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MASCHIO GASPARDO – MONICA [email protected] TECH 2017 (Tutorial)

Welcome to the Maschio-Gaspardo stand at the agricultural exhibition Agriest Tech in Udine’s fair This is Monica Isotronic, a vacuum precision planter with a mounted telescopic frame, equipped by the electronic trasmission system ISOTRONIC, designed for MTR planting unit Available with pneumatic fertilization kit, with frontal or rear hopper, and micro application kit This model allows simultaneous seed, fertilizer and granular pesticides distribution by one-pass operation The telescopic frame is designed for an adjustable inter-row spacing from 45 and 75 cm simply changing the position of the pins The hydraulic closing system make it the best solution for contractors, which prefer to invest just in only one planter for all crops Once closed, the transport width is just 2,55 m ISOTRONIC is the new electronic trasmission for precision planting Each MTR unit has a brushless electric motor the monitor in the cab allows a quick setting of the the seeding distance absence of propeller shafts, gearboxes and chains, for an easier calibration and the maintenance The advantages of ISOTRONIC technology are various improved accuracy, variable dosing, section control, easy setup and regulation from the cab ISOBUS protocol allows the communication between vacuum planter and tractor Leading company for production of agricultural implements Maschio Gaspardo offers a drill, Monica ISOTRONIC, able to meet farmer’s needs thanks to performance, versatility and innovation

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    Здраствуйте откуда это сделка сборка какая и цена в долларах и где можно купить


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