Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm | Ram Agriculture | Ram Chassis Cab

When the time came for me to do whatever I wanted to do in my life. I appreciated my parents because they certainly didn’t force it upon me. I came here gladly and willfully. When I got back out of the service I decided I didn’t want to be a combat pilot anymore. I came back to the farm, and I’ve been farming for approximately 50 years. We farm a farm called Maxwell Seed Farms. The pumpkin business kind of grew by accident. People would stop and look at the pumpkins that we had no intention of selling, we just set up for us. So, from that little tiny beginning all this happened. We are absolutely a team. That’s the only way that a family farming operation could work as well as it does. I was incredibly proud of my family’s legacy. And, it became important to me that I raise a family in a similar fashion. The most important crop that we’ve raised on this farm is our children and grandchildren. So, that is my legacy is my family. It’s a treat that we can all work together, play together, laugh together. And, I love that.


  1. Angie Varney Author

    I have known this family for most of my life and I can tell you that they are amazing and that the values that are shown in this commercial are true. I love to take my children to Maxwell's every October to get our pumpkins and gords. Ram truck picked an amazing farm and family for their ad.


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