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Locally Ours: Kunia Country Farms

Hi my name is Jason Brand
welcome to Kunia Country Farms. We’ve been farming for over a decade now my partners and I wanted to help Hawaii become food independent and do it in a
sustainable way We chose aquaponics because it’s one of
the most beautiful Island farming methods available. We grow at this farm
right now about 40,000 pounds of fish and those fish are swimming in their
fish tanks or we’ll call it a stream that water is flowing into the root
structure of all of our vegetables and those plants are pulling up all the
nutrients a food source in order to grow so at the same time the plants are
getting food they’re removing any nutrient for the water that water is
then pumped back to the fish perfectly clean so the fish basically get clean
water from the plants which get food from the fish and it’s a perfect cycle
we use no new power we let the Sun and solar really provide the electricity we
need we don’t even grow in the soil we grow in coconut husk because zero-impact
farming is what we’ve created we try to leave as little a footprint as possible
and still make tons and tons of local produce fresh for the island
Zippy’s has been an incredible partner not only are they supporting more and
more to the local community and local farmers like ourselves being a means for
us to provide our greens to more more people on this island they allow us to
expand and that expansion allows us to provide jobs for people in this
community and so together is our farm ohana grows we really do it because of
the strength and support of clients like Zippy’s
one of the neat things about working with local restaurants like Zippy’s is
we don’t just grow salad and hope people eat it. Zippy’s chefs come here and we
specialize and worked for months on choosing the right varieties of lettuce
that would grow in Hawaii’s climate and each variety was carefully chosen over
months to get it right so it’s the perfect presentation the perfect flavor
the perfect quality when it makes it to your plate so we are humbled and
grateful for their support for us and we hope to give it back to pay it forward
in terms of being a responsible produce provider for the islands

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