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Leading Second Crop Sire No Nay Never

He’s typical of what’s happening in the world
now, he’s an international horse, he ran on dirt, he ran on poly track and he ran on grass. He ran on two continents, and that’s the way
our world is going now. There’s more and more international racing,
and he’s thriving on it. Already his first crop just turned three,
but he’s had runners and stakes horse on all the surfaces already. They’ve done well in Europe on turf and poly
and they’ve done well in America. I’d envision that’s the way it’s gonna be,
he’s an international horse. Scat Daddy was a horse, he did all his racing
in America, but again he ran on all the surfaces so it’s obviously where it’s coming from,
but he’s such a loss to us and most Europeans have only woken up to Scat Daddy in the last
few years but they’re amazing how fast they are, and how suited to turf racing they are,
as well as dirt And I remember when Scat Daddy died, there
was discussion of whether we should move No Nay Never to America then, but we kept him
here thankfully. He couldn’t have done much better with his
first crop: six stakes winners, 14 black type horses. He’s won the best two-year-old colt, and not
the best two year old colt in Europe, the fastest anyway in Ten Sovereigns. So he’s undefeated and he hasn’t made up his
mind yet, he’s either gonna go two routes: he’s either gonna go to the Guineas or go
to the Common Wealth Cup at Ascot, go the sprinting route, so we’ll decide that in the
next few weeks but look he’s an undefeated colt. It was incredible that he won a maiden, a
group three, and a group one in just over a month. It’s a very hard thing to do, it’ll take a
special horse to do that. A lot of breeders who saw him at the races
would remember that he’s a particularly big two-year-old, he’s probably fully grown at
two, he’s about 16-1, but he looked all of it if not more as a two-year-old but he’s
filled out. He has a great hind part to him, great hind leg. Good front legs, he’s a lot of quality, lovely
color, lovely dark color. He couldn’t have made a better start, he’s
100,000 he’s booked out. He was standing here for 17 and a half for
his first three seasons, so he’s made a huge leap and he’s getting a fantastic book of
mares in his fifth crop, nearly all of the leading breeders in Europe are using him. So that’s gonna be interesting to see how
the more classic type mares how he does, those type of mares any horse will do well with
those kind of mares.


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