Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets


  1. Estudio Tangosalonika

    My friend, you must do something with sound. The microphone is to far from you, and your voice sound like you are in tunnel. Nice review..

  2. MotoOutdoors

    Around town I just wear my leather jacket. On longer trips I wear a level 3 soft armor ballistic vest under my leather. Never hurts to have a little extra insurance when away from home. 😜

  3. Alex Simpson

    The number one thing that Textile has over Leather is long term durability in humid climates…. Anything Leather in my area spoils so easily, not to mention that Leather equipment is so damn hot to wear in a 90-98% humid summer. If I'm going to the track in the future, I'll buy some Leather, because no way am I crashing at 200kmh+ in Textile.

  4. Thomas McKnight

    Great information. Leather is great for sliding and rolling down the road. I moved away from it mostly because of the weight, especially when wet. The textile type also works for sliding down the road and the armor is a great benefit. I also have a summer weather mesh jacket that I wear under my leather vest, and it works great during the hot weather. It is actually cooler when I keep it on than when off.

  5. Fred Dietz

    Textile disintegrates and MELTS. I have a big hole in the leg of my “Speed & Strength” nylon pants, not from a crash, but from the bike’s pipes. Nylon is waterproof, windproof, light, affordable—and irreparable after even a slow lowside.

  6. morpheuskane

    I would like to see this video redone with technical data. It is pretty misleading I think. I don't get any sense of the limitations.

  7. Chris H

    Well if you say that textile gear performs better when it comes to wet conditions, than how do you explain the fact that my BMW Streetguard 2 lost its Gore-tex guaranteed "waterproofness" the very season I bought it (and yes.. it was bought brand new and at that point it was never washed and my longest rides in the rain were never longer than 10 miles – commuting mainly)? I'm considering now buying leathers + some ultra thin anti-rain clothes that would go to my backpack and be used only in rain conditions.

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  9. sonics747

    Although not as comfortable, leather armor has a better chance of staying in place in the event of a unfortunate get off over textile . Mesh gear (especially pants) has not chance of knee armor staying in place.

  10. pinkturbo

    I have a very thick leather jacket which I feel is important for crash protection. I have grown up around textile naysayers, and though I am toying with the idea of getting one as an option for slower rides and warm weather, I'm afraid that in a crash it won't protect me. What do you think?

  11. peglegvlogs

    Thanks for this video about jackets. Living in Phoenix Az you must have more then one jacket and both cold and hot gear. In December it gets cold out in the early hours of the day. When I ride yo work at 1pm it is nice out 70 degrees, but at 2 am on my ride home it drops to the mid 40's. So summer gear to work and winter gear home. 40's might seem warm to some people who do not have to bake riding on 120+ degree days. So people who are thinking of buying their 1st motorcycle need to add money for gear.
    Ride safe and please always wear at least a helmet, gloves, boors, and a good jacket.
    Dress for the slide and not just the ride.

  12. ZeebNinja

    Goru wishes he could be 1/2 the man Reuben is. Reuben, your looking great sir. Keep up with what you doing. Your hard work is really paying off.


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