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Living Farms_Project Introduction

The land connects what is under the ground, namely the whole water cycle of the Earth. At the same time, the land connects what is above the soil, namely the gas and climate cycle of the Earth. In this sense, agriculture is gigantic in terms of ecological and social interactions, even when it seems to be from an economic perspective small. This is why agriculture has an oversized dimension in these challenging times nowadays. Now, when we realize that we, as humanity and individual local places, have to reorient ourselves, to live up to this global situation. Biodynamic agriculture can do a lot for our sustainability. One crucial aspect is biodiversity, an encompassing topic. Here, biodynamic agriculture can really protect and support biodiversity on the farm. A second aspect, is of course, that the biodynamic agriculture can strengthen the plants and builds resilience against climate change and climate variations. If we would like to have a healthy, sustainable future for us humans and the Earth, this is only possible based on a healthy diet. This requires food grown on healthy soils. For example, this food reflects the farm in his specific landscape. If I decide on one product, I say “YES” to the type of production and go in relationship with the farm that created the food. With the project «Living Farms» we visit biodynamic farms worldwide. The farms are in different climate regions, continents and are all individual and different. By this, we cover a broad spectrum and show what potential actions biodynamic farms have in times of global change. Once we visited the «Living Farms”, we create short videos. These will be published on the project website, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. At the same time, we will publish a book publication, where one can read in full details about the farms and their individuality. By the end of the project, workshops and events will ensure that everybody has access and can exchange about the project results.

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