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Loro Parque: Süße BABY-Kaiserschnurrbarttamarine 😍 |

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. Here we’ve got the Emperor tamarin and we got babies this year. The family group is growing. As probably most of you know, the tamarins and marmosets use to live in group for more or less ten individuals, depending on the species. They create family groups that are composed of their parents, the males and females, and the offspring. When this offspring is growing, they abandon the group but before they stay stable in the group to know how to breed, how to take care of the babies, and also to help the parents to take care of the babies. Imagine that, in these small animals, the cost of the energy about taking these animals in the back is high because it’s a big weight for them to carry all time the babies on the back. For that reason that is very important that all the family members help rearing the animals. The normal situation is that the tamarins and marmosets have two babies when they get birth. It is a normal situation, so, we got two animals this year. We’re very happy because all the family group take care of the babies and they grow up fast, they are very healthy, and they are developing well. They’re developing also natural behavior and you can see there are all time looking for the parents and the other family members, looking about what they’re eating and they try to steal their food because it’s the way that this species has to learn which kind of food is safe and which kind of food is not safe. They look for family members, they mimic the situation, and they approach so much, they look how they eat and they try to steal the food. So, the parents, brothers, and sisters need to be very patient with this youngsters because they’re going to steal all time the food from their mouth. If you have a close look to this animals, you are going to see that, although there are primates, they don’t have flat nails like us. They’ve got claws and it’s because they are adapted to climb the trees and to feed on the trees. They used to walk on the trees and the high part of the trees and the medium part of the trees, looking for insects and also for natural gums, depending on the species. So, it’s for the reason that they’ve got that adaptation of the claws in the hands and maybe you are asking why they call the emperor tamarins. It’s because, in the past, when this species was discovered, the people, when they see this animal, remember to them the the big moustache of the emperors of Europe. So, because they got a very big moustache, they are called the Emperor tamarin. Write your questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video subscribe to this channel for free.


  1. Rassel e Author

    Das Gefährlichste in einem Zoo ist nicht das Gebiss von Großkatzen oder Bären, sondern die "UNFASSBARE NIEDLICHKEIT" von Baby Äffchen.
    Echt, dieses Kindchenschema. Vor solchen Gehegen könnte ich den ganzen Tag sitzen bleiben.


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