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Lauren Fillebrown | Student Success Stories

(light pleasant music) – The water is definitely
a calming pathway. Taking time to just stop and reflect and see the beauty of
what’s in front of me. It helps me feel happy,
it brings life to me. It reminds me that there’s more to life than just, you know, the hard moments. When I went to high school
I got involved in FFA and from there, that’s when my passion for agriculture and helping
others really came about. And that’s when I decided to
go to Penn State University. I spent some time there on
campus and enjoyed my classes, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. (light music)
(keyboard clicking) I just went online and tried to see what different education
options World Campus had, so I started my education online. I was able to pick up internships, such as the one that I had at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, where I could work with
New Jersey FFA members and help plan and coordinate events. I could take all that I was learning whether it was through
learning different programs in my courses and then
applying them to my job itself and bringing that full circle. – [Nancy] Lauren was here
as an intern and then as she got her degree we were fortunate that she was interested to continue the work and then able to move into that full-time project
specialist position. – I’m excited, it should be a good time. – Lauren’s dedicated, she’s determined, and that’s the kind of people
that I like to work with. (light upbeat music) – I am so thankful for
Penn State World Campus. Online learning helped
me see that I could both better myself in the realm of schooling and to help myself grow as a person. To be honest, I always
saw myself going to school for four years, graduating, and getting that dream job and moving on, but I’m super thankful
that the opportunities came up for me to get a
degree that I have today. Now the world is pretty
much at my fingertips.

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