1. Dan Pompili

    Tom, my LP is still about a 1/4-1/3" sling and it's just driving me nuts because it seems to only eat once a week, if that. It's really hard to tell if it has, unless I put meal worm pieces in a specific pattern and wait to see if they've moved. Do you know if young LP slings prefer any particular feeder over meal worms? I'm brand new to T's so this is perplexing. Only had this and my GBB about 3 wks. GBB eats like a fat Italian kid. LP, not so much. Thoughts?

  2. Lori Walker

    Mine has never been a good eater and I cannot figure out why that is. I have tried varying types of food, but nope. How can I encourage feeding with her?

  3. Jack Creed

    Thanks for this vid. I'm plotting my first sling order still and Swift's has these listed as a freebie atm (no clue if they will come November when i order or even where I'll order from for certain) but I remembered seeing this vid a bit back and came looking for it to decide if an LP would be a decent option for me. I'm thinking yeah could be a good option.

  4. brutus jojola

    Hi Tom I pay absolute attention to everyone of your husbandry videos and applying what I learn from you is both effective and keeps my confidence up when taking care of my T's. Your the best thanks again Tom.

  5. Spydey Vee

    Thanks Big Tom.
    I am comparing nites with my L.D… Pretty much exactly the same in all respects with regard to husbandry and care.
    This has been a big help to me ..

  6. Evan Henry

    *Sorry for commenting on an older video* I was recently at a reptile expo looking for a fancy leopard gecko for my fiance and the same gentleman was selling L. Parahybana slings for 8 bucks. I hate spiders So I bought one! It's a quarter of an inch, tiny. The guy selling them told me to cut up meal worms or crickets and put them in there. But would flightless fruit flies be better? I understand you're busy so I thank you for your time if you respond.

  7. Bbosela

    I find it odd how my 1/3" sling refuses any sort of food yet shows no other sign of premolt it won't scavenge either it's a lil bit worry some since it hasn't ate since I got it

  8. Ian Ritchie

    Hey Tom do u think I'd be ok using a larger size water dish if it's filled with gravel rather than the bottle cap if the sling is 1 1/4-1 1/2"?? Thanks

  9. Jacgwood

    I just drove from North Carolina to Illinois on vacation and stopped by a shop that just happened to have an adult female LP for sale. I’ve looked everywhere for them and it’s great that i finally got one. Unfortunately she’s in premolt and I’m worried a 14 hour drive home won’t do her good, I may have to buy a thin blanket to wrap her in on the way home tomorrow so she won’t bounce around to much. Still is a gorgeous spider!

  10. Michael E. Derrick Jr.

    Hey buddy! I know this if off topic to this species. But I have a L. Diff. I’m In process of a rehouse soon my young juvenile who just recently molted about a week ago. Now in regards to a wet or dry substrate. Which one can I use or what would be better for this particular LD. I use a combo of coco fiber/ peat moss & a little vermiculite. Is that fine to use buddy? Your honestly and info has helped out a lot and I appreciate that.. oh and should I cut of some ventilation areas of a mini critter keeper?

  11. Cult Of Malgus

    Can i keep my spider on a diet of mealworms, grubs, and roaches? One of the things I really dont want is hopping, chirping crickets.

  12. Mario x Jolien

    I traded my male P. Irminia for 3 L.p. yesterday 😀 good to know they can be kept dry 🙂

    If interested in pronunciation:
    Pa-ra-h-ee-baa-naa ;p
    Romanic languages like to have every letter spelled lol

  13. white rose tarantulas

    Hey Tom, I got my LP un sexed Feb 16 and she was around 3" dls, after a recent moult she is now a good 7" and maybe 3 years old, so I'm hopeful for her reaching 10" by the time she reaches adult hood in 3 years time!

  14. Ed Gufler

    Hi Tom, I got a LP  from Jamie's in on 8-12-2017 its size is 1-1/4"  I have it in one of Jamie's  Juvenile Terrestrial enclosures with a cork bark hide and the ecoearth substrate and small water dish.  It seems to be doing well and it ate a small mealworm 24 hours after I got it.  It stays nicely in its little cork bark cave hide.

  15. Caitlyn Bosley

    My LP, aka Nightcore is not very skittish. He's one of the most laid-back Ts I have and he molted twice since I got him, once in December and again this past March.

  16. Cola Car15

    My 1" (ish) LP just covered all the walls and ventilation holes in her enclosure. Is this a sign it's too dry or there's too much sunlight?

  17. TheHorsepowerJunkie

    I purchased my LP sling on 5/24/2016. It was less than pea sized at the time of purchase. After its last molt on 1/28/2017 she/he has grown to 2.5 inches. Attacks prey like a tiger and only refuses food for a few days after a molt. She/he eats 1 adult cricket about every 3 to 5 days. I do keep the temps on the warm side though around 82-85F all the time and keep the substrate on the moist side. So far a great tarantula very easy to keep plus the colors are very nice and its always out in the open for viewing.

  18. Roy Rugani Jr

    So, have 3 of these: 1 1/2" sling, 3 1/2" juve and a good 6-7" fairly sure adult female. Sling is growing pretty fast too. They are great eaters but my female likes to hang on side of enclosure or top of hide…unsure why tho. Anyways, love them and boy is female huge..def not to be held altho I have…which is why I know it should not be held, lol.


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