it would suck that welcome back to another episode for today's video I'm going to be pretty much talking about the white ceramic blade on the magic click okay so I will be talking about what the ceramic blade on the magic fist because the magic lips are really great Clippers set of clippers my go twos and a lot of people don't don't even know about this white ceramic leads all my boxes and form you guys well my personal opinion is is if they're worth it or not because if you guys know about ceramic plates it's supposed to glide through cut through pretty much kind of like without being like butter and it's supposed to speak cooler on your clippers supposed to do but let's see for right now this little stuff you sound tense and I'm a beautiful model of leaders so we're gonna try to see if it's like butter or no difference at all yes pretty average to coarse hair as well just imagine a chest goes fine hair cuz numerical – fine hair like nothing yeah so ms-dos Thompson test for now so there's no sound tests one of the first things I noticed when I placed it on there was that it slightly gets slightly louder this house sounds your average small magic whip I think that second pair by the way [Applause] now this has sounds with the ceramic plate on slightly down [Applause] so slightly louder so now that's going home to the if it cuts like butter sorry now we're gonna do with the listen to the no ceramic week first you're going to do a four on one pound one half of his head and then see the struggles or anything whatever [Applause] so right there you can already see if someone struggle – sometimes I feel like the struggles especially obviously they're obviously and I'm going to go too fast or anything but see this I feel like a struggle at times like right there obviously you're not going to do it that fast either sometime so now let's see how sink liquor no ceramic plate so pretty much the same thing I do feel like a struggle let's put the ceramic blade could be personal opinion so struggles and just because of I believe the magic tips motor is drawn we're not that strong but pretty sure it can equip the struggle regardless but I honestly just slight difference it does fly a little bit better with the ceramic clay knocks rather quick doing it for the little wheels and I'm not even going that fast at that – subtly make just me it's slight difference not drastic drastic look okay so this is pretty much the cut I don't if you guys any of you guys saw I did paid like twenty dollars to look at how a rock face I tried it out this time and it worked out pretty great honestly the details matter I could honestly detail a bit more and stuff like that but I just wanted to try out his feeding method this right side bow was this it's around the kernel surrounding our chemical lift okay so this side was without ceramic like it really matters somehow you fade honestly but this side magic clips no ceramic and up to the half and then on this side here's with with ceramic blades on this whole left side and time to get these uh fades I want to get these fades on obviously I'm not the best at being did I not tell you guys that you guys realize that but I'm getting a lot better I am investing in myself and it's been off I feel like slowly and surely but I'm gonna show you guys for going to art work pretty much to a hard work but Shelley hard work does you guys will see this is my proper turn your man so y'all see y'all see alright guys so that's pretty much it gotta let's color it give them a straight edge line up real quick so you can get nice and puffy now but hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will catch you guys on the next one peace out


  1. mario figueroa

    guy to go to Walmart and grab the lithium ion pro cordless clippers and you get the same motor plus all the color guards and a free trimmer and the precission blade that is a fade blade for $50 bucks that $30less than the magic clips with the same motor and a lot of goodies

  2. Ryan Hill

    You got this bro! Great personality for the trade.

    #1 guard with a closed blade, or a bare blade and some graining on its edge and its stretch in a snap.

    Quick question though….dis the ceramic blade change the gap at all?

  3. HenryMania

    Isn't the whole point of Ceramic to be maintenance free? You never have to send it to be sharpened as it does it with each use, where the typical stainless steel is blunt after few months. My biggest worry with clippers is unlike knives I can't sharpen them, so I'd gladly invest in a ceramic if it stays consistent over 5-10 years period. Thoughts?

  4. mac kendall

    If you would if showed you doing the whole fade then we can help you a bit more because that fade was patchy…But practice makes perfect.

  5. Doc Holliday

    Great video Cesar! I have a question do your magic clips get stronger when there plugged to the charger cable? I feel like mine are stronger when plugged and less strong when I unplug even after a full charge. Thank you in advance

  6. lalo the barber

    I've used ceramic blades for years. It's a good blade. But the reason u felt like u struggled was because u needed a more powerful the oster 76 classic..those types of clippers r meant to take of bulky hair.

  7. E boy the barber

    Didnt even look like you faded it at all !!! I was shoked you couldn't blend and you have 2 pair of wahl magic clips ….those clippers are designed to blend out fades only with that stagerd tooth blade…keep practicing my guy you will eventually get there

  8. Shia Hen

    I enjoyed the video… and your humility!! I learn something every time I pick up my clippers and do a haircut/fade. I believe I have made leaps and bounds in my techniques and quality of fading and I want to continue to improve and it is definitely a learning process and it takes time, patience and consistency! So continue to work on your craft and u will get better and better! Thanks for video and also great personality!

  9. carmelo vargas

    I too am starting off and learning how to fade….keep up the good work. I subscribed to your channel so i could follow you progress.

  10. Ivan Garcia

    Gotta stay cutting bro. I remember getting frustrated because cuts wouldn’t come out blurry but repetition is the key. Detailing takes it to another level


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