruit farm agriculture farm work if you like please give me one chance ican make bright my future for me nothing any dgree sir only 10 class read sir my age 38 finish in passport sir if you like please please please give me one chance to me if you like I am ready to go from kuwait any time thanks sir to read my comment my name SHAHALAM sir

  2. Dracula Nova

    "It’s beginning to dawn on many UK farmers that the British government might not be quite so clued up as they had been led to believe. Not only do they now doubt that the current levels of subsidies they receive will continue post-Brexit, they also worry that their needs for seasonal workers to pick vegetables and soft fruit have not been fully understood. The latest cause for alarm has been a video produced by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to promote its vision for post-Brexit agriculture. It’s all very nostalgically rustic, with fields of barley rippling in the wind and glorious sunsets. A vision of mellow fruitfulness. Except for one thing. Some sections of it were filmed overseas. As the magazine Farmers’ Weekly has observed, the scene in which Defra promise that farmers can expect less red tape was actually footage of an inspector visiting a Slovenian cattle shed, while the section on British farmers being rewarded for improving air and water quality was filmed on a German farm. To complete the hat-trick of errors, the part where Defra promise kick-backs for farmers who try to prevent climate change was accompanied by a framer planting a Bonsai tree. We pay these people."


  3. norman kinnaird

    what good is a new green belt area when the goverment already sell of gren belts to build more housing,,like school plating fields now housing,,this is a load of goverment shit,,let the farmers grow food produce meat fowl etc,,that way the uk becomaes self sufichant,or is that to easy for the goverment to understand,,


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