1. NTDTV

    Greetings Zenka,

    It's Vladimir from NTD Television. This video is great:


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  2. sharon keef

    Where does his class happen at I've tried to find a local person here but no one seems to teach pottery here there is a local studio but dont do classes anymore it's really put setting to me

  3. Jim Tripp

    Is there a specific gravity for the slip that works all the time. Seems this would make it simple to keep up with when the slip is correct. Also, have you used the slip in different stages of thickness to get different effects? Impressive.

  4. Angeline Lee

    excellent teaching. explains well with no hesitation or too much reapeating himself. also loved watching the wedging and hearing how and why to do that. havent triedd big pots yet. 5 plbs max so far. great info on setting up an ergonomic shop as well. pottery dreams are to be this good at what i do.

  5. Donna F. Marshall

    and do you teach how to use ele .kilns ? i am confused on how the timer and setter work and i am unsure of firing stages! thanks guy.s


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