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Making It – Jeffery’s Heirloom (Episode Highlight)

♪ – Oh, look at these hearts. – Quilts are about layering. So you have
the image layer usually, but then there’s this
quilted part with the thread, the actual pattern
that is sewn in to hold it all together. This relates to this. This is my photo album, and they’re gonna be displayed
like an old slide carousel. When I take
a picture of someone, I take a picture
of the sky above them that day. For example, here’s a picture
of Albert, my husband, and that’s
what the sky was that day. Because the moment
is beautiful… – Ooh, I’m getting chills,
you guys. – But the day is beautiful,
and you have to remember your life is made up of days.
– That’s so nice. – What do heirlooms
mean to you? This is an heirloom challenge. – So…
[chuckles] Shouldn’t be emotional,
but it’s emotional. ♪ My family and I parted ways.
There is no heirloom. My parents are not happy
with a gay son. Everybody loses people, but when I told my parents
I was gay, they kind of cut off
all connection to me. One day, I got a black
funeral wreath at my office… that said,
“In memory of our dead son.” [somber music] ♪ – But you know what?
This is why crafting is so, so special.
– Absolutely. – Because all of this,
you are pouring into– through your hands.
Like, this is the joy of crafting.
– This is it. – This is what it’s all about.
– This is a cheaper version of therapy.
– Yeah, it works. – And it’s very satisfying.
– Mm.


  1. John Coloe Author

    Blown away by Jeffery's creativity. Devastated by the story of his parents' abandonment.

    A parent's love should be unconditional. Life is relationships and Jeffrey's parents are missing out on one with a wonderful son.

  2. Jenz G Author

    That is heartbreaking. I have to say though, reading the comments below has restored my faith in humanity for today. Sometimes the world can feel like a pretty bleak place but then once in a while someone says or does something so beautiful and uplifting that it shatters my heart of stone. Today is such a day.


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