1. André Bernardo


    "There's something particularly bad about oil. I'm just gonna say this – and there's a reason for that. There's an oil curse, because oil is an extremely valuable commodity, and the way we're running the world now… Whoever can control just a few holes on the ground, by force, will get all the money for that commodity. Right? Oil is the largest source of unaccountable power in the world. All you need to do is to control the well by force: get some soldiers, put up a fence and you get this tremendous amount of power. And is totally unaccountable. The people of the country have to watch while their natural wealth is sold off, there's nothing they can do about it, the money goes straight to the top and if the regime wants to buy more security forces, more spies, more guns, more guards – or just buy the people off – they can do that."

  2. altaimountain

    It's funny. If you just isolate S Arabian case for the sake of brevity. So he proposes the US, UK to stop buying Saudi oil. What about stop selling billions and billions worth newest weaponry to them? Maybe stop any kind of trade and imposing sanctions so they cannot invest their blood oil money in the West? And do the same with all other "non democratic" countries. Which pretty much wold put an end to global commerce and movement of capital. Then how about The US dismantles all of it 100s of military bases around the world? And impose sanctions on China and stop any trade with China (obviously China is not a democracy)? Pretty much what will be left is Western Europe only communicating with the USA/Canada and not having any economic relations with the rest of the world. Sounds feasible? And by the way the sanctions on Iraq (you know, not buying Hussein's blood oil) is widely recognized as one of the biggest crimes against humanity in the late 20th century.


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