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Late Drilling 2019

So we’re here today in a field in
Kilkenny grower putting in winter barley varieties belfry, it’s a hybrid barley. Seed
bed conditions aren’t extraordinary good this is a minimum tillage farm so
difficult in a broken Autumn like 2019 This grower tried belfry last year, got
on very well with it very happy back at it again this year. You know it gives
them the option of maybe in the stickier soils to get a crop established. Belfry
still going in about 200 to 220 seeds per square meter So that’s a big bag 500
kilo bag to about 4 and a half to 5 hectors. You know trying to
establish about 170 – 180 plants per square meter. We know with Seedtech
trials that that has been successful over the years and growers putting it in
over the next month no issues sowing barley right through to the middle of November
even into December in the south of the country once seed bed conditions are

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