May Garden Tour – Garden in Transition, Garden Tips & Drone Footage

hi everyone welcome to the May garden
tour now I know we just did a tour a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to get
out here and do another one because I’ve got a lot planted in the garden in the
past couple of weeks a lot of the flowers are starting to
fade I pulled some out and planted a lot of my warm with their crops
so really the garden is in a state of transition so right here on the top this
was filled with nasturtiums and all kinds of flowers up until about a week
ago and I’ve pulled them out and I’ve planted some Tomatoes so I am so excited
to have tomatoes in the ground you guys I cannot wait for the fresh taste of
homegrown tomatoes again so right here at the very start of the garden bed I
planted to compact varieties of tomatoes these are one of my favorite small
Tomatoes there they are called the yellow patio choice tomato there in
all-america selections winner they’re very productive super juicy yellow
tomatoes are always so sweet and I cannot wait to harvest these now I
popped into a garden center tomato cages right here and I really like these
they’re nice and bright at a nice cheery touch the garden and they’ll actually be
perfect for these small compact Tomatoes because the tomatoes are smaller so
they’ll really fill out these tomato cages nicely but won’t get overgrown
another reason why I put smaller Tomatoes here in this upper garden bed
is because it gets a lot of shade and small Tomatoes will ripen with much less
sunlight than great big huge tomatoes so we’ve got two patio choice because I
really love those and then right next to it here we do have some piece that are
still hanging on but what I went ahead and did is planted a tomato in the
middle of this trellis just to get it going and that way once the peas die out
as the weather gets warmer we’ve got a tomato here already established ready to
take its place and I believe this one is the red cherry
tomato from the tomato seed collection and you can see here I actually have two
different tomato plants in a plant of the peat pellets I happen to have two
different seedlings so we’ll see how it goes here I may end up snipping the
strongest seedling as it grows and then clone
the second seedling and starting a new plant so hopefully you guys were able to
catch my cloning video it’s so easy to root and clone tomato plants you gotta
try it now I have started pulling out a lot of the poppies that are drying up
but the fun thing is there’s a lot of other warm weather flowers coming out to
take its place so we’ve got some other types of poppies coming in here these
are so pretty I absolutely love these red poppies they are beautiful and make
such a nice color pop in the garden now you’ll notice even Callie Kim has weeds
I’ve got some weeds in here that I’m gonna be pulling out planning some more
wildflower seeds there are some wild flowers those pink flowers starting to
come up but we’ll get some more seeds planted and as the weather gets warm the
wild flowers will be absolutely stunning I might even plant a border of
sunflowers right here along the fence so let me know what you think about that
now a couple of tomato cages that I’ve been trying out for the very first time
that I’m really excited about gardeners supply sent me these brand new vertex
tomato cages they’re brand new to gardeners Supply and brand new to me too
and I’m really liking the look and the feel of them they’re super sturdy very
heavyweight and one thing I really like about them is that they kind of sway
with the wind but they don’t topple over so here on my Windy Hill these are gonna
do really well now this is the tall cage I think it’s about six feet tall and I
have a yellow Brandywine tomato planted in it which is a very large heavy tomato
so I’m really looking forward to having this cage support that tomato and the
one right here behind me is the smaller version and this one’s about three feet
tall I’ve got a homestead tomato in here which probably this cage won’t quite be
tall enough for the homestead tomato so you can see I’ve put another bamboo pole
in here to help support the homestead tomato as it grows and gardeners have
been so generous to offer my viewers a discount code on these and enter the
code callie kim when you purchase these at gardeners calm and with a $50
purchase you’ll get 10% off so I thought that was really nice of them to offer
that discount code as well and I’ll pop links in the video description for these
also but I’m really loving them so far so I am super excited to have the
tomatoes planted I’m definitely going to be planting more but this is a great
start now you might notice that I haven’t pulled everything out in this
garden bed because we grow year-round here in California what I usually do is
just clear out areas where I can tuck in plants and leave the plants in that are
still growing so these poppies actually popped up since our last video and
they’re actually on the north side of the garden bed which means they’re not
going to shade out the tomatoes right here in these cages so I can’t wait to
see them bloom my favorite color here it’s just a beautiful blanket of poppies
right here in this area it’s so pretty now you can see there’s still plenty of
nasturtiums right behind me here so I’ve just kind of been pulling them out add
they as they’ve been drying up but they still look really pretty and I hopefully
they’ll last a little bit longer well right here in this tomato cage is still
hanging on the sugar and sugar snap peas from the spring garden seed collection
this plant has been going absolute crazy I’ve harvested it several times and it
just won’t stop we have had a couple of days in the 80s a couple of days even up
to 90 and this plant is still going strong so I’m really glad that it’s
still producing lots and lots of very sweet sugar snap peas so if you’re
looking for a productive variety of pea the sugar Ann is definitely the way to
go and again all-america selections winners
so the all-america selections winners are always very productive plants now
something you might notice on your pea plants as the weather gets warmer is
they will start to dry up from the bottom so don’t be alarmed about that
it’s just their way of saying they pretty much run their course and they’re
just about done for the season so you notice the leaves are all dry on the
bottom kind of yellowing there may even be some spots of powdery mildew in here
yes we do have some powdery mildew we have had a really wet winter and a
couple of rainy days of spring so I would imagine in a couple of weeks time
I’ll be pulling this plant out and just so I had something else growing I did
pop some other plants in this tomato cage that we will be all ready to go
when these plants are done so actually popped in here
some of my butternut squash and I think I might
even have a spaghetti squash plant in there and I don’t expect to see a whole
lot of growth from these this the past few weeks the weather has been in the
60s so I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of growth until the weather gets in the 70s
and 80s I’m able to pull these plants out and it gets a lot more Sun so don’t
feel like you have to clean out your garden beds all at once just do a little
bit at a time as you have the chance to get it done
another thing I did here in this garden bay that I think will be really pretty
is I planted some of the scalloped squash right on the edge of the garden
bed and that way when the nasturtiums right here are all done I’m hoping that
the scalloped squash will kind of spill over the edge of the garden bed and look
really pretty here too I love the scalloped squash it’s um in my squash
seed collection it’s a small little squash with really pretty scalloped
edges and it looks really nice when you slice it and then pop it on the grill
and it’s really really tender too now I showed this garden bed on my coffee walk
video the other day but I just want to talk a little bit about these love and
amidst flowers these flowers bloom every spring and reseed I believe I got the
seed several years ago from Baker Creek seed company they are such a beautiful
delicate flower in white and purple sometimes there’s even little pink ones
that bloom there are really beautiful springtime flower and the cool thing is
once the flowers dry up they have little seed pods that you can save the seeds
for next year but what I found is that they pretty much just Ricci themselves
all over the garden and because we had such a wet winter they’re just going
crazy everywhere and I’m absolutely loving them and right here behind the
love in the mist I tucked in some cucumber plants and I decided to plant
them here because it does get a little bit of afternoon shade which cucumbers
really seem to do well in the hot weather when they have a little bit of
afternoon shade so I’ve got about eight plants here and as I mentioned on my
coffee walk video somehow this plant got pulled out I’m not quite sure how maybe
are a little resident bunny so I don’t think it was Mac so I haven’t quite got
to this garden bed yet the nasturtiums are really starting to dry up here
so I will be pulling them out probably in the next week or so you can see how
the flowers are just starting to dry up there’s tons and tons of seed pods on
here you can see all these green seed pods those will eventually turn brown
and then reseed themselves all throughout this garden bed I’m not sure
what I’m gonna do here yet if I’m going to do tomatoes or squash I do like the
look of squash kind of cascading over the stone walls and I believe I planted
tomatoes in here last year so it might be nice to kind of switch it up a little
bit tomatoes it’s always good if you can
kind of rotate your crops sometimes the diseases stay in the soil
and that way you don’t have diseases from year-to-year or at least it helps
cut back on them now I did want to show you these two garden beds here because
we planted some of these vegetables out just a couple of weeks ago and you guys
saw the planting tomatoes on the Spring Garden series wow they are really
starting to take off and really grow let me just show you guys here this marv
globe tomato has really taken off in the past couple of weeks
there are several little blooms on here so I’m really looking forward to the
tomato starting to form it’s always so much fun to come out every day and just
check and see the growth that’s one reason why I love taking my little
coffee walks and here you can see the bright green foliage that’s brand-new
growth this tomato is in its sweet spot here now if you’ll notice at the very
bottom of the plant there is a branch here I noticed that is has brown spots
and is starting to yellow and I do like to pinch these off because usually a
spotted or yellow leaf is a sign of some type of disease so I keep all the yellow
leaves pinched off so it’s really important you come out and check your
plants daily to make sure there’s not any problems going on so well pinch this
off and I’m not gonna put it in the compost pile because I don’t want to
spread disease to the rest of the garden now I’ve had a lot of questions actually
about the Mar globe tomato it is a determinate tomato plant which means
that determinate tomato grows to a set height and then produces all of its
tomatoes at once and then dies however from everything I’ve been
reading the Mara globe does produce more like an indeterminate plant it produces
over a little bit of a growing season and it grows much
taller than typical determinate tomatoes but determinate tomatoes you typically
don’t prune so I’m not going to heavily prune this plant except when it has
those yellowing or Brown leaves now one thing I am loving about this cooler
weather the past few weeks is the lettuce
it started to bolt but now it’s looking really good this is the red romaine
lettuce it’s in my lettuce seed collection and also in the spring garden
seed collection and the color of these leaves and the size of these plants is
absolutely fantastic so I’m just going to harvest a couple and we’re gonna take
it inside tonight and have it for dinner and I think we have signs of our bunny
here nibbling on the leaves the first year we’ve really had bunnies eating our
vegetables so if you guys think this is a bunny let me know and right next to
the red romaine here is some of the black seeded Simpson and some more red
romaine and these are still little baby leaves but you can still harvest lettuce
when it’s nice and small it’s very very sweet this way and absolutely delicious
the borage flowers over here are absolutely beautiful in fact did you
know that these flowers are also edible I made a watermelon and blueberry salad
last week and sprinkled these flowers on top and it was so so pretty I took it to
a party and everybody absolutely loved it now this plant here was the very
first tomato plant that I put in the ground maybe six weeks or so ago and the
exciting thing is I already have some really nice ice Tomatoes so I’m pretty
sure this is the Marv globe tomato but of course I didn’t label it but I’m
pretty sure it’s Marv globe look at those gorgeous Tomatoes guys I can’t
wait to pick them with a little bit of sunshine we should be picking these
within I don’t know maybe a month or so now you right might remember on the
cloning video tomato now you might remember on the cloning tomato video I
did take a cutting from the lower branches here and that cutting is
rooting very nicely on my windowsill in the kitchen and I’ll be planting that
out pretty soon you guys definitely want to go back and
watch the planting tomatoes peppers cucumbers and squash video from a few
weeks ago and you will see the incredible growth on this squash plant
this is the crookneck squash from the spring garden seed collection it has
really grown by leaps and bounds in the cut in last few weeks and there’s some
little flowers developing in the center there which means that the squash will
be developing very soon so I am trying something a little bit different in the
veggie pod I pulled out the lettuces that were in here and actually
transplanted them into another part of the garden and I’m trying some squash in
here I’ve never done that in the veggie pod before but I thought it would be
kind of fun to see the squash kind of spilling over the sides so the lettuce
was just kind of getting a little bit toasty in here and I don’t have the
shade cover on for the veggie pot yet so I thought it would pop the squash in
here and see how it does so I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on my
little experiment here now you might remember from the herb garden video over
the weekend we planted some cilantro when I mentioned that cilantro bolts
very easily and here is a perfect case in point this cilantro has been in this
container I want to say four maybe three months or so I planned it from seed and
due to a couple of hot days it is already bolting here you can see how the
leaves here’s the cilantro leaves that you would use for herbs at the bottom
and you can see how as it bolts it shoots up this tall stock and the look
of the leaves kind of changes into this feathery look which will eventually
bloom into flowers now the pollinators absolutely love the
flowers so I’d really encourage you to leave a couple of the cilantro plants in
if they bolt and when the seeds dry out the flowers dry up you can harvest the
seeds and plant them again or use them for coriander and recipes they’re really
very tasty now here in this smart pots long raised bed I have still has some
cool weather vegetables and also some Tomatoes planted now guys I was planning
on harvesting some of this broccoli today and I see here are mr. bunny has
been at work again this was a full head of broccoli and nice big broccoli leaves
yesterday and I guess our bunny likes broccoli so I’m I am gonna leave this
plant in though because a lot of times Brock
we will grow side shoots once you harvest the broccoli head however right
next to it here fortunately I have another broccoli plant here and the
bunny didn’t get to that one thank goodness so I am really looking forward
to throwing this on our salad tonight it’s gonna be so so tasty isn’t that
beautiful and you can harvest broccoli while the
heads here are actually little flowers while they’re still nice and tight
before the florets open up and start to bloom now broccoli is a cool weather
vegetable so it usually will start to bloom once the temperatures get over 80
degrees so I’m really thankful to have this one little head of broccoli so I am
really thankful to have this one little head of broccoli so we’ve got a couple
different types of tomatoes in here we’ve got another Margalo plant and my
favorite little dwarf tomato the Tiny Tim this plant is going crazy it has
tons and tons of flowers on it lots of little Tomatoes looks like we got one
there we can harvest and oh something interesting going on here is you see
those little black droppings in there that’s the sign of some kind of bug
leaving its droppings on this plant so what I need to do is get out here and
inspect it very carefully maybe spray the plant down with water
just to knock the bugs off and if that doesn’t help I’ll be spraying this plant
down with some named neem oil because I definitely don’t want any bugs getting
to my tiny tombs well the scarlet runner beads are growing by leaps and bounds
every day I come out here they’re good they’ve grown higher up and I just
noticed today right when I walked in that there’s my first little scarlet
runner bean so I’m very excited about that these beans are so so tender
absolutely one of the most delicious beans I’ve ever had and the seeds are
beautiful you have to go back and watch my coffee walk video from last week see
the beautiful bean seeds these are in my bean seed collection one of my favorite
plants to grow so far this year and the cool thing about this trellis is it’s
tall enough they’re gonna climb all the way up and probably over the trellis
maybe even all the way down to the bottom I’m not sure we’ll have to see
how they do I’ve got peace here on the other side which are kind of coming to
the end of their days definitely got some powder
do going on and you can see how the peas are drying from the bottom up so these
peas probably won’t last much longer but that’s okay we’ll pop some other warm
weather vegetables in here to take their place something I’m very excited about
one of my favorite flowers the sunflowers you can see here they’re
forming some really beautiful large buds here and I’m really looking forward to
these blooming I absolutely love sunflowers and these are volunteers they
came up from last year but I do have a sunflower seed collection if you’re
interested in growing them with five different varieties and they make your
garden absolutely pop and scream summer there’s so much fun one of my jobs for
this week was to get this planter filled with peppers so I’m really excited I’ve
gotten a lot of pepper seedlings in here and you guys saw all these seedlings on
my livestream last week they were all in jiffy peat pellets in a little tray and
one of my goals was to get them in here so I’m very glad that I was able to get
that accomplished this week well I prune back the blackberries a little bit late
but I got him prune a few weeks ago and they are just going crazy I’m really
looking forward to blackberries this year you can see there’s some blooms
coming out but there’s tons and tons of new growth so I’m anticipating a really
good crop this year hopefully my best one yet well my garden is definitely a
work in progress and I haven’t done a lot with this garden bed yet you can see
it’s looking pretty overgrown and kind of a mess I’m almost embarrassed to show
it to you but my plans for this are to clean out and trim up some of this
overgrowth plant probably some tomatoes and some climbing squash and definitely
clean up the strawberry crate towers I’m probably going to be dividing some of
the strawberry plants and maybe even redoing these towers so you definitely
want to stay tuned for a video on that well I hope you enjoyed the May garden
tour I hope it encourages you to get out in your garden and get some vegetables
planted if you need seeds head to my website pick up the spring garden seed
collection or any of my seed collections get outside and get some seeds planted
you’re gonna love it thanks so much for watching with
the next video


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    Your garden is looking great! To be honest, I also like the look of those flowers growing wild, nothing to feel embarrassed about. That just means they are happy with the care you've given them. I get that you have to pull em out, but in the meantime, they are so cheerful to look at ❤️🧡💛. It also makes me happy to see your reaction to the bunnies. Some people get so mad about the critters and that makes me sad. It's normal to feel disappointed, but they are just trying to survive. As long as they aren't completely devastating our gardens, it doesn't really hurt us to share a bit with them sometimes. Can't wait for the live stream 😁

  42. Marsha Balderrama Author

    It could be squirrels I have a squirrel that ate all my lettuce leaves😡 now he’s tipping off the top leaves on my tomato plants. I love animals but I’m starting to feel like Elmer Fudd🥴

  43. Crystal Lou Author

    I have a bunny running around my back yard also. You will want to keep them away from your cucumbers. They love to eat the flowers!!!!

  44. Richard Miesell Author

    Protect the new squash plants from the vine borers by covering the stems. You might have to do another video on that. So many people loose their squash plants by those vine borers that eat through the stems.


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