1. Floofy Spooders

    I just got myself one of these beauties today!! (LP). This video came in handy…I’m confident in my new world terrestrials, however I was thinking this one would require more intricate care…
    As always, your videos are fantastic, and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into them!!
    Happy Keeping!!🤘🏼🤓💚

  2. Axolotl :3

    i got a lasiodora parahybana as my first tarantula 2 weeks ago
    and today when i came back from school i catched her molting!
    im so excited for her to finish 😀

  3. Kody Bristow

    Hey Tom I have a question about an L. Dificilis. Mine has been holed up since it molted. It ate 1 medium wax worm about 3 weeks ago and hasn't come up at all since. I can see it move around still but I'm slightly worried about it not eating.

  4. Andy Bunn

    hi and what a great video. I got an Lp as my first T a year and a half a go for £1.50 at a show. He's great.

    i have a question. i last fed him a large locust in December 2018 and since then hasn't been inrerested in food. I know that T's do this and i shouldnt worry but its hard not to. Is there anything i should be aware of that might be a problem?

    many thanks

  5. mike sipes

    hey Tom , mike here my Difficilis is around 5 to 6 inches across . I have a quick question for you where do the come from and what is habitat they live in the wild I would like to copy it

  6. Jimmy Point du jour

    i found that when i used cork bark hides the corkbark would begin to mold which is not good. so i replaced the corkbark with a black plastic plant pot which i cut in half and placed into the substrate. any recommendations to prevent the molt. i heated the corkbark to kill all bacterias and kept the temperatue around 80 degrees with 65-70 degrees of humidity

  7. Angela Bollinger

    Thank you so much for this video! I've had a Rose Hair now for about 5 years and I just adore her. Just purchased my first Lasiodora parahybana – actually 2 because one came free. They are just tiny slings (1/4" and 1/2") and I am super excited!! A little nervous of course because I want to do everything right – but this video helps a lot! I think I'm addicted now to spiders!

  8. Lori Walker

    Hello there! My LP is around 12 years old, female and same story as far as size I got her as (3 inches confirmed female). She's huge now, but she isn't a good eater per se and know her abdomen could be a lot larger and healthier looking and I'm wondering if maybe you have any advice to encourage eating? Would temp and/or humidity be a factor for appetite? Also, mine doesn't like to dig at all, burrow, use a hide, and I have tried many different and creative ways to encourage her to use them and also many strategies to get her to eat more. She is very skittish (but not defensive/aggresive aside from some kicking) of just about everything for some reason which doesn't help. I normally leave her alone unless feeding/cleaning/re-houseing. I had no idea they had that many babies though!! I saw mine's mother and she was a giant! Thanks so much for this video! Great information for those wanting an LP though. I agree with each point. Great channel! – Random tarantula hobbyist for almost 20 years 🙂

  9. Dan Mcdonald

    I have a Lasiodora difficilis and I love it. It just molted the other day and it has a burrow but has a widow that i see it all the time..Thanks for all you info. Love your channel I learn alot…. I moisten the substrate twice a week and as soon as start spritzing it comes out walks around a bit the goes back to hide…It has molted once in my care, went from a tiny sling to about a half inch kind of quick for only having it for a few weeks..

  10. JR’s Missing screws

    Hey Tom I just picked one of these up, it’s pretty comfortable in the large plastic deli cup they gave it to me in but I have a gallon tubaware tank ready to go should I rehouse it? Or just wait….

  11. Stephanie Norris

    I read that slings have trouble keeping moisture within their exoskeletons unlike adults or juvies so I never let mine dry out. Unfortunately, I have received slings that HAVE dried out because the paper towelling wasn't moist, and thus arrived dead. Makes me very sad. Not a nice way to die. I put my slings in deli cups with lots of holes, a water dish, part moist substrate and then I place the containers into an aquarium with gravel and some water and a loose lid. They all seemed to have liked that and lived without the problem of mould etc. in their containers.

  12. Stephanie Norris

    My L.D definitely has the red bum. Yours looks like the LP. which I also have. Tiki, my LD, has extremely long legs and he is 6 inches….

  13. NSVG VelcroUrBum

    Great video I turn to you when I need to know something about a new T. lol all ways great info. where can I find a L.P. I live in Louisiana so not easy to find T's I have a Avic Avic and a Zebra knee. and would like to add a L.P. and a few more. any  thoughts on where I can get one. It's high on my list of my most wanted T's. thank you my friend and have a great day.

  14. mike sipes

    hay Tom I'm up here in Canada. B.C. and my Difficilis has much more reddish on its body and legs and is rather large I can send you a picture of it if you would like.

  15. Susan S

    Just ordered juvenile LP and obt sling from the spider shop uk.
    Love your no nonsense vids. Lots of great info from you and your commenters. TY!

  16. Colin Winkelmann

    Been out of the hobby for almost 10 years, until my lady wanted her first T, we planned a trip to a local expo for a B. albopilosum (her chosen beginner species) and I couldn't resist also picking up a dirt cheap 1/4" LP sling and I love it, I raised a 7" female from a sling before I had to re-home my collection (I moved across country, all 14 spiders found homes). Thanks for the brush up lesson, my little one is doing very well and Ive been pursuing your videos contemplating what to get next…haha the addiction begins again. Keep up the great work, love your passion and your videos.

  17. Juliee Biotch

    Hello Amigo, Browser, not s Hobbyist!!! How Wonderful You Are With Your Animals, and strong points!!! I loved the vid.. I Have Alot Too keep viewing, You've enticed For More!! thank YOU, Ur Great!

  18. Sarah Sakala

    I have the L. parahybana and it does indeed grow fast. I recently picked up a Lasiodora itabunae and it was labeled as common name: "Brazilian itabuia scarlet." I love the name Fire Hiney (what someone else mentioned)! LP doesn't burrow and LI has burrowed a little, but they are both great eaters! I gave them hides and can't wait to see them grow even bigger. Thank you for the husbandry video!

  19. Amber Ripp

    I rescued my two LPs from my local shelter, I just love them. Big, beautiful, great eaters. Really an underrated species. I love your husbandry videos, Tom. Keep them coming!

  20. Jasminanya

    My Lasiodora Parahybana absolutely hates moist substrate. Whenever I water down one part of the enclosure or change the substrate he sits on the wall until it is bone dry again.

  21. Toni Coffin

    Wonderful video as always! Whenever I buy a new spider and Petco (or wherever) tells me how to take care of it, I go right to your husbandry videos! Thank you for sharing so much info.

  22. Andrew's Exotics

    great T's, large, good eaters and easy to care for. almost a good beginner T haha if it wasn't for their attitude they can have.

  23. James McLaughlin

    Thanks Tom for posting another great husbandry video. Not many people here in Australia post Tarantula husbandry videos, so I am a keen watcher of yours. Lots of great info I have been finding very informative. Keep 'em coming Mate!

  24. 19InCuBuS77

    Buddy as always, a very good Video. Lots of Informations, a bunch full of Hints. I love it. U deserve muuuuch more Abos & i hope u will get em. Greetings =)


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