Landscape Fabric Pros & Cons Finding an Alternative thru Sheet Mulching for Weed Control


  1. AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening

    Interested in Edible Landscaping / Backyard Orchard? Watch this:
    Want to grow Mushrooms right in your yard? See how:
    What's so bad about Glyphosate???

    This cardboard technique has made my life much easier. Read the full article at my website:

  2. J Moore

    I like using a groundcover. I found some hardy succulents spread fast and less weeds on top of paper and wood chips. After awhile, I use less and less mulch.

  3. Dianne Combs

    once a week I go to the local thrift store and gladly take their boxes. In the winter I take them to the recycle center, during gardening time, I sort through them, saving up the ones that have no color, and little tape for gardening. It gives me free stuff, and saves them paying to have them hauled away. Win, win!!

  4. Bingo Hall

    I use cocoa shells, for mulch when available. I learned about chemicals when I moved to a place where they are illegal. Wood mulch is messy and breaks down quickly where I am. In the south pine needles are an effective, inexpensive and neat bedding. A tiller will make short work of the weeds and aerate soil, cover with black plastic to kill the dormant seeds. The duration depends on climate, season and type of weeds. No offense but I would never use a chemically treated paper product or any type of barrier. Loose soil makes weed removal much easier.

  5. Ruth Elizabeth

    People that own the home we bought put down 1/2" carpet padding! What a rotten idea. Now it's about 8-10" under (15 years). My nain issue is 1. Vines. 2. CHAMBER BITTER!

  6. Dennis The Menance

    Thank you for raising awareness to use Cardboard ( and can use Rolls of Heavy Paper for those odd areas or smaller areas) Didn't point out another problem using Round out ( or anyother Weed Killer)? You will still have the dead- golden brown weed left behind, to have to Dig up and Pull out anyway! Use a Pre Emergent to keep weeds from starting in the 1st place- PREEN is a Decent one..I use the Cardboard/Brown Paper mmethond, but also shake some Prren Granules and then Some Pre Sprayed with Weed-PreEmergent ..Liquid Dissoap ( Dawn) & Water mix or even VINEGER and both a Pre and Post Weed destroyer sand BioDegradeable!( Espeicallyfor those of us on Well Water) I redo it all every 3-4 yrs.. Thanks again!

  7. Shawn Lawson

    Cardboard and newspaper sounds like a good way to attract subterranean termites to your house for those of you who put it near the house.

  8. Linda Robinson

    I here I live, fire ants are a huge problem; they love the tunnels in cardboard and quickly proliferate, so I had given up on cardboard. Recently found organic solutions to fire ants so am eager to implement cardboard again after seeing this video. Thanks!!!

  9. Muhammad Ali Tipu

    Wao.watched couple of vedios b4 this catched my eyes,how to kill weed.was about to go to buy fabric from costco around 31$ n then i was reading comments while listening n one person mentioned about pellet spills card boards…wallla….i can get as many card borads from my company for free.saved my $$,good for earth n problem solved. Every one lived happily thereafter💝💝💝thnx for evry1 for contributing here.

  10. Marisa

    Thank you for reafferming what I've been doing all along: using cardboard. I'm on a corner lot and have a big yard to take care of that is overwhelming. I thought people will think I'm crazy so I'm doing carboarding small areas at a time. Using cardboard is the way to go for me!

  11. Peggyt1243

    Roundup is not dangerous in any way. Canada has done extensive studies on it and declared it safe for both commercial and domestic (residential) use.


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