1. The Tattered Rose

    Great job! You have not missed a thing. I, too, am learning the hard way. Buy good fabric, cut accurately, and do not distort the fabric with an iron. Such good tips I have learned so far in my journey,

  2. Kathleen powell

    I’m so excited to learn how to quilt….I have four beautiful children, three girls and one quite handsome boy. I am 50 something and want to make each of my children a special quilt. Currently I am making cross stitch projects for each of them, and a quilt has been in my bucket list but I need to learn how….Help….I intend to learn from you. Wish me luck!!!!

  3. Kathi Peerboom

    THANK YOU! I just started quilting, actually had my first class a few days ago. You have answered so many of my questions in just 1 hour! Being a new quilter, no stash. Thank you for the suggestion of buying fat quarter stacks, that will send me on my way. Also a biggie, how much fabric to buy? I love this!
    If you like it buy a 1 yard
    If you love it buy 2 yards
    If you can't live without it buy 5 yards

  4. Gabrielle Crofts

    the material shown appear badly cut and less size than what they are meant to be when you see it against the green measure mat and with the other fabric together looks badly cut and short cut

  5. Linda Valiquette

    Jen, sometimes I am taking a class locally and have to get my material quickly so I drop by a near-by shop. I have been looking at the labels on the ends of the bolts since I saw this video and I try to avoid China since I saw your flag. How do you rate Pakistan? Any other tips? By the way, are premium quilting cottons from China just as bad as the lower priced? The hand of the fabric IS different!

  6. Helen Frontino

    You mentioned getting the fabric when you see it. Oh, how true! Ten years ago I found a Christmas fabric that was beautiful. We were at a quilt show, so I went back the next day, paid to get in again only to find that it was gone. I still remember that so now I never walk away from a fabric I love. I will buy 3 yards if I want it for the front of the quilt and if I think I want it to back the quilt I will buy 8 yards. You’re really helping new quilters. Thank you!

  7. Cathy Taylor

    Jennifer, you are a great instructor. This is a wonderful tutorial for someone who is a beginning quilter such as myself. Thank you!

  8. Suzi SaintJames

    Thank you for sharing the story of your patriotic quilt. But why keep torturing yourself for a mistake you made over 20 years ago? Why not replace the blue fabric or use a fabric paint and fix the blue and honor & celebrate your friend & her friendship that gave you that red and cream fabric? With lots of love.

  9. Rhonda Taylor

    I have watch the video and I’m so excited to make this quilt. But I am frustrated…I’ve cut strips and sub cut. I got out my 1/4” presser foot and sewed. When I measured, it wasn’t 3 1/2”. I checked my cuts…2”. Checked my seam allowance…1/4”. Why am I getting a smaller measurement? I remembered you saying something about a scant 1/4”, so I did some searching and because I can adjust my needle position, I moved my needle to what I’m assuming is a scant 1/4”. It is closer, but still not quite 3 1/2”. What am I doing wrong?

  10. ElioGrey

    excellent! invaluable for all beginners. content is clear and informative without any fluffs or gimmicks. perfect for beginner like myself with no sewing or quilting knowledge. i love how everything is discussed (even new terminologies) and then you're shown by example.  and great videography and sound as well. you can't have a good tutorial without good videography. this was very well planned and executed.  it's a pleasure to watch and learn with these videos. thank you so much for your efforts. i have much gratitude.

  11. Millie Dappollone

    Jen, I've only watch you up to your sewing machine tutorial and already love how easy you make quilting sound! I would love to learn how to quilt now after 1 1/2 of retirement and you explain this beginning course beautifully! Will continue with your tutorials! Thank you,


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