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Laura Eubanks Succulent Extravaganza

Design for serenity, lauralovessucculents on instagram I forget the youtube channel (Laura Eubanks on Youtube) So it’s our great pleasure to have laura back for you too, this our ninth annual succulent extravaganza Laura’s second. We really appreciate that Just a quick kind of overview of the afternoon After Laura, James from sunset garden collection is on at noon right now it’s 10:45 I’ll give a backstage tour at about 1:30. We’ll line up over here So lots of stuff left for the day Serve yourself great tacos at the truck Give it up for Laura Eubanks Dang we are all here to do our favorite thing which is to mess around with succulents How many of you are into succulents Thought i would get us all on the same page first, right? Yes. Yes I thank you all so much for being here and also want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful support and Comments and love that you showed my family and our recent health Crisis those of you that don’t know my husband Greg had a cardiac arrest six weeks ago at an airport in Minneapolis and survived I survived because of you I was just overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. So I thank you Greg is accepting hugs on my behalf.. I’m accepting hugs on his behalf He wasn’t strong enough to be here today. But you know if you want to make the trek back next year, he’ll be here He’s doing really really well. So thank you all again so much So I am supposed to do something with this talavera pot and I mean eyes closed in both hands tied behind my back. I love talavera I’ve actually planted this very pot more times than I can count in gardens all over San Diego County and Orange and LA And I never you know, I don’t have any background Professionally in like I don’t I’m not I don’t have a degree in anything I just started messing with succulents about seven or eight years ago. I was a garden designer Again, I didn’t mean to be it was an accident. I Started gardening for myself about 15 years ago as a form of therapy Because I had children Yeah, right People no, I remember We had a big yard sale and I only landscape the backyard. I was not confident Landscaping the front because you know, I didn’t know what I don’t want to be judged So I just wanted the garden for myself Well, we had this big yard sale and neighbors started coming in through the back gate and a definitive defining moment for me Was when an elderly neighbor looked left back looked right and he said This is the most beautiful display of backyard impatience I’ve ever seen And I thought really Isn’t it but that planted a seed no pun intended in my pointy-head and I thought well, maybe you know I really like gardening. Maybe, you know, someone will pay me to do this for them I had a bunch of kids, you know, I wanted to be home when they were home but that left ours, you know while they were at school and So I got a client that was willing to pay me to putter around and do pots And that’s what I did and I mean that was that was just you know Like I said about 15 years ago seven years ago. I was introduced to succulents. My daughter gave me Debra Lee Baldwin’s book on succulent container design and I was blown away at the Potential of these plants with color because I was a color person and I loved my annuals I loved my inpatients I loved my petunias and all of the color that those plants brought what I didn’t love Was the maintenance and the deadheading and the replacing every six to eight weeks and all that goes with dealing with perennials and annuals So I started to mess around with these plants and that that was the beginning of what is now A worldwide obsession I travel literally all over the world teaching Installing gardens and just spreading the joy in the love that I have for these plants So if you have any burning questions as we go do not hesitate To ask and I will do my very best to answer them remember This is just school of hard knocks and all of the advice that I give is just based on the experience that I’ve had working with these plants so with a pot What is the very first thing that we need to consider the Thriller, right? Drainage? Did somebody day drainage? That’s so boring Yeah, obviously a drainage. Does a pot have to have a hole in it? No, if you know what you’re doing You don’t need to have a hole in the pot if you know how to regulate it and monitor watering but a lot of people Aren’t real confident with that. So it’s important to have drainage so that when you overwater the water has somewhere to go Succulents can survive drought like a champ But over watering is the surest way to kill it how many of you have killed a succulent by giving it too much to drink Killed more succulents and my day By overdoing it or just watering at the wrong time. Am I right? Yeah, I mean there’s plants that you summon your water in the winter and some you water in the summer and die So I have learned through experience you know, I just want to encourage you to be brave and to take risks and and try and don’t be afraid to fail because We don’t learn anything when we’re getting it, right It’s through failure that we learn. I am almost a genius Pedilanthus bracteatus I love this plant. I use this all the time in San Diego and it’s still not that common I put it in every garden that I do. This is the most fantastic Vertical succulent, you know for that place that think you’ve got a two-foot flowerbed and a 19 foot wall This is what you do you put in petal pedilanthus bracteatus Will it tolerate hard freezes not real well But it doesn’t mind a little a little frost cloth. Will it drop all of its leaves if the temperatures drop below? 40 degrees. Yes, it will. But guess what when it warms up the leaves come right back It’s a pretty tough plant very slow growing from a cutting That’s why I think it’s so expensive because it takes forever to get this size I mean this pot this plant has been around for a minute. You can see some pedilanthus bracteatus In this flower bed right over here you’ve got to get a sense of its potential it will get Twice that size and twice that wide in a matter of a year or two So this is a fantastic plant. I chose it for my pot Yeah, just cut the roots how rude Why did I do that? Because I’m lazy and I don’t want to dig a hole and I don’t want to mess with the roots. Roots are optional with succulent For the most part The way I’m able to get these plants packed in so tightly is I knock off most if not all the soil and most if not all the roots and then just cram them in as tight as I can I think succulents like root competition that’s been my experience They don’t mind it and I don’t have the patience to wait for it to fill in Oh my gosh, no, no. No, I want it to be filled in yesterday So if you’re like me You understand that now Are we gonna plant this thriller right dead set center of this pot? No why? That seems logical boring boring So we want to go back To the left or to the right slightly back in to the left or right of center oddly enough It just at the end of the day when this pot is done. It’s going to look more natural Than if we plant it right smack dab in the center of the pot So I’m gonna stage this back a little bit and to the left Then we want to make sure that we angle the plant, you know, so it’s got its best best face forward That’s always important then what do I always say when your succulent stands up? You’ve done your job, right? That’s my rule of planting succulents. If it’s standing you’re good. You can go watch the game Stick around or do anything else soil as long as it drains? We’re golden Succulents love well draining crappy poor soils, you know, they say show most stress in difficult conditions and That’s a difficult condition when there’s not a lot of nutrients in the soil However, if you do have really great soil they love that too. I Plant underneath all of my citrus trees that I have at home in pots are under planted with succulents and I fertilized my citrus trees organically about every six weeks And I water them a lot and the succulents don’t mind a bit. They’re fine They’re nice and plump, may not be quite as colorful as I would like because of all the water they’re getting but they don’t mind So water don’t water You know fertilize don’t fertilize just have fun with these plants. These things are the closest thing to rubber in the animal kingdom So Don’t don’t be so concerned. All right after you’ve got your thriller. You need to start packing in your fillers And I want to go with my height first. I Love the crassula. I know I know I know they’re they’re ordinary. They’re they’re kind of common well, so I’m ordinary people still like me and look Isn’t that beautiful these are both crassulas And this is argentia sunset. This is one of my favorite plants to work with because of this phenomenal color and Packed together they are just so beautiful. So don’t ever underestimate the crassula for beauty and for predictability The question. Yes, ma’am. How deep is that in the pot here? Oh Yes, um Well, I want it to be just under grade the plant so I can bring the soil level up to about you know to right About to the base see where it’s where it’s white. This is where you can tell it wasn’t the pot So right about to here and it doesn’t really matter, you know It’s wherever you feel it looks best how much soil will do having it right now this the pot is about Three-quarters full right now and you can pack in larger pots if you want to pack packing peanuts or any non decomposable bottles the bag the soil came in And the soil came in if you want to cram those into the pot and then put soil on top You can do that because the succulents only need a little bit remember? What is the gold standard if they stand so just enough soil that they’re not going to flop over when you walk away? Okay so Yes Question about that crassula argentia that I just held up doesn’t have you know, is it hardened off? Does it have roots? No, I just cut it 15 minutes ago Am I gonna put any kind of root? What is it called? What root, root tone? No Am I gonna let it put it in a box in the garage for two weeks No, I’m just gonna plant it because I live in San Diego and I can do that I do respect the fact that not everybody lives in San Diego and you have weather to consider in some places So hardening a plant off just simply means allowing it time to callus that going to callus and some plants are sensitive like agaves for example If you don’t harden it even in San Diego if I don’t harden an agave off Before I put it in the ground as a cutting it will sunburn and get that ugly white You know burn marks all over the leaves so if you’re concerned by all means Take your cutting put it in a box to get the garage and give it a week But you shouldn’t really be concerned. Especially crassulas they’re tough. I’m gonna be working with rooted plants and cuttings so don’t let me forget to Tell you how to handle that watering situation at the end since I’m gonna have both rooted plants and cuttings. Okay See how I you know decimated the Soil and you know scratched off a lot of the roots. Why did I do that? Because I want to be able to pack my plants into and I don’t want a lot of root and soil in my way And because I’m just too lazy to dig holes So this plant it’s gonna go as a filler Right at the base of my pedilanthus bracteatus So good that I have two hands and look multi-tasking Bending with the knees Back oh, yeah, I got this dialed in Okay Also, remember to pack your soil down really well as you go or what’s gonna happen in a few months You’re gonna go look at that pot in the soil level. It’s going to be down to half, isn’t it? Yeah, so pack it really well Okay, what am I gonna pull next Please help me Yeah more more filler Yes, and I’ve got every good pot has to have a Spiller so I’m feeling Like I really want to pull in this kalanchoe luciae I’ve pulled this on purpose because of the trunk. I don’t like trunks on most plants I think they are a tad unsightly This this plant tough-as-nails never be afraid to work with it as a cutting Thank You Hannah kalanchoe I think I’m pretty sure this is luciae a paddle plant Just a phenomenal phenomenal Monocarpic plant see monocarpic means that after it blooms it dies But typically not before she gives you some babies Right. So this little oh and what’s gonna happen to this now? You can put this in your garden of death and just ignore it It’s garden of death is where plants go to live or die, but it’s up to them This is so funny this little sedum leaf was just dropped in this pot and it’s sprouting a little plants I mean, it’s just I didn’t you know, it just happened. So Get if these plants some credit. All right, you don’t have to baby. I’m just probably be better off. Just ignoring them so this is going to go over in the garden of death and In time it will likely regenerate and we’ll get a brand new plant out of it. So there’s no waste won’t done Hannah gotta pack down soil mom Especially when I’m working with the cutting So I’m just gonna get the cuttings, you know, you can just time it and remember when you’re putting together a pot If you don’t like the way something looks just pull it out and move it to some other place this is not this is not necessarily have to be permanent now with talavera too talavera is a little tricky. There’s a lot going on in this pot isn’t there So you’re going to notice that I’m kind of choosing plants that mirror some of the patterns and designs on the pot Like the kalanchoe The fan shapes that you see on the pot mirror the shape of the leaf. So with design you want repetition in color repetition in form Even though I’m going to be planting this pot really really full by pulling in some of the color and the pattern Repetition. It’s not gonna look busy. It’s gonna be gorgeous and That’s the kind of attitude you have to have Gosh, darn it. It’s gonna be gorgeous All right, then some of these kalanchoe these smaller kalanchoes. I need more height and I want this pot to be a 360 degree I want it to be pretty from all angles So I also you can elevate your soil if you want to cheat and add a little height right like this so my soil level is I’ve mounded up in the middle and you can Absolutely do that to kind of cheat and give the look of more height Then this one Can be planted staged down a little lower like that And if you can’t find the plant that you love in a one gallon can Or if they have ones and you really want a five just buy multiples of the smaller and plant it like one thing Again I am copying the scalloped edging and the colors of these leaves are repeating in the pattern of the pot Now this Spiller we talked about how every Arrangement needs to have a thriller a filler and a Spiller rowleyanus this one is not easy is it, it’s a bit of a diva likes water hates heat winter grower summer dormant so in the summer time You’re gonna want to make sure that this girl gets some shade if you can provide some shade in the summer You should be okay with this plan Remember with succulents in the summer in the hotter months It’s not about water. It’s about temperature your plants are struggling not because they need water but because they need cooler temperatures so my solution is to put Beach umbrellas up all over my yard The neighbors always know that I’m on one when the umbrellas come out Because I don’t have a lot of hot days in San Diego But we will have some in triple digits and I know that my plants don’t need me to go out there with a hose They need me to drop that temperature 20 degrees Because what happens when the plants get hot when the weather gets hot, they go dormant. They Stop producing. So if you throw water on a dormant plant what’s gonna happen? it’s gonna rot and we all know that succulents don’t tolerate rot and remember these camels of the horticultural world are Storing water in all of their leaves and in their trunks and in their stems so they can handle it They can go for a month six weeks two months with no water and just live on what they have stored So if you’re ever in doubt Don’t water Can you cover the plant with a film-like with a frost claw yeah we gave you that sure for those hot days absolutely anything that you can do to protect that plant from the beating Sun and from the heat will be helpful and Securing its survival. I don’t need all of this So I’m just gonna take what I need This is senecio rowleyanus or string of pearls That’s plenty Now why did I pick this one because I just like the look of this plant with Talavera I I don’t want a Spiller. It’s gonna get It’s gonna take too much space Visually away from all of the beautiful decor of the pot So I didn’t choose the string, you know, the fish hooks or the string of bananas or another Spiller that’s going to grow like crazy and cover up all of this beautiful Decoration, that’s why I chose this Spiller Now here’s another fun trick I Kind of want to break this up a little bit. It’s a lot that. It’s a lot happening there I’m gonna break it up. So I’m gonna take some of this kalanchoe tomentosa Pretty much as a cutting use my multi-tool So that’s a fun thing you can do to To kind of break it up if you’ve got a lot going on or you want to add a little bit of interest Amongst a plant now these little guys String a buttons. This is another a stacking crassula. These are not great as cuttings at least in my experience They don’t do real well, they’re little persnickety. So this one’s better. If you leave some roots on this plant. I Love this is another crassula. This is tricolor. It’s cream green and pink So I’m gonna take pieces of this cuz it’s another one It’s so tough and just kind of pop it in where I see little gaps When you think you’re done you’re not Write that down All right now This gorgeous echeverria, I Want I picked this plant one because I love the color and you know We’ve got this flower design all over the plot, which is gonna mirror beautifully with this plant but in the summer when these tend to bloom That what happens? The mother throws a lot of her energy to the bloom spike So when they when they’re done when they start to turn brown It’s real important to cut off the bloom Okay, you’ll get a longer life out of your achieve area if you don’t let them Go to bloom too long Now the hummingbirds love these the bees love these so I want to support the wildlife as much as I possibly can Doing anybody any favors Don’t hesitate to just cut it off. Okay? Also don’t bugs attack blooms? little mealy bugs and infants. Do you ever notice that they kind of go after that new growth? So if you’re okay with it, just get rid of the bloom. Don’t even don’t even mess with it All right And The little dead leaves at the bottom of your plant Just grooming. Just get rid of those pull those off. They can often house insects and paths and they don’t look great So when the leaf is done and it dies back just take it off If you have leaves that are dying at the bottom of your plant, that’s not a problem. That’s that’s life. That’s normal Look at what’s happening in here? If you see lots and lots of healthy growth if it’s at the crown then you know your plant is okay Alright, don’t worry about spots on bottom leaves, you know or leaves dying at the bottom or turning color That’s just that just happens that’s age Yeah, we know we know all about that So Why did I put that there? Why did I put this here? I one thing that you’ve got to know before you can start charging people I Didn’t know this when I start charging people, but luckily people are nice You know, how do you learn how something is going to grow Experience that’s all you just need experience pay attention. That’s something I’ve learned over the years I know the rates of growth for all the plants I’m putting in the pot and I plan it accordingly I know who’s gonna get tall. I know who’s gonna stay short. I know who’s gonna spill I know who’s gonna stand up I know when they’re gonna flower if they’re gonna flower if they can take the Sun if they can’t take this on How did I learn all that? Experience. That’s all. I didn’t read But yeah, I just I made a lot of mistakes But the beauty of these plants is they’re so easy to uproot and move around, you know If we do make a mistake, they’re very very forgiving All right, how’s that how’s that looking is that looking? Okay good, okay Oh, it definitely needs more. I can see those gaps. So this little string of buttons I know that this is a really low grower and I want it front and center and if this girl wants to spill over the side of the pot I would not be offended by that So I’m gonna pack this in Right here With the idea knowing that it’s going to stay low profile It’s not gonna overpower the plants behind it and it might even give me some spill Crassula string of buttons and this is this is senecio rowleyanus, and this is a kalanchoe The only reason I know that is because it’s the language that I speak. I am fluent in succulent Now this fuzzy Doris Taylor. I I love the fuzzy ones. Don’t you? I mean, they’re just so so fun I’m gonna put her Over here because I want to balance the weight of these echeverria rosettes. So I’m gonna put one Yeah, just stuff him in don’t be shy I Did pull one little aloe. I cut this off of something I just thought it was really interesting And I think it’s important it Takes your designs up a notch if you can Get some different texture going in the pot too. Another thing that you’ll notice about This is it’s very soft, isn’t it? There’s nothing with any kind of spine And I love the aloes because they’re so gentle they’re these little spines are not going to come off They’re not like a cactus. This is a medicinal kind of plant It’s safe But it gives that kind of hard cactus feel and it’s just a nice contrast in this pot Or you’ll see that it’s gonna be a nice, we will all see Will this take over. Oh my gosh. That’s such a good question. I Pulled this off of a stand This big by like this tall there were hundreds of these and some were huge. So what am I doing? Putting this in this little pot with all these other plants, well knowing its potential. I don’t care It’s a it’s a cutting so it’s gonna take a hot minute for this to grow It’s still got to throw off a new root system and get acclimated So it’ll sit here and just be cute, maybe even turn more pink because I cut its head off For a year or two and then it’ll start it Yeah
This whole thing’s gonna grow but When something starts to grow in a way that I don’t like I’m just gonna pull it out size it up and stick it back In the pot or maybe I’ll divide it and put its babies in another pot or that’s the beauty of it We’re not planting oak trees here These things are very easy to manipulate to move to resize to shave to cut So get your mind off of that Mentality. Oh Well, you know I planted it and that’s it. There’s nothing more we can do you can always mess with it any time So don’t be afraid to take something that has the potential to get as big as an SUV And put it in a pot the size of a litter box Well, it’s funny how my mind went there Yeah, how do you water this I’ll get to that in a minute so You can’t see this from here, but this isn’t actually really planted It’s not really touching the soil That’s okay It’ll figure it out. It’ll touch it eventually Yeah I mean for the most part soil as long as your plant is in the vicinity of soil as long as soil is a suggestion You know what happens when you throw a cutting along the side of the house and forget about it? And you go back in a couple of months. What’s it done? Roots, right everywhere, right. It’s looking it’s searching. These plants are almost scary smart So, yeah, also it is a cutting So the fact that it’s not touching soil or planted in soil is not a bad thing It’s gonna give that wound a chance to callus and harden off So, you know, don’t worry about it really did I say if it stands up it’s doing what you want it to do You’re good Okay And I mean, you can’t have a Talavera pot without crassula argentia sunset Can you. the yellow can that is that even real? It doesn’t even look real. Yes How much space am i leaving? none. Yeah, got it, I mean it’s not an intentional thing There’s that there’s about this much room But I just wanted to point it out because it’s it’s been my experience It’s totally alright, and yes, I could have built the soil level up, but I’m not done planting. So I just know That that’s gonna be just fine Even though it isn’t actually touching the dirt and same it’s gonna be the case probably with this Argentia because I want to put it right here Oh, it will touch the dirt because I mound it up But I want to stick this See, this is the fun too of working with cuttings because when you’ve got it all packed in real tight then you can add more I Mean I couldn’t do that if there were a bunch of roots and soil attached I wanted to show you a couple of things This is aeonium Kiwi and this is aeonium sunburst similar But not the same. I’ve gotten more questions about these two plants. not the same this one grows much larger than this. this grows as more of an arboretum or a Solitary with some offsets this gets more of a a bush shape So but they’re they are similar in they’re both beautiful These plants these aeoniums are sensitive And if you would you work with them as cuttings, they do bruise very easily Don’t they aeonium sunburst can get little black spots on the leaves if it gets bruised or burnt You just kind of have to deal with it, but don’t worry. You have not done anything wrong It’s just life. it got a little chilly. It got a little hot it’ll grow out of it Yes you yes, yeah sunburst How do you get just a total yellow? some of them are kind of a cream color to the little the little the little rosettes Are sort of a cream color. That’s a lack of chlorophyll You kind of need that green in order to sustain the plant needs the green in order to sustain life So they all like pale yellows and the all whites probably won’t survive It is another monocarpic plant Yes, aeoniums are one-offs bloom and die. But once again typically not before they’ve given you lots of babies Okay, I need something right there Trying to pull this Luciae up a little You know what, yeah, I need more soil in there Yeah, now you can see it yeah, yeah for sure and then I’ve got I’ve still got a little gap er right there So now that you know that you can use cuttings How fun is this going to be for you to make a pot? Right? People will look at it and go How did you do that? Now what is something that I hate to see Somebody said it. Yeah. Do I like to see soil showing? no, I don’t so top dressing is critical when you’re when you’re doing pots Don’t care if you’re a collector and you have a lot of black nursery pots all over your yard top dress them with something Come on have some pride you can do this. I just drives me crazy to see naked plants See and we can take some more of the Argentia and pop that in. I got one element, two element. I need a third element Let’s put it right there Now what is gonna happen? When these get their roots and start to grow same as everything else we can deconstruct the pot at any time Part of it or all of it Now note the competition we’ve got our thriller and this Bracteatus has the potential to get very very large and I’m gonna let it if this were my pot at home This is how I’d started that has evolution, as time past, I would start to maybe pull some things out and allow some of them more Maybe I would encourage the aloe in the bracteatus and the echeveria and I pull out some of the fillers or maybe I like the look of it being very very Crowded and lots going on and I want to maintain that So I would just simply keep pulling stuff out cutting off roots and sticking it back in the ground Don’t be afraid of these pots. The beauty of pots too is you can move them So if you’ve got your pot in a location and it’s pouting and it’s not happy move it Sometimes five feet is all that’s needed for a pot to go from being unhappy to being happy. I Love This Fire glass so much in Talavera. I Just I just love this. It’s just a party And even though I know I have packed this so tight you’re thinking. Well, where is she gonna put that there I can see dirt I Mean if I get right up on this I can see it and it just isn’t finished until we get the top So you’re going to want to lift the skirts? I say this all the time in my videos and this is also a way that you know If you’ve missed some spots with soil – you’ve got some gaps when you start to do your top dressing and you push the leaves back and go Oh my gosh, I can push my hand all the way down to the bottom of the pot I better put some more dirt in there Soil anything that drains Anything I have had I mean, I’m the I’m the person that buys whatever’s on sale I don’t really have a specific blend. But remember where I live – you know, it doesn’t matter for me I live in where it rarely ever rained so I can get away with anything If you have conditions that are not great for succulents and you want to give them a great fighting chance Then you’re gonna want a soil that is specifically made for cactus and succulents. And that is a blend that has a lot of Porous material like vermiculite. It has sand or decomposed granite It’s typically kind of lightweight and it’s premium for you know encouraging that drainage If you’re not concerned about that, just get whatever is on sale Okay, all right, how’s that look from the front I’d love to meet you I’m good. Thanks Okay, yeah, so I’ve got rid of plants I’ve got non rooted plants I’ve got soft I’ve got Aloes How do I water it? Well Watering isn’t really important either Because we’ve been over this these plants store so much in their leaves and stems already that we tend to overdo it So my rule of thumb is it takes a week or so for a plant cutting to callus now? I plant it in dry soil. So these plants are gonna callus in the in the soil. No problem So I’m gonna give this pot two weeks before I’m gonna water then I’m gonna be gentle about it I’m gonna put the equivalent of about a gallon of water on a pot this size I’m not gonna wait my grandma used to stand over pots and water until it ran through To drain and oh my gosh she was so intentional about it. Don’t overdo it with it Give it about a gallon of water every couple of weeks And if you’re gone for a month or two, that’s also okay. Remember less is more with succulents also if this is in a more shaded environment as opposed to a sunnier environment That would mean that you would dial back on the water a little bit because the plant probably won’t the plants won’t grow as fast Okay, so one gallon two weeks intervals, all right, okay. Yes, ma’am Okay, where do I put it And what do I think it that’s a really good question and it depends on the time of year, doesn’t it? You know if it’s the middle of winter in the middle of summer I might not want to put it out in an exposed area I might want to put it under a patio or next to the house if it’s If it’s the temperatures are extreme in the spring in the fall, I think it’s okay to just put it wherever you like If it’s real real hot. Yeah, you might want to give it a little protection put up a little umbrella Give it a chance to acclimate before you turn it loose into the full hot sun All right. Yes, ma’am Just yeah, they keep the water in it don’t let it know what the plants breathing they might die Theoretically I guess I can understand that and the in practice though that has never been An issue Yeah, I think again if you are over watering you’re over watering whether your top dressed or not Just dial it back top dressing helps hold look at it Look at it from a sunny perspective right that that’s a good thing the water that you are giving it is gonna it’s gonna sustain the plant longer and less Longer intervals between watering because of top dressing Yeah, yeah That’s how we’re looking at that right Yes If your container does not have a drainage hole you need to be extra careful about the water Don’t overdo it I would suggest Misting succulents in pots that don’t have poles That’s a great way to control the amount of water. Remember the roots are extremely shallow also succulents can intake water through their leaves and I have applied that principle to all of the succulents that I’ve ever grown inside I never water I always missed but and I do like to water from overhead rather than drip if I had my preference Simply because I want to rinse off all the dust the dirt the bugs You know by giving it a little a little a little rinse, but that’s a personal choice Anyway, you water is gonna be fine. Just remember less is more They can yes, can they take in water through their leaves? So if you missed they can’t Do I ever put a pot on a tray Oh first, yeah Absolutely
I usually always plant my pots either with a saucer or with with feet because I think it’s a more finished look And you want to protect the surface that you planted you know that you set the pot on and it also helps you monitor how much water you’re putting in the pot if it’s Overflowing the tray you need to dial it way back All right, yes Would I put a cactus in this pot heck yeah, you know it I’ve done that very thing I would do that If you like that look you do it It’s fine. It’ll be fine The only caveat the only plant that I have killed on any kind of a regular basis is a lithop or one of those split rocks or livingstone Yeah They’re fussy, so I don’t recommend mix plantings with lithops But I I mean, I have cactus and succulents growing together. I’ve got like I said fruit trees I’ve even grown succulents under my vegetables Because I didn’t want to look at dirt Gorgeous tomato plants with all kinds of succulents growing under them I’m the person that actually deadheads her tomato plants and limbs them shapes them so that they’re pretty to me Oh With an aloe, for example if half of the leaf is brown or it’s cracked or broken Do you mess with that? See here? I’ve got a little bit of dip dye back on that leaf I like that’s just so it’s dead anyway, so I will clip that off Because I’d it’s a grooming thing I just think it looks better and what I tell my design assistants is if a leaf is more than 50% gone Take it off But that’s just again its aesthetic There’s you know, there’s no hard fast reason or rule It’s just a question of your tolerance and what you like and remember You’re the judge of how your pots look if you love it. It’s beautiful


  1. Veeral Dogra Author

    I was wondering if you have any tips for people who live in tropics / sub tropics where it's humid most of the year!? Our succulents rot very easily.

  2. Voeris Author

    Nice. This was just the push I needed. I’m planting a BIG pot tomorrow. I’m excited! 🤩 (after putting it off for… months 😬 part of my excuse is it’s just been too hot.. )

  3. Amanda Quillen Author

    I was THERE!!!! And it was amazing. I’m so glad you posted this—I wanted to record the whole thing, but I also really wanted to just sit back and listen!! So I’m so happy it’s here because I was trying to remember all the amazing advice you gave in this talk!! Loved meeting you. Amazing that you have come so far in your career and now are helping allllllll these people learn. So inspiring. All my love to you and Greg while he continues to heal.

  4. John Garaventa Author

    Sorry that we couldn’t see the finished pot design. The stationary camera was placed at a poor angle. There were many pearls of wisdom during Laura’s presentation. The video could have been much better. Love you Laura.

  5. Elena Francu Author

    Laura you are amazing. And is so easy to do your way, and so practical and i love your garden the front and the back. I am from Romania and i don't have the climate conditions to grow the succulents outside all year so i put them in pots but is not the same. I enjoy all the video's you do and admire all the succulents you plant.

  6. Christine Millership Author

    Totally love your presentations, and am soaking up your words like a sponge! I’m English but have recently moved to southern Spain, so a lot of your advice is really spot on for us here. The only thing I will have to watch for is the effect of our winter temperatures, as we live 2500 feet above sea level up in the mountains, so our plants will probably have to cope with minus 1 centigrade. It’s making my learning curve very steep in contrast to London! Love xx Christine

  7. arbalc Author

    Laura you are an inspiration and an amazing designer. Followed you for a while after loving that you too are in so cal. Fascinated by your story. Blessings to you and your family.


    Wish I was there😃 Thank y’all for sharing. I have learned so much from watching all Laura’s videos. Hopefully one day I’ll make it to CA.

  9. Jo Marie Lopez Author

    Where was this? Laura, you are a gift! So funny, yet you get your message across! Continued health for Greg. I am proud to say I finished working on my small strip of barren soil near the house. I am so happy and content with how it came out. And so was my family! Xx oo

  10. Jocelyn Jamias Author

    I was there for your demo and I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. You are funny and informative at the same time, so glad to have met you!

  11. Jjjj Llll Author

    SO happy Greg is doing great and recovering well – our thoughts have been with you both since we found out! Hope it hasn't been too hard on you – remember to look after yourself at these times.


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