1. Amity Bloom

    SOLD OUT Hello my lovely family!! It's a Linen & Lace filled weekend and I am SO DARN EXCITED to finally release and share the textile journal I created for this beautiful style! I really hope you all loved it as much as I did and I truly wish that it has inspired you to create a fairy journal for yourself! If you are interested in purchasing click this link on SAT APRIL 28 at 7:00 pm EST :
    https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmityBloom?ref=seller-platform-mcnav 🙂 Stay tuned tomorrow morning for another video where 2 giveaways will be announced as well as other products and a BRAND NEW CLASS!!! Love you all XOXO!! Let me know what you think below!

  2. gloria gutiérrez

    Hola Amity… no entiendo inglés. Pero es hermoso lo que haces. Felicitaciones. Podrías enseñar como envejeces el papel? Gracias.

  3. Samiambambam

    SO truly gorgeous!!! I love what you said about how fairies are just a creature with light or magic (real or not) you are one my dear!!!! sometimes when I'm in a really miserable neurotic mood I see a stray cat lock eyes with me and feel that it has to be a fairy or spirit animal or something!!

  4. Cathy xox

    Any recommendations. I grew up in a nosey family had a diary but it would always get picked and red. As an adult it's been suggested to me by many people who love me or care about me that I should start a diary I'm not a diary or Journal I started you know my writing it for a week and then you know two years go by and haven't touched it in this constant theme it's okay. I guess my question is is any encouragement or comments or anything of the sort appreciated thanks

  5. Frida Kalho

    Très joli album , j'aime beaucoup , d'où vient ces jolies perles en forme de cornets de fleurs SVP , merci pour la réponse .

  6. Sharon Sammons

    There is so much beauty and meaning in your journal. I love your excitement! I look forward to viewing more of your videos and putting your information to good use. I am new to the wonderful world of journals have a blessed day.

  7. BloodLace Rose

    Please Miss, would you mind showing us how to make the fairie grass. If you have already… which video is it in I couldn't find it when I looked. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful book. Have a very lovely day!!!

  8. Justine White

    Oh my…..magical goodness!!! I can not WAIT for my Linen and Lace kit!! Your creativity is Beyond stunning and Exactly what I Love!!!

  9. Ileana Carvajal Zamora

    Hola. Soy de Costa Rica mi nombre es Ileana y me gusta mucho tu trabajo. Quisiera saber si has pensado en tener un traductor para tus cursos en línea? Gracias.


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