Luxury Cash Crops by the Blood of African Negroes brought riches to European Elites

the European elite want more than just potatoes from the new world they want luxury products sugar and tobacco meet the requirements of the upper class the first British settlers quickly acquire a taste for American Tobacco and export large shipments to Europe to satisfy such high demand settlers build immense plantations growing sugar becomes a business on the same scale as tobacco the new monocultures cover entire landscapes for this sole purpose some 10 million Africans are transported to America enslaved to cultivate luxury items for Americans and Europeans because of the rapid depopulation of the Americas owing to disease Europeans faced a shortage of Labor in their effort to exploit the resources in the new world particularly to exploit the soil so the Europeans first the Portuguese and the Dutch and then eventually the English imported slaves from West Africa to cultivate sugar in the Caribbean and Brazil tobacco and Virginia rice in South Carolina and by the 19th century in mainland north america cotton it's no exaggeration to say that these cash commodities produced by slave labor were essential to the export economies of the Americas

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