Learn Grade 2 – EVS – Natural Resources

chapter 15 Natural Resources we use many things in our daily lives some of them are natural while the others are man-made all those things that we get from nature are called natural resources the things that are made by man are called man-made resources land a water plants and animals give man different kinds of natural resources with the help of which various man-made products are made let's have some information about land we observe the soil mountains land and fields in our surroundings the fields have fertile soil from this soil we get food grains if we dig the ground we get minerals like iron and coal in short mud stones rock soil food grains iron coal are all natural resources obtained from land air we breathe in oxygen from the air and breathe out carbon dioxide oxygen is the most important resource that we get from air you water we find water in rivers lakes wells and seas we get drinking water from the wells and the legs similarly reverse legs and the sea give us water fish and salt are natural sources of water plants there are plenty of trees shrubs and grass around us we have dense forests from the trees we get would we get medicinal plants rubber honey etc from the forest animals some animals and birds give us milk wool and flesh all these things which are obtained from the birds and animals are called natural resources now let us do some activities to revise our Natural Resources one circle the things that belong to natural resources cow-house donkey buffalo temple parrot son aeroplane moon bus plants table cow donkey Buffalo Pat it sun moon plants name the following II things obtained from land soil food grains minerals be things obtained from birds and animals wool milk flesh see things obtained from the sea salt fish water d things obtained from the forest would rubber grass


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