Making / Throwing a ceramic clay pottery Apple on the wheel

hi folks today I'm going to try and make of all things an apple it's not going to any function whatsoever it's just going to do like an Apple model thing so I put them in the toaster not the one for about three years so just see how it goes I'll have a get and we get up look I remember our meeting last time so it's leave it to learning curve for me could have to be an entirely closed in so well do I'll make it sit when doing the fire element close it up and try and make some kind of store coming through so I said let me sit we won't look anything like it up we'll see what ends up like I just mopped the water out before it closed wanna may be enough so I can make it some kind of stalled I was trying to share a bit better this is what the opera titles alone town a bit earlier itself try and get this star because the thin as I can obviously it's not going to be thin as a proper Apple start particular affix been big she had I don't think it's a million miles office I was seen up a little conceptive like an apple I never just bend it over like that so there we go does it look like an apple maybe not maybe maybe not anyway there you go that's my effort making an apple I suppose what you can do you can make it into a money box but you'd have to smash it to get your money out you can make put a little slot in there and obviously if you're not going to put a slot in just put a little hole in the bottom to fire it otherwise it's going to explode so there's my attempt at an Apple fault obviously the start out of proportion and it's probably not looking looks like an apple book there we go


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