1. 2012soulshine

    Thanks for the demonstration, that's great!
    what materials we need to mix to make marble or ceramic clay? and where we can get those materials from?

  2. Jennifer Gilmore

    I absolutely loved this demo. I learned hands on, but so many people ask me how i do it. I am great to demonstrate.. but to explain it so thoroughly as you have! Great job! and Thank you for taking the time to show everyone.

  3. Henk-Jan Bakker

    "This is where I start stopping."
    That is something to hang over your work place.

    Thanks. the way you wedge cleared up a lot of why I could not get it to work that great.

  4. Marihani

    I have 10 kg of ready-marbled clay laying around to try. I think I am going to try throwing it, even though the dealer said that wasn't a good idea 🙂

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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