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  1. Lidia Frum

    I finished the same education in Denmark, in Esbjerg they offer a MSc in Environmental and Resource Management with a focus on Economics and plenty of electives. I want to highlight here for everyone interested to make a change firstly, and secondly how this education may offer new future employment perspectives. It is a difficult world and you will not find work right away. I am now studying a Post grad in Dublin, to specialise, because the Master alone cannot guarantee you a job. Normally, to work with modelling, policy drafting, waste management, air pollution and so on, you would rather be a chemist, or an engineer, but if these are not your foundation, you will never be successful. Furthermore, I had internships in companies working with sustainability reporting and the work I did, was primarly related to marketing, in many companies an environmental approach equals greenwashing and marketing. So prepare yourself for a difficult world, it takes a lot of time to find your niche !


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