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Live and Let Bee: “We are going to work together like bees.”

Hello this is Gizem, I am , we are from Buğday
Association with my colleague Duygu…. We are the leading organization for Live and
Let Bee Project. We came up with the idea, because, first of
all we love bees And also seeing how they go down in numbers,
and how it affects our food sources and how it effects our future, the microbiology, the flowers Everything is related to each other. If that part of the chain is broken then the chain is broken. And that part of the chain you may not be able to mend. And basically we came up with the Live and Let Bee Project which allows us four countries;
England, Turkey, Macedonia and Holland work together as a team. And put all our experience and knowledge and all the good vibes. And hopefully learn from each other and help the bees. In this project we are going to act like bees. Just like in a bee colony everyone has his own function and value and together we cooperate as a team. This project is important for the bee population because with the results of the project we are striving to let bees do what they do not upset them often and let themselves to make their natural selection. So they will become resistant to diseases and all that will contribute to achieve our mission to produce organic honey that will improve the health of the consumers. Bugday it is an organization in Turkey has
realized beekeeping in Turkey is going thru the same changes the beekeeping in the UK and the Netherlands went through several decades ago. So they have come to us and said “you guys already being down this path. we are beginningto go down that path So can you share your knowledge with us so that as we make the transitions that are necessary and appropriate we have the benefit of your
experience.” There is a border region of Turkey I forget
where but there the beekeepers still working out of their old intuition out of their old instincts. When their bees are ill they will take those
bees to a mountain region so that the bees get access to particular flowers to heal them because those flowers That is exciting knowledge that we have lost
and they have preserved it. And if we can combine such wonderful old knowledge that’s on its way of being lost with whatwe know today, with what science tells us, I think we can really go somewhere. We are so grateful for Bugday to organise
everything for us. Thank you for being such great hosts. We are to happy hear Gizem you will be a beekeeper. Yeah I know! I am so excited! Yes we want you to have the best hive in Turkey. No way! Oh my God! Thank you so much. Oh my God! I can’t believe it. First sun-hive in Turkey. I’m gonna be the first person in Turkey to have this hive In our new co-operationproject named Live and Let Bee together with the participation country’s we will create a training Its purpose is to exchange knowledge between Turkish and Western- European beekeepers Turkish beekeepers will visit Holland, Macedonia and England. But also the other way aroundDutch, Macedonian and English beekeepers will visit Turkey and exchange knowledge Beside this we work together on a online training. About the kick-off meeting I believe was great
because we got to know each other and also we are coming from such a different geographies
with very different cultures and very different priorities. And it is an amazing experience to have the same goal but then we have to find different
ways to reach that goal We have to take into account the differences
between the cultures and the approaches and the needs and the income levels So it just makes such great variety of instruments which will hopefully produce an amazing concert.


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