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Living With Big Cats – Volunteer Southern Africa – 2015

hi everyone I’ve just come back from two weeks at the volunteer South Africa’s living with big cats project while I was there we were really big group of us probably about 40 or so but that’s actually a good thing because it turns out that you get the work done a lot faster which means you get a lot more free time and of course a lot more time to hang around with the animals you also get to meet loads of people from loads of different countries so it’s always interesting well some days we get to go out to do activities so for example we went quadbiking we went to safari park where you also get to see an interactive load more animals I went to a city cultural village and there are many more things you can do while you’re there it’s all up to you Oh now of course a lot of the animals are kept in enclosures the big ones the rare ones the dangerous ones but there are loads of other animals who are just wandering free like those ever of the wildebeest the blends bark even the hippos so that can make life pretty interesting sometimes there really are loads of animals at this project in fact here’s a list of all the animals that I saw at the project this program isn’t just a holiday you also have to put in a bit of work but believe it or not that actually makes the experience a lot better you get a real sense of accomplishment you’re always helping out the animals for example we once had to build an entire enclosure because they’re getting new servals in so that was a really great thing to do and we all work together you have a lot of fun doing it and in the end you’ve actually done something with your own hands that it feels really great the leaders at this project were frankly fantastic I mean they were absolutely full of energy all the time they were really inclusive they’re just there to have fun and it looks like they’re discovering the place for the first time every day they really love the animals they really get along with everyone it’s it really is just all about having a good time the place really is unique and the experience is amazing I would recommend it to anyone who wants to just go out there and do something good I hope you’ll enjoyed the video sign up for the program I’m definitely going back two weeks wasn’t long enough so I’ll see you there soon


  1. Gabriel Dantas Author

    Hey buddy, wassup? So I'd like to know if this project Big Cat Volunteer is Free? Like an exchange like I offer for them my help and they offer me accommodation and meals. Is it like this?
    My best regards for you, I appreciated your video…Awesome.

  2. Nadiia Wind Author

    Люди, вы видите как животные хотят вам доставить удовольствие и дружить с вами? Будьте дружелюбны друг к другу. Не злитесь, не ругайтесь, не возмущайтесь. А самое главное любите нашу планету.

  3. stespin Author

    Nice video! I'm about to go there as well, can't wait! I just can't find out where this place is exactly. I can't find a name of a park or something like that to locate it on google maps exept for "north west province", but it is as big as my country 😀
    Maybe you can help me?

  4. petit.jean90 Author

    Whatever you do DO NOT BOOK through…book directly through the Kwa Cheetah for the cheetah program and Glenn Africa Country Lodge for the big cats program. Kwa Cheetah is the name of the breeding project and VSA is just a middleman. Kwa Cheetah charges $700 less per week and ALL the money goes to the conservation/breeding project. The $700 extra you pay through VSA goes straight to their pockets…none of it goes to the cats. And the worst part is VSA tells you they're none profit which is ABSOLUTE bull crap. Same thing goes for the Living with Big Cats program…VSA is just a middleman that overcharges volunteers. And after all isn't the money supposed to go to conservation instead of VSA?

  5. Laura Author

    Please help me! Animal Welfare Project in South Africa

    From January 2016 I will go to South Africa as an volunteer. 
    Unfortunately, volunteering is very expensive.

    That is why I have started a fundraising campaign!

    Please support me! Every penny brings me one step further!
    Thanks to all the donors and
    Thanks to all who support me and give thumbs up
    I am very very grateful !

    More information can be found in the project. (if I write such a long text here, nobody will read this : P)

    Best regards

  6. Elias Author

    Hi Sam. Would you suggest going for 2, 3 or 4 weeks? I mean, is it worth it going for 4 weeks? And, do you think I could bring Maggie, my Siamese cat along, if she gets the proper vaccinations and whatnot?

  7. Wildlife ACT Author

    Hi everyone, please be very cautious when considering doing something like this and do your research into organisations that offer things such as lion cub petting. There are several organsations in South Africa that operate under the guise of animal conservation but are rather fueling a very gruesome canned / trophy hunting industry. Captive bred lions are not released back into the wild. They would not survive. They are most likely bred to be shot by high-paying trophy hunters. Lion numbers are also not at all in decline in South Africa. There is therefore no reason to breed them so intensively. The documentary film Blood Lions should now have been released on global networks. Please watch that to get the full picture and please don't support the killing of our lions. Thank you

  8. Azrael moonsilver Author

    ^ For all of you who say that they support canned hunting.

    Remember kids….Don't believe everything you hear and learn to not be a blind follower. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before your fingers touch the keys.

  9. Lilly Vettori Author

    Such a good Video! I've been to South Africa on my own to do volunteer work when I was 16 years old. Please check out my video about the trip! :)))

  10. frohkind Author

    Oh my gosh guys wake up.. do you really think you will help the animals if you work there as a volunteer??? Open your eyes the animals are kept in cages.. and do you really think a carnivore is hand tame without which it is struck!!! Look at 5:45/8:25!!!

  11. A.A.A. Author

    Which is the best season to go? I was planning to go there on june-july that is winter over there because as much as I love animals I don't tolerate insects that much 🙁

  12. jessica raccanello Author

    you are an amazing person i am only 14 but i have my life planned out i would like to volunteer with animals or with children i have a thing for animals and children i hope i can be just like you and volunteer with animals as well

    PS i have done my research and i know that volunteering can be dangerous.

  13. Rosie Davies Author

    Just looks like one big massive selfie opportunity for people who want the 'traveled & at peace with nature' look on social media.. how are you helping the animals? could of saved some money just going to your local Zoo.

  14. Katie Fuller Author

    Hey, this video is getting me so excited for my trip here in July! I'm just a bit nervous about going alone, did many people in your group go alone or with other people?

  15. Mememingie Author guys here is a list of the good and bad volunteering projects, be careful when you choose a project because some of them are engaged in canned hunting, this one is one of the bad ones !

  16. teresa baker Author

    Yes I agree with the previous comment made people should do their research about volunteering and steer clear of dubious lion walking , cub petting etc as these are not good organisations and are associated with the canned hunting industry. I am planning a trip myself for September but have done months of research to go on a reputable volunteering one that is hands off in interacting with these beautiful creatures.

  17. Patrich Clausen Author

    Hello, i am going considering but I just wanted to know what you sleep in and do you think 2 weeks is enough? Is it like you get tired of it after 2 weeks or if you had the possibility, would you stay much longer? 😊

  18. Otoniel Torres Author

    Es maravilloso ver qué la juventud está cambiando la forma de pensar en mejoras del bien dé la vida dél mundo en beneficio para nuestra existencia


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