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Lil Tracy “Like A Farmer” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

One of my friends, his name was Dewie,
and he never wore a shirt. Never. Never. He would get kicked out of like Kroger or
some shit, because he never wore a shirt. And he always drank beer, and he would steal
the beer. And smoke cigarettes. And mow his lawn and shit. I miss him. I don’t think I really had a point. I was just trolling, it was a joke. I was just being funny. One night, I was drunk, me and my friends
were drunk, and we were just doing like country people impersonations, like accents. I was just searching for beats in my email,
for like country beats in my email, and then I just came across this one, produced by Gren8. I basically just put on like a character. I didn’t write it or anything. I just acted as if I was a farmer, and I just
freestyled the whole song. I’m from Virginia, so there’s a lot of farming. I know some farmers’ children. I fucked a farmer bitch. I just knew that it was going to be super
catchy. Just say it in your head. It’s like damn, did he really just say that? Everything I said was basically a mirror image
of what a rapper would say mixed with Southern shit. I know that’s some racist shit, but like if
you’re not from where we’re from, don’t come around here, you know? Like I said before, it’s like mirroring. Yeah. I love my wife, but I also … You know? Fuck sluts. She understands … I swear. It’s part of being a rapper. I think. At least I’m open about it. I’m not like hiding it. I don’t have a truck. I don’t have a license. But I would get a big ass like one of them
Dodge Rams, like a big one, with the back, you know what I’m saying? Where you can all put shit in the back. But I would get it like … I would like trick
it out or something, put some rims on it or something. Some real white trash shit. Beer is the country version of lean. Like a whore, you know how whores be at the
bar. I guess that’s some Western shit, though,
huh? Damn. I don’t know. I fucked up. I was thinking some shit at the bar, you know
how there’d be like whore houses and shit? He hears the whore talking about … “Oh,
he’s handsome,” and he just puts that heat to them, brands them. Right there on the spot. I think everybody should visit the country. If you like the song, you should just go see
and really see what it’s about.


  1. killer snowman Author

    I want Tracy to hang out with an actual farmer for a day shit I ain't a farmer but I'm country and I would love for him to hang out with me lmao

  2. Destini Author

    this shit should have blown up instead of old town road not gonna lie my dumb ass thought they were the same song but realizing lil nas x literally like bit this entire song………. ya now i see why he blocked that nigga on twitter ksks fuck

  3. Steve Black Author

    Man this guy is so ugly and dumb. I've found the more face tattoos you have means the less intelligent you are. So "lil tracy" checks out, he's got a lil brain.

  4. jacob brah Author

    1:53 I’m from Virginia too but if you’re racist you’re hated and a racist kid in my school got jacked and white people and black people were whaling on him.


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