1. andrew ysk

    hii Robin,
    impressive. your video is too fast.. no explaination or text..
    pls tell me what you use.. the white one is plaster of paris right ?
    and the cement color liquid is what ?

    it is good to make liquid bowl for animal husbandry.. very useful to me.. pls teach me.


  2. ArthuD2 Corp.

    Hey umm may I ask, what is the clay you applied inside the cup at the start of the video? and does it harden and becomes durable?

  3. Leonela MD

    Hi Robin! I would lik to know if you applyed any release grease to the cup? Does the plaster stick to plastics? Thanks a lot for your video!

  4. Hey Hollis

    Wow thank you so much, been wanting to make molds but I couldn't find much information on how, but you answered all my questions!


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